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Nintendo just revealed a lot of details about the Wii U hardware. They pretty much showcased all of the internal components, giving us a glimpse at the mainboard, the CPU, the cooling solution, and more. It was all unveiled in a new episode of “Iwata Asks”, which for the first time dealt with Wii U hardware. While the hardware components were revealed, there was no mention of technical specs.

Wii U mainboard and CPUIwata asked a series of questions about the hardware, components, and design to Nintendo’s hardware designers and engineers, and they revealed a lot of details about the console. Including that Nintendo even toyed with the idea of making the Wii U a square console like the GameCube.

For example, it’s revealed that Nintendo started the Wii U design in April of 2009, and worked with teams from IBM, AMD, and Renesas (a Japanese electronics manufacturer). The main Wii U chip includes both the CPU and the GPU in the same package, to improve latency and to lower costs.

The chip is very power-efficient, despite having a multi-core CPU and advanced graphics. In fact, it only needs a small fan and heat sink to be cooled (as the photos below show). Nintendo still says that the chip generates three times more heat than the Wii CPU. You can find a gallery of the hardware below:

Check out the full Q&A session at Iwata Asks.

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  • Jetty

    The only thing inside is magic. Now let me know when that new Metroid is available. Maybe we’ll see some transparent consoles like the good ol 64 days.

    • Gamechemist8

      Looks like a lightweight console with all of the efficiency. But knowing Nintendo, it’ll be built like a tank

      • xdlugia

        Yeah. The little GameCube was sturdy as a motherf*cker!

        • Yodin

          Don’t swear i hate that word…

          • Wildman

            Welcome to the internet. Here’s a straw… now suck it up.

          • AKA-Link77

            Yah not even a Falcon Punch can break “The Cube”! πŸ˜€

          • smegma

            Stfu yodin

          • SteampunkJedi

            Why is this guy downrated? I dislike the term used above him as well. It is unrealistic to expect people not to use rude language online, but I don’t believe there is a need to hate on someone that states they don’t like that sort of language.

          • Gamechemist8

            Me neither. Almost all Nintendo consoles are family-friendly so I think we can keep the forums the same way. Besides, when have you ever seen Nintendo curse in a game?

        • Clem

          You’re not wrong – my GameCube survived a house fire! The top is the tiniest bit pitted now but the machine works as good as new πŸ™‚

        • Oquatoe

          really i ended breaking 2 by accedent

      • Xblade13

        Correction: it will be built like Wolverine (Adamantium skeleton)

      • sergiosms

        Made of nintendium lol

        • TeaRzOfTheFallen

          69-0 you sir are amazing!

          • jat


      • Pretz3ls

        My friends gamecube was broken for a while, and when his friend accidentally dropped it on his tile floor, it worked again…

        • seriously

          Yeah I was a gamecube once in pieces we put it bck together like it was a legos and worked. plus the wii is no slouch either.

        • Nintenlord

          It is true i have see it whit my own eyes is like a gremling wen you wet it just dont feed him after midnight

        • mojojojo888

          Yep, I second these. I left mine outside on the porch after coming home one night, and it rained half the night. I was freaking out, like, do I plug it in, does it end up frying, do I open it up…long story short, I decided to plug it in, it didn’t work, I left it on and the fan ran for the next hour, apparently dried up the water, and I went on to play it for another 2 years before I traded it in…

      • sehxualpanda

        my wallet is ready

      • MYCOXEN


      • Solphins

        When I was in Iraq, someone plugged my Gamecube in without a converter and fried it. So out of boredom we took a hatchet to it. I swear to you, we could not break it open. I threw it in the air and let it hit the ground, hit it with metal bars, and tried to run it over with a humvee. That thing was ridiculously built. Plus, it was easy to carry around and lightweight.

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          Thank you for your service

    • Asiancake

      That so awesome better everything inside than the wii

    • Master Awesomeness

      I knew about this before the article was posted. My way of getting this info before wii u daily: IGN

  • Madmagican

    WE GOT SOME INTERNAL HARDWARE!!!… was wondering when this was gonna happen

  • Leeroy


  • Arsonist Monkey

    Good thing they did this.

  • kingtendo

    awwwww shittttttttttt,it’s on like donkey kong son….


