Apr 16th, 2013


I went to the store earlier to pick up my copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us, but it turns out only the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were in stock. Instead, I had to order from Amazon so the game is on its way and will be here tomorrow, but I’m curious how many of you will be getting the game? The game is also available on the Wii U eShop and clocks in at 7767MB to download, but we decided on a physical copy because once I’ve reviewed the game, we’re giving our copy away to you! How many of you like fighting games? I grew up playing Mortal Kombat 2 & 3 and Killer Instinct on the SNES, which remain my all time favorite fighting games.

The three-button control scheme for Injustice seems interesting, so it will be interesting to know how easy it is to perform combos and how well the fighting mechanics feel. I don’t have a fight stick, but I will be testing out the Nyko Pro Controller I’ll be using to demo the game with. If you’re interested in checking it out, head on over to the game’s forums and chat us up about all the superheroes and villains in the game and our review will be up later this week!

Contest Details:

After we complete our review of Injustice: Gods Among Us, we’re giving you the chance to win our copy! That’s right, all you’ll need to do is tell us your favorite superhero or villain and why they’re the ultimate fighting machine. A winner will be chosen at random, but you can double your chances of winning by liking us on Facebook and commenting on the review once it goes live. Remember to login to comment, as we can’t track anonymous comments left by guests.

  • Christopher Smith

    my favorite super hero is spider man because he’s very acrobatic and tells jokes while fighting.

  • routerbad

    I just got my copy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Downloading it on my Wii U as we speak!

  • Laud

    The Joker obv, not even Batman can stop him.

    As a fighter he’s super strategic, with him I’m going to destroy you all.

    You don’t stand a chance, sorry.


    Ashley, find a way to 1 v 1 me on Killer Instinct. I’ll destroy YOU.

    • uPadWatcher

      Why so serious?

    • Revolution5268

      (SPOILERS!!!!) But…is in he dead? (SPOILERS!!!!)

    • Adrian

      In Killer Instinct gold I made up a combo that was one of those cheap..once you are in it you are dead unless the person doing the combo messes up combos. Haha, People used to get so pissed at me.

  • Do we tell you here or on the comments of the review? I’m confused

    • RyuNoHadouken

      it says after they complete their review

  • I got my today and already loved!! The best,the joker!!

  • My favorite superhero is Batman because he is.

    Nuff said.


    The flash.

  • my favorite superhero is superman because he is the symbol Justice and with his godlike powers he can defeat anyone in the DC world.

  • SHAZAM! No really, he’s the not-so-likely superhero that will never get out of Superman’s shadow (poor guy). He deserves much more recognition and I will be playing him as my main character.


  • uPadWatcher

    My favorite superhero in the DC Universe is the Dark Knight himself… BATMAN. Bruce Wayne is a millionaire philanthropist (playboy) by day, the caped crusader by night. When it comes to be a superhero, you don’t need super human powers. Instead, he uses his intellectual skills and deductions along with bat-gadgets aplenty and save the city from those who do extremely harm to everyone. Move over, Sherlock Holmes… because Batman is undoubtedly the world’s greatest detective.

  • Jewelarchon

    Though I was crushing on Wonder Woman as a kid watching Linda Carter on tv, my favorite superhero has to be Superman. Kal’el, the son of Jor’el, has always been a wonderful character to read about, watch on tv and of course now play in games. Virtually invincible, with exception of rock material from his home planet to slow him down and still humble, makes him a consummate hero.

  • queisuseless

    Superman because he’s freaking superman

  • Tony XboxOnedude Kashefski

    The best superhero is Batman… Villain would have to be Joker!

  • The Joker – wicked and sinister, yet still good for a belly-laugh of fun every once in a while! Ha-ha-haaa-haha-haaaa!

  • Miguel Antonio Morales

    Favorite DC hero is probably Green Lantern. Why? He uses the power of will! How cool is that? Will Smith is ultimate!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      You probably loved the movie then? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Micks610

      I really like Green Lantern very much, but think about it. Hal Jordan is a brave man and all, but without his power ring, he is just like any guy. On the other hand, heroes like Batman and Green Arrow don’t need superpowers to save the day. They rely on their skills to save the day.

      • Shane โ™“

        Sure Batman has skills but, where would he be without all his fancy gadgets?

