Oct 5th, 2015


No one can deny that Nintendo has been a powerhouse in gaming for several years, but this year marks the first in ten years that Interbrand has dropped Nintendo from its list of the top 100 global brands. Interbrand markets itself as the “world’s leading brand consultancy”, which composes the list yearly to showcase the largest consumer brands across the globe.

Last year Nintendo occupied the 100th spot on the list so the company was already feeling the squeeze, likely thanks to the struggles of the Wii U console and the longevity of the Nintendo 3DS as Nintendo’s premiere handheld. Here’s a quick run down of Nintendo’s place in the last ten years on Interbrand’s list.

  • 2004 – 46th
  • 2005 – 50th
  • 2006 – 51st
  • 2007 – 44th
  • 2008 – 40th
  • 2009 – 39th
  • 2010 – 38th
  • 2011 – 48th
  • 2012 – 56th
  • 2013 – 67th
  • 2014 – 100th
  • 2015 – dropped

It should be noted that the biggest place drop for Nintendo happened in 2013, the year after the Wii U debuted globally. Since then, the company dropped to 100th place last year, and this year it didn’t even manage to grab a spot on the list.

While this doesn’t mean anything in the grand scope of things, it does show the affect that Nintendo’s focus on the Wii U has had for the company. The NX and Nintendo’s Quality of Life platform will have to be spectacular pieces of hardware in order for Nintendo to regain some of its former traction.

[via NintendoLife]

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