    • ceramicsaturn

      It’s called Wii U. Enough with the “Fearless” nickname crap, please, for the love of all that isn’t stupid.

      • Cugno the Swiss

        I agree with you, “fearless” sounds just like an american superhero, it has nothing to do with Nintendo’s marketing strategy.

        • LyingTuna

          Well, nonspecific action figure was a superhero, but yeah, I agree, this “Fearless” nonsense is getting on my nerves. Really, I hate that! The Wii U has a great name! If you say it fast, it sounds like a siren!

          • Nintenlord

            I you yell repeatly in a getto some ppl will start running

      • Henry Anderson

        Robert Paulson! It’s called robert Paulson!

    • DerikGotro64

      Seriously, enough with the “Fearless”. Just call it wii U or Nintendo U (N/U). Or Nintendo U Entertainment System.
      Anything but fearless; for christ sake you’re naming after a friggin taylor swift song. What were you thinking!!?

      • ncv144

        The NUES instead of the NES and the next console is the super nintendo U entertainment sistem SNUES.

    • NightΒΊΖ’Core

      Seriously dude, quit it with the “Fearless” already man…

  • Joseph

    I’m waiting for the tech heads to get some input on this…

    • CarsONLementi

      Looking pretty good as of right now, lol but we still dont know the numbers

  • Shock

    But what kind of cpu and gpu is it?

    • that guy

      if rumors hold true the CPU is a variant of the power architecture that IBM makes and the GPU is almost definitely a AMD radeon HD card since they use up very little power and are made to run 1080p images at a high frame rate.

      • i have waht you want


      • Wildman

        The CPU is a completely custom multi-core and based on IBM’s Power (not PowerPC) architecture.

        The latest specs rumor says that the GPU is based on the AMD Radeon E6760 embedded GPU. (it only uses 35 watts of power at maximum)

    • shadowfan2z

      It clearly states it here….. : http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/features/tech-specs/

      • Derp

        The tech specs shown on the website are vague. What we actually want to know is:
        -Is the Wii U using a 4670 or 4870? or is it using a 5XXX or 6XXX?
        -Is the CPU component a quad-core or tri-core? What is the clock speed?
        -Rumors say the GPU is a CPU/GPU hybrid, is this true?
        -Who stated that the Wii U is x19 more powerful than the PS3?

        Yeah we are pretty picky.

        • Derp

          Actually, forget about “Rumors say the GPU is a CPU/GPU”. I typed faster than I thought.

          I think it is becoming obvious what it is going to be, based on the pictures.

          • Golimietster

            Nintendo said in the Nintendo Direct for Japan that it was a GPGPU. Not a rumor.

          • Nitesh

            The GPU can perform GPGPU operations, just like any modern GPU can. It’s not a CPU-GPU “hybrid”, but the GPU can perform some tasks that can be made highly paralel (like physics, or texture decompression) instead of the CPU, unloading the CPU a bit. However even modern high end cards take a huge performance hit while doing that.

      • CarsONLementi

        They’re not well defined. Where’s the numbers?

        • Nintendonoob

          Lets look at it this way… Since Nintendo is epic the cpu is a hexa-core and the GPU is a Nintendion 9999 100 gb gpu with built in 3d capable 2440×1990 video quality… Yup… Nintendo in steroids

  • Zero

    Nice! I’ll definitevely watch the video!

  • Kahhhhyle

    One question… Does the disc slot still glow?

    • Dan

      Please wii u daily, find out and answer this question for us. πŸ™‚

      • 007 1/2

        it does there is a pic of the blck one with the disc slot glowing

    • Mac

      yes it does. the glow will be more noticable with the 32gig model IMO

      • xdlugia

        Source please?

      • Elite

        Just hate on the white console shall we. It will be noticeable in the dark no matter what package is picked up.

      • NoPUNintendo

        Yeah, that’s true. I noticed that in the pictures. Just wish they let us choose colors. A white Wii U 32gig would really look nice near my white Wii.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Sorry hit dislike by accident but I agree with you bro. White & 32 gig+ Nintendo premium membership would be awesome. Instead they pulled a Microsoft and made and “Elite” model

          • NoPUNintendo

            I hope they make a transparent console, I’d buy it. Let’s also hope for some neat skins.