  • The Hulk,cause he’s mean and green!!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      and he is Marvel too…

  • kenny Johnson

    Spider-man. ’nuff said. But, of the DC universe, Batman kicks butt.

  • Scott McAllister

    SUPERMAN – a leader who serves.

  • Goku.
    Well because i grew up with him, he taught me more morals than school itself!! He taught me that no matter what happens, you can always give a little bit more of yourself. That no matter how big the challenge is, you can always go beyond it. That it doesn’t matter if you need help from others or not. To always believe in yourselve. And especially that you have to always give it all you got to protect the ones you love.
    I dont know if goku would be considered a super hero or not, but he IS and will always be my SUPER HEROE.

    • Adrian


    • Josh

      Not really a super hero as much as a cartoon.

      • Adrian

        Was that a joke?

    • dylanbob121

      contest winner right here

    • Guest

      Well, he’s not in Injustice… so…

    • Guest

      You just copied and pasted this from WiiUdaily. It’s good, but wow. 13 upvotes.

      • bizzy gie

        Guys I think this person thought he was in PS4daily and he was reading the same article on a different site.

        • Guest

          No i really didnt copy or read it from somewhere else i actually wrote it myself cuz i really did grow up watching DBZ im 12 years old, i hope the age doesnt affect the contest at all, but i have watched it since i was 2 yeras old and i really looked up to goku since i can even remember

          • bizzy gie

            No. Not you. I’m talking about the guest that posted the comment right above mine. Disqus really needs a better system of differentiating guests.

          • Yeah sorry about that

    • Guest

      It’s incredible that the only hero that’s not from DC would get the most upvotes. But you also have to pick a bad guy if you want to win the contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Captain~Raid

    It’s like a warzone over at mynintendonews, the trolls over there are at an all time high.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Superman is way too messianic for my taste. But Batman is cool, especially when viewed under the light of “Dexter Morgan psychology”.

  • KosmoCrisis

    I’m getting this, but I don’t see the definitive reason to get it on Wii U as opposed to PS3. Even the custom arcade cabinets that NeverRealms made have PS3s in them.

    • routerbad

      It would be a little difficult to build an arcade cabinet with the Wii U gamepad.

      • KosmoCrisis

        Minor design challenge, but who doesn’t love a good challenge. Nintendo challenged the way we play games, maybe it’s time to challenge the way we play arcade cabinet games. Maybe that would lead to more arcades. I miss the arcades.

    • sharlo galmo

      i got one reason for you, you can play the game on the gamepad. That’s for me the reason why i am not buying it for the ps3 or xbox360. The wii u it is for me!!

      Now i can play on my mine bed,that’s for me a nice feature i gonna injoy for a long time. thank you nintendo for this!

  • Ducked

    I decided to skip it…

    • Squid


  • Ben Trimpi Jr.

    My favorite villain is Joker, because he has that great smile :)…And my favorite super hero would have to be…hmmm…WOLVERINE.GENERATING LOST ORGANS.EPIC.’nuff said.

  • Batman because of all the GADGETS!!

  • Tony XboxOnedude Kashefski

    Cause they are awesome and love DC

  • jjmesa14

    Hero – Green Lantern. He can create anything he thinks of.
    Villain – Joker. He’s twisted.

  • fireheartis1

    My favorite Superhero is The Flash. He runs at the speed of light and who can stop his punches. I mean come on if The Flash can punch and kick at the speed of light then who can stop him except for Superman, and they’re on the same side lol. He can also travel through time, vibrate through walls, and lend speed as well. That’s one amazing power people. I am really not sure who my favorite Villain would be though.

  • Seth S. Scott

    definitely going to go with Wonder Woman. Shes awesome, she kicks ass, she has some sweet ass outfits and shes the coolest lady in town!

  • Caique Seren

    Flash. The reason? F=m.a ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Guest

    The best Superhero is definitely Batman. Why? He is a better fighter than most of the Superheroes that HAVE Super powers.

    • Adrian

      Batman isn’t a super hero, he is just a hero. Not super :p.

  • adamm

    The lesser-known names on the game’s roster all look good, but Black Adam seems the most versatile. And he has a sexy name.

  • Superman: if he can take out Goku super ssj4 he can beat any one

    • Adrian

      Uhm, he can’t!

