Dec 10th, 2017

Doom on the Nintendo Switch is a great technical achievement and arguably the best looking games on the console. But despite its graphics and despite the Doom brand, the game has not been a success on the Switch so far.

The game launched on the Switch a month ago and was met with decent reviews (it has a Metacritic rating of 79), and various tech sites pointed out just how great it looked on the Switch, one analysis called it an “incredible technical achievement“.

But that hasn’t translated into sales, apparently.

Since launching a month ago, Doom managed to get on the top 20 best selling games on the Switch eShop just once.

One explanation for this could be that most are opting to buy the physical version of Doom, but sales numbers don’t back that up: Doom on the Switch wasn’t to be found anywhere near a top 10 list since it came out.

Another explanation could be that since Doom was released last year, most gamers have already played it. But even that argument doesn’t really hold water because plenty of Switch games have been released before: Rocket League was a best-seller on the eShop, and even Skyrim is doing great, and that game was first released six years ago.

Despite being of the best looking games on the Switch, one that really showcases what the console can do, Doom isn’t selling well at all.

As to why, the simplest explanation could be that Nintendo fans are not that interested in hardcore first person shooters — of the best selling games on the Switch the last few weeks, not a single first person shooter was found in the top 20.

Bethesda, publishers of Doom, will bring another hardcore first person shooter to the Switch next year: Wolfenstein 2. Hopefully it’ll do better in the marketplace.

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Is Doom on the Switch a failure?

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