        • CyanideInsanity

          Unless already stated otherwise, maybe Nintendo will do that post-launch.

    • Wildman

      Shoot! It better glow!
      That was so cool whenever it did on the Wii.

  • Nintendude


  • Kamon

    Any computer savys wanna tell me what this means?

    • CarsONLementi

      Re-read the article. The author made the details as simple as he could.

      AKA: The Wii U is efficient

    • Elite

      The GPU(graphics processor) and the CPU(central processing unit) are linked together on the same chip. Meaning that they will work more in-tandem than what you would expect on a pc were they aren’t built on the same chip. I believe they did this for power consumption as well. Now instead of having to divert power to two separate sections of the console(if the gpu and cpu where on separate chips.) The final thing i have to say is if Nintendo did not do this i bet the console would have to be bigger than it is right now(making cost more, because it would use more materials).

    • James

      Graphic processor (GPU) and the main processor (CPU) are processors that does heavy amount of work. They are usually big due to the needed complexity in allowing them to do their work, and due to their needs, requires a lot of power, which mean a lot of heat is produced.

      What Nintendo did, is group the manufacture together to that they work together to make 1 single chip with both processors. Doing this, meaning they don’t need to use 2 heat sinks (the metal thing with fins on top of the processor) and possible need 2 fans to cool it off. Also, the processors where updated to use new manufacturing techniques to make them more efficient (same performance, but reduce power it needs, which means reduce heat it produces).

      This technique, but not as advance as what Nintendo pushed the manufacture to do, has been done by Microsoft with the XBox 360 Slim.

      At the end of the day, for you it means, that the WiiU will not be a monstrosity thing like the initial PS3, and won’t have over heating issues that breaks the console internal like the original XBox 360, it will be a fairly quiet system (maybe about as loud as the Wii). PLUS, it will be a super efficient gaming console, consuming only 75W peek.

    • Xblade13

      More power in less space. It gets 3Γ— hotter than the Wii, so bigger fans, etc. Basically, Nintendo showed it’s designers’ genius…again. πŸ˜›

      • Cugno the Swiss

        I’m just sad that it can’t read gamecube games, other than that it’s quite a sexy piece of hardware.

    • Jeremy

      heres something you wont hear on this site ever, the pictures show its an apu but the downside is the apu’s are never strong as the orignal versions where the gpu and cpu are seperate, and everyone knows new hardware well computer hardware (includes consoles) for advanced gpu’s they need more power then old gen tech (no brainer) , so what im getting at is you wont be maxing out the apu to what its fully capable of and apu’s have a water downed gpu for those who used one before knows

      • ck1x

        Dude its not an APU! If you read the whole Iwata Asks, he even comments to how important it was to have 100% compatibility with the Wii and how the CPU does exactly what it says it can do… Plus they were describing in details the difficulties that came about from making the MCM design of the WiiU by receiving components from multiple partners.

  • swic11

    I read this on IGN, read the interview as well. Pretty pumped with what they did.

  • Elx

    japanese tecnology !!! small and very good…

    • cloud Windfoot Omega

      IBM and AMD are American. thats most of the important tech in it. the GPU is prob made by the Canadian branch of AMD though

  • smallNdeadly

    I wanna know about the CPU…for games like dead rising…I love that series but so much going on it needs CPU not GPU. Either way Wii u gonna rock but it would be nice to have to buy one console this gen. I can’t afford a gaming PC πŸ™

    • Troll patrol.

      The most powerfull CPU on the market is 2.9GHZ . Its way way way more powerfull and efficient than the 360’s 3.2 Xenon and PS3’s 3.2 cell broadband.

      DON’T worry . The CPU in wiiu will end up being able to achieve things the ps3 and 360 could not especialy considering the GPGPU .

      Clock speed is just one variable of CPU ( see review tech USA for deeper info) . So if game is developed with the 360’s 3.2 in mind and they just put the game on wiiu which has a CPU probably clocked about 2.5-3.0GHZ , Then the game will stutter and the framerate will suffer INITIALY . Once the developer tweaks the game to work with wiiu , then They DEFINITELY can improve the games framerate, put more enemies on screen , increase the resoloution , AA , and all that stuff .