      • SoulSilverZero

        So that’s sarcasm?

        • Adrian

          Not sure what you are referring to…but to clear things up. Goku would OWN Superman even as SSJ. Can Superman shoot an energy blast that can destroy a planet? Can superman teleport instantaneously or read people’s memories? Can super man gather life energy from the entire universe to create a spirit bomb? No, super man would get smacked around by Goku. Goku wouldn’t even need to get serious to take him out.

          • This will end this argument.

            And too be fair, I’m not that big of a fan of the outcome.

          • Adrian

            I skipped through it just to see the result. It looks like superman won. But that’s a bunch of bull. Totally irrelevant video! Haha.

          • SoulSilverZero

            Watch the whole video next time. What’s the matter, afraid you were going to waste a half hour of your life?

          • Adrian

            Actually yeah, I have better things to do.

          • SoulSilverZero

            Well then, actually watch the video when you have more time.

          • SoulSilverZero

            No, but he can probably can destroy a planet with his fists. No, but he can go a bit slower than FTL, but still fast. And yes he can; even better, he can protect his mind from any attacks. No. Still, Supes is still a few levels beyond what Goku can do.

          • Adrian

            If you think that Goku would lose to superman, you didn’t watch DBZ.

          • SoulSilverZero

            If you think that Supes would lose to Goku, You must be a huge fan of Kakarot88 on ScrewAttack forums.

          • Adrian

            no Idea what you are talking about, but honestly, comparing Gokus character from DBZ to Supermans character…it would be like comparing power puff girls (Goku) to Kimpossible (superman). Who would win in a fight?

  • AAAkabob

    Super Man, the man literally can’t be killed so long as there is a star nearby…

  • Hulk…SMASH!
    Because he is actually an ASIAN portrayed in a somewhat nice way.

  • my favorite is Batman, even though he is a mere human with his arsenal of fancy gadgets he just kicks butt. Did I mention he is the world’s greatest detective?

  • Alvaro Castaรฑeda

    Superman, although Batman may carry Kryptonite, Superman can outstand him with speed, force, can blew him up, can fire him from very far distance with his fire eyes… he can do everything just not getting close to kryptonite

  • Adrian

    The best super hero in American comics is definitely spider man. He’s got super strength/reflexes, a good attitude, a sense of humor, and can sling around town and capture villains with his webs! Ah, good ole spidey, I loved those cartoons. Oh and carnage is the best American comic villain also!

    If you are talking about Japanese manga, it’s a whole different story. Several Characters from DBZ, or yusuke from Yuyu Hakusho, Yoh for Shaman king, Several Characters from Naruto or Bleach, ah and many many more from the wonderful world of anime.

    But anyways, I’d like this game because if I don’t win it here there is almost no chance I will play it :). I’m always down for a free game, but I reserve my purchases for more appealing titles.

  • Devaztator

    Batman cuz he doesn’t need any kind of superhuman strength to kick some ass!!!

  • Fred

    Iron Man cause of his genius and his attitude.

  • Favorite hero is probably Batman because if you give him enough time he can take down anyone.

  • Josh

    The Joker by and far. No one can take him down, not even The Batman.

  • Revolution5268

    My favorite Superhero is Cyborg because goes BOOYAH!!!!!!

  • Jim Mack

    Thor. He is a bad bad man and a god!

  • bizzy gie

    Shazaam! He was the original Superman and I love the lightning bolt. It allows for a more believable secret identity when he’s in “kid” mode. I love how it also works as an attack on villains.

    The bolt on his chest also reminds me of Flash who is also an epic hero.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Green Arrow…he’s cool

  • Squid

    Aqua man! No no no, just kidding.
    Since I think you speak of this game I guess you’re asking for D.C
    Okay, it would have to be superman because….
    Oh what am I kidding, I don’t know superheroes

  • Lusunup

    best super hero is green arrow! because he is just human and the best villain is The Joker

  • Micks610

    My favourite superhero is Batman because he is a tactical genius and can turn any hard situation to his favour, he is the world’s greates detective, and best of all, he doesn’t need superpowers to become awesome. Superman on the other hand, is nothing without his powers.

  • Michael Taylor Hawthorne

    Aqua man because umm… I hope you like starfish because there coming

  • Revolution5268

    oh by the way does anyone know the reviews of the wii u ver of this game?