      People keep saying ”the wiiu’s CPU is weaker than the ps3 and 360’s” is utter bull crap . Wiiu has a DIFFERENT way of computing . Using a very efficient over clocked Power7 based multi core processor and back up processing from GPGPU . All in all (and trust me) the wiiu can do ANYTHING the ps3 and 360 can and a massive amount more……

      There is only one Troll patroll. Accept no immitations.

      • James

        Hz don’t mean anything.
        A Pentium 4 at 3.5GHz (which existed) is much slower than a Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz. GHz only allow you to know the performance difference between the SAME series of processor of the same generation.

        It’s all about architecture.

        Troll patrol is correct. You can’t compare architecture like that. The only reason why you can get some sort of comparison with the PC market, is due to benchmark software, and even then. But more importantly is to see how games runs compare to other CPUs.
        Example: Game A runs at 13fps with processor A. Now let me change only processor A with B, look now the game, which was not touched, runs at 60fps. We also see a similar jump with a bunch of other games and programs. Processor B is therefore significantly more powerful than processor A.

        For the game console, games are inter changeable. I mean you can put a PS3 game on the WiiU, and see how it compares. So we will NEVER know how the WiiU is more powerful. That is why Nintendo doesn’t say anything. What if the WiiU is significantly more powerful than the next XBox and the PS4? Amazing! right? But wait it’s 300MHz. If Nintendo said, right, it was 300MHz, you will be like “Awwww man! What the heck! I am not buying this slow crap” But it’s not slow! It’s faster than the 2 next console. You get what I am saying? MHz don’t mean anything. It’s a custom CPU, so we can’t compare it with anything.

        If it used an AMD or Intel CPU, NOOOOOWW we can compare… as we know how the processor acts on the PC. But that’s not the case.

        • James

          “For the game console, games are NOT inter-changeable. I mean you can’T put a PS3 game on the WiiU,”

    • James

      What they can do, is have multiple zombies have the same animation, or use the same A.I. simultaneously, or for the most part. This will drop the needed calculations from the CPU (as every calculation is done for multiple zombies). The GPU is powerful enough to handle all the polygons to draw everyone.
      This is one of the optimization techniques they can apply, to reduce CPU load.

      Another possibly tricks is to simplify the A.I engine when the zombies are far away, and only when they are close to you, where you get to see more of its movements, and actions, it does more processing in the AI engine for the character.

      They are many tricks, but as long as the GPU is powerful, it can be done. It will just be a bit of pain for the developers, but that’s always a problem. This is always a problem. Even on the PC. That is why companies hires computer scientists with engineers that work on optimizing the crap of their stuff.

      I play a lot of games on the PC, I can tell you, usually, games are significantly more GPU intensive than CPU. I usually change my CPU every 6-7 years. My GPU gets replaced every 4 years. Assuming I want to play games at max or near max settings.

      • Majin

        Geometry Instancing.

        For those that don’t know :

        When there is a model to be drawn, the GPU draws each triangle of the model individually.

        Traditional method :

        Geometry Instancing :

    • i have waht you want


      45nm IBM process with silicon on insulator tech at 1.6ghz they use only 1.6watts of power

      powerpc 400 replaces the older powerpc 750 core

      people can pretend all they like il put my right arm in the chopper im not right its powerpc 400 3xcore NOT power7

      • AM

        IBM has confirmed that Nintendo is using a custom Power7 processor (check the offecial IBM Watson twitter feed). By the way remember how those specs stated that the system had 1 GB of ram, well they were wrong because the Wii U has 2 GB of ram.

        • Dan

          So apparently IBM is taking it back. They’re saying that the tweet about it being a Power7 was an error. Here’s the tweet: “Pardon the error. It’s a custom chip built on Power Architecture base. Beautiful! They told us what we already know-_-

          • Dan

            Sorry, end quotation after base.

          • power 7 is under 12 fantasy powerpc 400 is fact

            powerpc 400 series @ 45nm with broadway-fied cores THIS AINT ROCKET SCIENCE GUYS

        • Wildman

          Watson clarified that statement and said that it’s a Power-based multi-core CPU.