    • Revolution5268

      Can Wii U Daily do a review of this game?

      • Micks610

        They are going to do the review.

  • B Derochi

    This decision would have to go to Bane because he has a mind equal to the greatest he has even known. Come on, photographic memory? Don’t tick this guy off or he’ll really mess you up.

  • Bob Brochee


    No more really needs to be said…

  • Devaztator

    Batman cuz he doesn’t need any kind of superhuman strength to kick some ass!!!

  • MrBuney

    I’d hate to sound like a fanboy on this one but my best Superhero & Supervillain are The Batman & The Joker.

    I believe that Batman is the Ultimate Fighting Machine simply because he uses all his genius to use all the all the superheroes’ weaknesses against him. Other DC heroes wouldn’t think about using Kryptonite against Superman, they would use their own powers 1st. Batman has the resources to go for the kill, and yet STILL refuses to kill. Now THAT’S ultimate.

    I believe that Joker is the best Supervillain, although I DO NOT believe that he’s the Ultimate Fighting Machine. He’s a freakin’ clown lol He is, however, the Ultimate KILLING Machine. Most villians wanna take over the world and stuff. Joker is a straight killer, Period. Even DC agrees. Just play Injustice, you’ll see lol
    I also choose them because they’re Super, without having crazy powers. I know there are a lot of Superheroes in Marvel, DC, Animes and such, but Batman and Joker are the realest out of all of them. Respect. Plus “The Dark Knight” will always be best Superhero movie in all of history. Avengers #2, R.I.P. Heath Ledger (The Real Joker)

  • kevin nun—-

    Batman because he’s a boss.

    and it’s my birthday. no one cares i know.

  • My favorite superhero is batman but for a much deeper reason than “because hes batman” which in all honesty is a good reason. The reason I love him is because what he stands for. He is the last hope for Gotham. He uses fear, the very power all the sick and currupt have been using, and turns it against them. He goes beyond the law to sacrifice himself for the greater good. ” Hes not being a hero. Hes being something more.” – alfred pennyworth The Dark Knight

  • Edward Dudley

    I just ordered this game for the Wii U because my target store didn’t get any and they don’t know when they will get them anytime soon smh. As for my favorite DC superhero it would probably be Green Lantern based on him coming up with whatever his imagination comes up with as a power. My favorite villain would have to be Riddler only cause you have to think to figure out how to beat him.

  • Ryushi

    Favorite villain to be in this game?
    Joker. He’s got the best “punch-lines”.

  • therealruben1

    My favorite superhero is Batman since he has so many cool gadgets.

  • Well We all know who the best hero is. Supermam is a man with no limts who can go against any one who stands in his For the greater good

  • Kody Wheat

    My favorite superhero is DEADPOOL because he’s smart, he’s hilarious, he’s not a self-important do-gooder, he loves violence, he knows he’s in a comic, and he breaks the fourth wall a lot!! LOL!

  • discuss

    Ironman is my favorite superhero because of his awesome’o suit and his personality.

  • Byaaah31

    My favorite superhero is Batman because he has the greatest superpower of all…money.

  • Without a doubt, my all time favorite DC villain is Harley Quinn. Started with her comic books back in the day, then more recently, when she became a main character in Batman Arkham City. Her hammer is not to be messed with, and she’s hot too !!!

  • NatBorn77

    The Dark Knight Rises Bane- straight sinister- he took the movie to another level!

  • Brian Brown

    My favorite super hero is Batman, because more than once he proves that he is only human yet he overcomes these challenges and ultimately is triumphant.

  • Martin Kearney

    My favorite superhero is Batman all because he’s the only superhero I recall that relies on combat and gadgets with no super powers. If we had that technology, Batman could possibly be real. I love Batman all because of that and the face that he has more of the edgier and darker of the superhero stories. He is considered a legend and I agree in that remark 100%.

  • Genesect4ssb4

    My favorite hero Galen Marek, because he shows that even if you do bad, whether you can redeem yourself shows who you really are. He also shows that even people with troubled pasts can become great heroes.

  • XHV yu

    Favorite hero/villian? hmm… Hero: Batman

    Villian: Ganondorf lol

  • Guhtere

    Does it have to be DC?