  • CarsONLementi

    Thumbs down if you want the Wii U!!
    you heard me correctly πŸ˜‰

    • Troll patrol.

      I thumbed you down cus you’re an ass πŸ˜› . joke πŸ™‚

      • Troll patrol’s brother

        so my brother is joking around, interesting.

      • smegma

        Your a joke troll

    • The Detonator

      thumbs up if you thumbs down that one πŸ™‚

    • Nintendude

      I expected a troll, I was dissapointed….

    • SteampunkJedi

      How original…

  • podge79

    Hehe.. The wiiu is showing its parts…nerdgasm!!!

    • Xblade13

      I wonder if this counts as porn…

    • The Detonator

      umm ok! thumbs up if you thumbs down that comment πŸ™‚

      • The Detonator

        wait wrong reply. sorry is there a way to delete these?

  • ssb4FC 3007 8585 6950

    Oh yeah!

  • Anubis

    Nintendo has really outdone themselves with this system. I am so ready! Hurry up Nov. 18!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    This is the same as taking a peek into the insides of a transformer :3

  • tronic307

    WOW! That is one smart design.

  • TwilitShaymin

    They… Smashed it..

  • ceramicsaturn

    That is one sexy nude Wii…..U.

  • that guy

    Does anyone understand how Nintendo got IBM and AMD to work together when they both make CPU’s?

    • RoboticLink

      What drives everyone these days. Either money or love, and I highly doubt that IBM and AMD are dating Nintendo.

    • i have waht you want

      nintendo gets them to design what they want they then take ownership and the mcm is manufactured at NEC just like gamecube and wii

    • deSSy2724

      Well…. Nintendo is in partnership with both AMD and IBM (again but “multi parntership” this time), AMD GPU = money for AMD, and IBM CPU = money for IBM.

      It means reduced costs, they were working together so the Wii U CPU and GPU are on the same chip, it means more optimized system (speed and power efficiency = balance) + reduced costs with no HDD inside Wii U.

      I think its a smart move from Nintendo…. without that the system launch price would be atleast 100-150 $ more expensive.

    • power 7 is under 12 fantasy

      what the both make has nothing to do with contracts with nintendo and last time i checked IBM shares its tech with AMD things like silicon on insulator copper wire tech and fast ram edram research

      nether amd or ibm manufacture wiiu mcm thats done by NEC after ibmmand amd and nintendo design it

  • TopCat

    Wow, the biggest component is the optical drive and it takes up half the unit! If they ditched it, just imagine how small it would be…

    Knowing Nintendo, the next console will indeed be free of one.

  • Infinite_Rubix_Cube

    At least Nintendo isn’t going cheap on the heatsinks like Microsoft. Microsoft could have averted millions of RRODs if they had just put in normal heatsinks instead of those little plastic bandages.

    • Ravyu

      It was all part of the plan…

  • Elite

    Can i get a transparent console. =^D

  • Tobbe

    Cant wait to put mine into parts. First thing is to open it and look at the internals for some hours. Over some rbv (red b/vdka) something smart hopefully come to my mind, like the wii 4 y ago. Prio 1 is to built in a 2.5″. Indeed i have to expand the case. Pics will be on the tube later

    • Tobbe

      Maby a 1.6″ if the 2.5″ will be to big

      • Shane

        In English Professor

        • Tobbe

          lol. size on a hdd

        • Majin

          He is going to de-construct his WiiU, then mod it to have an internal 2.5″ disk drive, or if that is to big, a 1.6″ disk drive.

          He will need to do some handiwork to make the case bigger.

          Expect pictures to be on youtube when he has finished the mod.

          • Shane

            I’d rather just go buy an external HDD, rather and destroy the case and void the warranty… I’m not saying you don’t know what you are doing, but I don’t really see the purpose.

  • Hater Of Zer0

    *wolf whistles* πŸ™‚

  • makaresh

    at least they revealed all the specs…. *rollmyeyesover*… why is nintendo hiding everything? itΒ΄s just hardware….

  • kingtendo

    you know some nerd is going to come along and hack the fearless and make it read gamecube disc’s.

    but hey,if i does happen i wont be crying about it πŸ™‚

    • Cugno the Swiss

      It would be awesome if the Fearless could read the Fearsome and the Squarewrath’s games. I wouldn’t complain if there was a hole for the 64OfDestiny games, but that’s just me.

  • Xblade13

    Looks awesome.

    Quote from Spongebob:
    “Patrick, your genius is showing.”
    “WHAT, WHERE?!”

  • nintenfan

    Holy cow, I had no idea that CPUs and GPUs could be that small! Then again, I’m fairly new to the world of computers (by which i mean insides, coding, modding, etc.)

    • Wildman

      Welcome to the Wonderful World of Technology!


  • Gregory

    NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! Why are you doing this to me ?! I need that see through console !

  • maxlazy10

    Who wants a transparent Wii U?

    • relo

      Me, like the good old days

  • Chapo_

    The clear one would be an insta-seller just like the black deluxe one. Anybody else think that?

  • Shane

    Soooo… Is Wii U the Wii’s son, or is it the dad because it’s stronger and stuff? I’m confused.

    • AM

      The son must surpass the father.

  • ya dont say!!!!!!!!!!

    Clearly to a sane person a powerpc 400series. Cpu @45nm not a power7

  • Princedavid

    I was going to erase the mean things I said in wii u daily forums. I do that sometimes, I stay up late and write mean things then I erase them before people can see them. Now you went and changed it, and sold out wii u daily forums. Now we lost all our friends. I dont even have a password anymore, the site just remembered it, but it was changed to many times and I dont have it. I like nintendo I just wanted some stuff but you all didnt have to kick me out forever. Bye people. I guess I never really fit in anyways. I dont have a password anymore. I guess it was for the best, I needed to move on. I’ll miss you guys, and the new forums arent even as good and I dont like it.

    • Princedavid

      not everything i said was bad, I tryed to be nice. It doesnt matter anymore. I dont even care about power or anything. Im sorry I was mean. Bye people, I guess Ill never talk to you again. It was for the better, too many influences. I was mean in the end wanting two consoles, but I was going to erase it. It was for the better, so I can just relax and not care.

      • Dan

        Yeah dude just relax..


      • Kav

        So… who is this guy?

      • smegma

        When did crack heads join?

      • NoPUNintendo

        Also, that’s cool you want two consoles? Go for it. I’m getting two Wii Us.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Never heard of you. Just chill bro. I’ve been thumbs downed before, but a lot of people may or may not have seen my name and know me. Either way, we don’t know who you are. Maybe you should just stick around and communicate with us about Nintendo.


    Images= hacker porn.

  • HawkEye

    “Now your playing with power” Vote up if this should be on a Wii U commercial

    • Kav


  • Kevin White

    It does look elegant. Looks like the late generation “slim” model of a console, not the launch model. Very nice.

  • i have waht you want

    have you noticed how clean the board is JUST LIKE GAMECUBE

  • SteampunkJedi

    Wow. This is pretty interesting. I never realized how small the chips could be. That CPU is TINY. Please don’t get mad at me for being a bit ignorant, tech pros, but I’m impressed how small that is.

  • (β•―Β°β–‘Β°)β•―οΈ΅ β”» ━┻


  • Patroll


  • ~!@#$%^&*()_+=-{][};’,./?:”


    • Mr Poops.


      • NintendoMan :D


  • Trev

    Umm I am worried it might just be a dual core hopefully atleast a Tri core running 2.3 ghz might be dreaming

  • TheUNation

    After looking at the brief specs of the Wii U inside (love the exoskeleton look), Nintendo’s newest console for the new generation is gonna be one sexy BEAST in a very small, but powerful package.

  • Wildman


    “This time we fully embraced the idea of using an MCM for our gaming console. An MCM is where the aforementioned Multi-core CPU chip and the GPU chip are built into a single component. The GPU itself also contains quite a large on-chip memory. Due to this MCM, the package costs less and we could speed up data exchange among two LSIs while lowering power consumption. And also the international division of labor in general, would be cost-effective.”

    Notice this part.
    “The GPU itself also contains quite a large on-chip memory.”

    • D2K

      It has me wondering if Microsoft and Sony will follow suit on this design considering the epic hardware fails their current console have had due rushed production and overheating issues.

    • ck1x

      Which confirms that its based on the Radeon HD E6760! That chip design by default is paired with 1GB of GDDR5 RAM.