  • XHV yu

    Hero: Mario always saves the day and is so actionable and a breat role-model and gamming character really.

    Villian: Ganondorf the king of evil like a boss! His powers are so cool too and although he never takes over the world at least he tries more than any other villian….

  • Batman. He’s the best for all his epic movies and video games. i cant forgot the gadgets. He’s just the boss

  • Oquatoe

    I’m tied between batman and spider-man. i technically prefer batman but i think superman has the best superpower ever. Batman isn’t superman and he has to use stealth and his smarts to outwit his foes.

    • Adrian

      You realize you started talking about spider man..and finished with super man…Right?

  • mappy4ever

    Flash! I love Flash! That lightning fast speed is just way too good! ^_^

  • Warren Huff

    I’m not getting it but I did call my 2 Oregon (Democratic) Senators (freedom isnt free afterall) today to let them know they better not tread on our Second Amendment Rights to keep and bare arms! Lets just say one of them hung up on me because I pissed him off so bad but I was right and he just couldnt handle what I was throwing at him. His name is Jeff Merkley at 202.224.3753 and I encourage you to call him to protect your rights to keep and bare arms and demand that he dont vote yes on any legistration that infringes on our Constitutional Second Amendment rights! One last thing through history when the government asked all citizens to register there weapons the next thing that happened was confiscation of fire arms just like happened in Germany before there government went completely out of control! Yes I know this is a gaming site but all of us better start waking up and doing something or our tyrant government is going to steamroll us when Martial Law is impossed possibly as soon as this year before the financle crash arrives and we dont have electricity to play all the great Wii U games coming this fall. STOP WATCHING THE LIES ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA ALSO GO TO INFOWARS.COM AND HAVE YOUR EYES OPENED BECAUSE TIME IS SHORTER THEN YOU THINK!

    • routerbad

      Seriously, this does not belong here. People like you, that don’t know how to separate politics from other aspects of daily life, give conservatives like me a bad name. Go away…

  • babulibaba

    either ares deathstroke or bane
    ares is a beast and the god of war
    deathstroke has a gun
    and bane is mutha freakn bane

  • Spiderman.
    He is everything awesome combined into a girl scaring package. He has the legendary spider senses and could beat any other villian!!!

  • Squirrelgirl. She’s beaten;
    Doctor Doom
    Bug-Eyed Voice
    Fin Fang Foom
    Baron Mordo
    Ego the Living Planet

    Using only her squirrel-like abilities. Probably the toughest character in the Marvel Universe

  • My favorite Superhero would have to be Superman. I just love how incredibly good he is. He’s such a boy scout and I really admire that in him. As for villain I’d have to say the Joker. He’s just so insane. Yeah, these are really mainstream choices.

  • Javy G

    Wolverine!!! A bub’s bub who has deep history which make reading or seeing about him very interesting and mostly because ‘He is good at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice…’ ///

  • Michael Erick Reyes

    The bet superhero/villain is lobo everyone knows the he is a bad ass with ever weapon and he has a sweet dog what more could you want

  • Hands down I would have to say Superman is the best of the best! The entire Injustice Gods story is based on Superman and the magnitude of his power. It literally took the entire justice League and another Superman; normal, just to take Superman; Regime down. If you think about it, Superman is the ultimate fighting machine because he chooses to hold back and still wins – Nuff said”

  • Jonathan R. Tryon

    Hancock. Love him because he’s black!!

  • Batman.
    Because batman is not just a super hero he’s a regular person he doesn’t have any super powers like superman. Batman is just a regular guy who can seriously kick ass. Hes also a symbol that any body can do anything they want to. I grew up with all the super hero’s sense my dad was really into it. But Batman stood out of the rest because he did’ent have any powers but he did’ent need any, and that is why batman is the ultimate fighting machine.

  • Ryan Cam

    The Flash because he’s highly underrated and was my nickname when I ran track! haha.

  • JR

    I have been playing all day. This is the best fighting game I have played in a very long time. The Flash in this game is perfectly designed and truly feels like the fastest man.

  • Steven Scott

    My favorite Villain is Carnage
    I like carnage because he Cletus Kasady was in prison he was a serial killer
    the Carnage Symbiote was a split from the Venom Symbiote
    He was a lot angrier than venom ever was
    That is why I like Carnage

    • ICHI

      Why are you doing this!