      • power 7 is under 12 fantasy powerpc 400 is fact

        lol @ E6760 clearly the wiiu gpu is Rv7 the E6760 is TURKS so wrong its a Rv7 serie gpu the e6760 clearly is not and the wiiu gpu and edrsm is 45nm the E6760 is clearly 40nm

        lol @ ignorence

        • Wildman

          You say: “clearly the wiiu gpu is Rv7”
          Rv7 huh?
          Actually… Rv7 is an airplane made by Van’s Aircraft. lol
          The E6760 has been confirmed, but it is a modified/ custom version built specifically for the Wii U as said by an AMD rep.

          A 45nm GPU was never confirmed.

          Also, IBM Power-based multi-core processor is fact.
          (there is a difference between PowerPC and Power if your not ignorant…)

      • Wildman

        Yes! That’s my verdict.

    • power 7 is under 12 fantasy powerpc 400 is fact

      gpu large mem = 32mb edram

  • RodSF4

    I’m pretty sure the color is just so there will be a distinction between the two SKUs. for marketing, it would be easier. Imagine if both 8GB/32GB came in white and/black: wouldn’t it be a nightmare for retailers when someone pre-orders a black 32GB and get a black 8GB instead, or vice versa?

    in time, Nintendo will most likely release multi-color units. and who knows, exclusive packages like a ZombiU WiiU (body adorned with real zombie parts) πŸ˜€

    as for the hardware itself, have to admit I’m impressed. i don’t need to know the numbers, just enough to know that when i get my WiiU i’ll have fun with the games, in an efficient way.

  • KalebTaylor

    I want the transparent one now D:

  • Jeremy

    Got the sad low down on the power of the wii u and its max would be a radeon 5670 which would place the video card as plausibly better then the current gens consoles but the cpu is lacking and unless the lower end 5,000 series can do dx11 then expect it if they can but if not then dont get your hopes up. Im hopeing im wrong but I know Im selling my wii u and hopefully theres enough fan-boys to buy my system at a high price πŸ™‚

  • Chocer

    So, Nintendo has an AMD graphics ship on the IBM CPU? Is that possible?

    • power 7 is under 12 fantasy powerpc 400 is fact

      well it was in gamecube and wii so DERP,,, NEC do the die manufacturing after ibm and amd do there shit

    • Wildman

      Indeed it is. In this age of technology, nearly anything is possible…. if you believe.

  • Rex


  • prettypinkpanacea

    I would like to know if the nintendo wiiu (known to some fans on this site as the “fearless”) will support wireless n @ 5ghz. I think it will considering the gamepad streams using this standard. Couple this with the fact that Nintendo are placing a heavy emphasis on the wireless gaming with the wiiu.

    • Workdsina

      You just answered your own question.

      • prettypinkpanacea

        What can I say I enjoy rhetorical questions.

    • Wildman

      “The Fearless” (I have no idea why some people call it that…) will support 802.11 wireless “n”. I don’t know if it will be the 5GHz standard or the 2.4GHZ one.
      I believe that the gamepad uses bluetooth (v3.2?) to do all of the streaming from the console. The wireless is most likely going to be used for internet connections only.
      Streaming through the wireless would have interference and too much latency even at 5GHz.

      • prettypinkpanacea

        Yeah, streaming through the wii has latency and interference issues. Anyway, I hope the wii u will support 5ghz.

  • power 7 is under 12 fantasy

    fact follows

    edram embedded into gpu is IBM 32MB

    cpu is POWERPC 400 SERIES WITH CUSTOMIZED BROADWAY LIKE CORES X 3 with some custom catch likely again to use IBM edram or edram and sram

    cortex arm based 32bit DSP sound processor

    tiny work cpu again ARM (starlet 2)

    all on the same die @ 45nm

    il ad more once im 100% sure like i am the above facts!!!!!!!!!!!!

    power7 is wrong the link to power7 is 45nm and edram thats it nothing more !!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    My goodness, this is showing that the Next Gen consoles are just going to get smaller and smaller

  • Shock

    But what are the specs of the cpu and gpu?

  • Chris

    So its going to have a form of APU? Nice

  • Wii U