      I’ll tell you why i’m doing this, CAUSE I CAN!!!!

  • My favorite villain is Sinistro. He would be even better with a stache and top hat. He’s the ultimate fighting machine because he can create an ultimate fighting machine with his power!

  • Logic

    Definitely Link. Why? Because in Skyward Sword, he threw himself into a life threatening adventure with no hesitation to save Zelda. Not only that, but he did all of this while putting the task of saving the world second to the person he cares about most, and that’s a true hero. Plus, how many heroes get the chance to say that they were chosen by the gods, themselves?

  • Edgar Robles

    My favorite superhero is Batman, because he is a good example of anyone can be the hero, superpowered or not.

  • Vic Nwaogu

    My favorite super hero is Iron man because Tony Starks sarcasm makes all the movie awesome and his gadget are so fresh.

  • Pikachief

    The Flash. I mean, have you seen how fast that guy is?

  • IntrepidEmu

    Wonder Woman, because if I could have one superhero gadget it would be the Lasso of Truth.

  • Sdudyoy

    Ganondorf, Why because the is the most epic villain ever!

  • Green Arrow.

    He’s not perfect. He knows that Speedy has taught him just as much as the other way around.

    No superpowers and he’s not covered from head to toe in plot armor like Batman.

  • Wii u daily gettin mega props cash money hoes…

  • I finish the game!! Batman and joker,the best!!

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    well since im not wining, i love hawk girl and star fire :O teen titans was my favorite show ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jay Jay

    Deathstroke Because He Is All Guns So Badass.

  • waluigi

    Aquaman, because he is commonly look two as a joke but is one of the most power characters in the DC Universe. He has super strength and super speed, His trident can do major damage, He owns 70% of the earth, Can make an army of sharks, alantians, Krakens and thousands of sea monsters.

  • Daniel

    Because bane has both, intelligence and strenght, he beat batman and almost do the same with arkam, I think that his intelligence is really important at the moment of fight him because he can easily make a plan to take you down, What else do he need?, he’s a perfect villian

  • Iron Man.

    Why? thats because i grew up with the game “War Gems”, ho was the coolest game to snes back then? laser shooting iron man, he was the most difficult player to play in my oppinion, loved the fight againts Magus in his spaceship, but after War Gems i keept him in my head and after Iron man movies he just got better ๐Ÿ™‚ my super hero !

  • Quailman because he is funny.

  • Offens1

    I like Flash, because he is the underdog off all superhero’s.

    I consider superman not a super hero because het has only a rock flaw(green red) all the rest of the superhero’s have only in one direction strenght that’s why (small vile is famous) because he has’nt all the strenght.

    Flash for me because he needs to shine more often !!


  • Roberto Nascimento Oliveira


    Everybody thinks he is useless, so he has the element of surprise. kkk

  • I have to give much love to my man Joker

  • tronic307

    I love Catwoman, but not in the way Batman does. She finds heroes and
    villains tiresome; her sole motivation is sheer impulsive desire. She’s got a feline eye for shiny
    things, and for her, Batman represents the ultimate prize to sink her claws into.

    Batman and Catwoman share a simmering chemistry always threatening to
    ignite. Catwoman is an unpredictable martial artist and more than a match for poor
    Batman: He cannot help but pull his punches for the sake of the good he sees in her.

    And Batman is right; she is good… whenever it happens to suit her.

    Catwoman is Batman’s Kryptonite.

  • msrio

    joker, why? because he out smarts superman meaning he can kill superman and is home free because batman wont kill him and will just lock him up and joker will just escape again

  • Cap9

    You know Nintendo is starting to blow me, I bought a Wii U and I’m so disappointed with the support this console is getting, why in the world are there shortages to almost every game that releases?? Why are the games missing features at times?? Does everybody hate nintendo now a days?? So annoying!

  • Cap9

    I think Microsoft or somebody pays off these developers to hurt wii u in some way or form!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Too bad this is a U.S. – based website. My awesomeness works like a magnet, so this awesome game would surely have gravitated towards me…

    Edit – it’s awesome this website is doing these kinds of contests, by the way.

    For the ultimate hero
    Because… he’s BATMAN

    Also, the Joker would ensure there would be chaos so everyone will fight and kill everyone. Batman ultimately destroys the joker.

    Non-DC: Anakin Solo
    I’m a starwars geek…

  • Guest

    Ashley I enetered, but I hope you’re not picking by the amount of upvotes (i believe this is randomized), but you should know that if you make a mention of most upvoted (like last contest), there’s some troll going and giving two downvotes to everyone who comments. Not sure if that affects anything, but I thought I should make note of it.

    • Upvotes and downvotes on the comments don’t affect anything.

  • SoulSilverZero

    Batman, I grew up with shows that had him in it like ‘The Batman’ and ‘Justice League’ I liked him because he got all those cool gadgets like, the Batarang, and his Batmobile, and lots of other cool stuff. Also because I thought his personality is cool. I’m 15 btw.

  • Deathstroke….He took out the entire JLA!

  • Hendrick


    Because I really love the movies about Batman. He is very cool and he had a really bad childhood, because his parents died. But he became stronger and stronger and that’s what I like about him! -_-

  • Nookling

    Cat Woman. You cannot defeat Cat Woman. Cat’s rule the internet first of all…

  • Henry safichwpesougf

    The best heroes? I would have to say parents,firefighters, and officals. Although many people have had fictional heroes which is fine and all but these people have sacrificed their lives to save others. Parents have given you your life and their’s in means to raise a child. Firefighters are another example they also give their lives to save another and would do anything to do so. Public officials and soldiers have fought and also done a great deed to heroism. They have made what are country is today and gave their lives to protect everyone possible in the world such as WWII for instance or the Vietnam War. So in conclusion fictional heroes can teach morals but the main morals come through those who have really experienced the horrors of death and humiliation. So these are the real heroes in life just remember that……

  • Wolverine, because he’s tough and agile and self-healing, making him very hard to beat

  • Great to see People actually are getting this for the Wii U, our staff @ Baddigit.com is excited to get there hands on Injustice: God among us for Wii U, we will review it soon.
    like always great content Wii U daily staff, keep up the great work guys & amazing community.

    sincerely, Baddigit Staff

  • I’m going to cheat and choose an Anti-Hero and go with Deadpool.
    He’s so over the top and outrageous that he’s earned a spot in my heart that cannot be even close to challenged by anyone (except Deathstroke).

  • TheBoldman67

    My favorite is Batman because he has A LOT of cool gadgets, he can FLY, for crying out loud AND he just plain kicks ass.

  • Andrew Phillips

    Captain Planet. The dude’s an environmentalist, he’s got green hair and blue skin, and he’s a chick magnet. I bet.

  • Shane โ™“

    My favourite super hero is Daredevil hands down. He had to overcome so much in his life and took what was a disadvantage and turned it into an advantage. If that’s not inspiration then I don’t know what is. Plus he wears a red suit with devil horns. What’s not to love about that.

    And just in case it has to be DC I’d say the Martian Manhunter. He gets taken from his home and without a way to return helps fight crime instead of creating it. What a guy!

  • akedaveo

    Batman because no matter what he always finds a way to win and if he loses he comes back and wins.

  • Matt Stratton

    I am a huge Mortal Kombat fan and have loved the game since I played it as a child on the SNES! So I will say that my fav hero/vilan would have to be Liu Kang!

    Liu Kang specializes in kicks with his famous flying kick across the screen or his Bicycle Kick! I mean come on whats more awesome than that?? But my favorite thing about Liu Kang is his finishing move turning in to a freaking dragon!!! I mean make a charcter look like Bruce Lee and have him fight just as well I am down! The Dragon is just a plus! lol

  • Spiderman.

    Simply because he’s had a rough time being both a student and a superhero. He’s succeeded and failed a lot at crucial times like any other ordinary person out there. Remember the time he made the decision to save the bus instead of his girlfriend? That was definitely a hard choice to make but he chose to sacrifice his girlfriend instead. This event in his life just shows that he can still fail miserably and being a superhero doesn’t make you untouchable.

    I also like him because of his sense of humor, it seems as if the guy’s always stoned. He also taught me that iconic line,”with great power comes great responsibility.” And plus, you could really relate to him if you’re a student yourself.

  • Superman from the All Star Superman comic has to be my favorite version of any hero. The final days of his life are spent saving the world and Lex Luthor gets schooled so hard he becomes a good guy.