May 9th, 2013

After a few weeks of silence and “nothing to announce”, the official Injustice twitter account finally answered a fan who inquired about DLC for the Wii U version of the game. The tweet is as follows:

Two DLC characters have been announced so far, including Lobo and Batgirl. Lobo was made available in the game to PS3 and Xbox 360 owners earlier in the week. More announcements are expected to follow. Given that the DLC is supposed to be available by summer, it’s likely that the developers are probably going to wait until a good chunk of characters are ready to be released and unleash them on the Nintendo eShop. What do you think?

  • This is good news… It is worse when game publishers release a game for all systems and leave out extras for only 1 system while the others get it. It is better to not make the game at all for that system IMO.

    • That’s what a lot of people said about the game. I’m glad to see the DLC arriving, since those who bought COD: BLOPS 2 are out of luck. It will be interesting to see if the Wii U gets COD: Ghosts and if DLC is supported for it.

      • Levi Johansen

        Activision was very generous with releasing CoD on Wii, so I see no reason why they would not do the same on Wii U, after all it supports the original game engine and needs little tweeking to be ported.

        Every feature the Wii could run was given to it, and it took alot of hard work. I’m sure they will do the same for Wii U with less hard work.

        • SH*TBLOCK

          She means it as how EA has pulled there games away from the U maybe so will others like COD Ghosts. Also, yeah Treyarch gave us or ported almost every COD over to the Wii (except MW2), but we didn’t get any support in the DLC dept and that has continued into the U version as well. The excuse was the Wii was limited, now the excuse is we don’t support the game well enough. I say they haven’t supported us well enough to start with.

          • No kidding… How can a gaming company expect support from the gamers when the gaming company does not support the gamers in the first place.

            I think everyone that gives a damn should boycott EA for the next few years. I plan to even though I am a fan of the Need For Speed series.

          • Levi Johansen

            Yeah, EA has started a really bad trend.

            These companies look at each other for smart business decisions and when one of the biggest decides to skip the Wii U…

  • Gecko Altair

    Yes! Finally somebody is cool and gives the wii u DLC.

    • Elem187

      Sadly the game bombed on the Wii U hard (20k copies last I checked). I don’t think they will make any money on the DLC, sadly.

      • Levi Johansen

        The Wii U and this game will live on for more than this year alone – they will make money over a 6-8 year period (lifetime of a console), maybe not as much as on other systems, but it’s still worth it.

      • SH*TBLOCK

        The game didn’t bomb on the WiiU in the way your saying it. Yes this game hasn’t sold well, just like COD BLOPS 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, etc hasn’t…FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON!

        Because us Nintendo U owners aren’t stupid. Either after years of promises leading into total lies and BS, or just out right saying NIntendo’s version of the game will not get any DLC from these 3rd party Developers we are not going to buy the game. I have said this year after year on COD forums and other sites, especially now that on the U we can get the same looking and total packaged game that why would we buy the same priced game knowing we aren’t gonna get the same support and all it’s extras. Most gamer’s just buy one copy of a game and that usually means getting it what ever console will give them the whole game aka PS360 (if they have those consoles) or most Nintendo fans just don’t get the game at all because of the principle of it.

        I just want these 3rd party devs just to come out and say out right from now on that that all the DLC will be coming to the U, and even giving us some of those pre-order DLC packages and collector’s edition options too. Once all if us Nintendo WiiU owners hear and see that and know that this 3rd party game is supporting us the right way more of us will support that game hands down in my opinion.

        That is why I made those posts, threads, and vids on my youtube channel about AC3 and it’s DLC for the U and supporting it and the others if you have those games. Also, the percentage of gamer’s that buy DLC is always way less than the people that buy the game of course, but if we could show a higher percentage of sales on the U with less sales of the game overall any company would see that the U owners do buy the DLC offered and we would get more DLC coming our way with future games.

        • SH*TBLOCK

          I am glad to get some response to the question. I do hope we do get the DLC for this game. I would buy it because the game is great, and I would totally support any DLC coming to the U’s version. I just wish these 3rd party Dev’s were more upfront about this kind of stuff and just say yes from the jump, they would get more support from the Nintendo community if they did. I also feel Nintendo has to be more vocal in demanding the same treatment, and/or supporting these 3rd party titles more.

      • Nintedward

        20K copies ? where did you get that Info from ?

        I hope you’re not using Miiverse posts as an indicator of how many copies because that’s simply unnacurate.

        On average 1/4 of Wiiu game owners will post on Miiverse.

        For example NSMBU has 500K miiverse posts , but the game has sold over 2 million.

        • ICHI

          He got it from vgcharts probably which hasnt factored in digital sales or any sales since the 27th April which was pay day for the majority of the UK and when most sales are made.

      • Wayne Beck

        They probably delayed the DLC to make something Console Specific. Nintendo probably let them License a Character. Speculation of course.

      • Christopher Westcott

        Wow! I didn’t know this. I guess that answers my question. Poor Wii U. The console really is a dismal failure at this point. I think I’ve already moved on.

        • John Raybell

          just like the wii?3ds?xbox360? come on man this isnt new, this happens every launch, people say the same thing and will keep saying it, but facts and facts in a year or so the wii u will be doing awesome, just as the wii and ones i named above, 360 wasnt worth getting till 2 years after it came out, this is common with almost all consoles, but as far as “good games at launch” wii u kicked a$$, yeah most were ports but most were ports of AAA titles, launch wise it smoked xbox360s launch, so far since i have been alive that has been the worst console launch i have ever seen, every launch game was horrible, but like always that changed again a couple years after it was out. the best is yet to come, the wii u will be one of the top selling consoles soon, record breaker even, just wait and see, happens “EVERY TIME” 🙂

          • disqus_8ZxUaYtBKt

            Yes the Wii U did have a huge line of launch titles, and and a good amount were AAA titles. BUT, at that point most people had already played those games. I mean how many people were like, ” gee, if Batman: Arkham City ever comes to Nintendo console I’ll play it “?

      • ICHI

        If they do actually release dlc then it mustn’t be as bad as you think but then for some reason game sales numbers don’t take into account digital sales. The only games shop within 35miles of my house closed last month, I got paid on a Friday and chances are if I ordered it online the game wouldn’t arrive until Monday, when I’m busy, so even though its a bit more expensive I bought the game digitally. I doubt it would add massive amounts to your figures but there must be a fair few about the planet in the same boat as me?

        • John Raybell

          my brother also downloaded his, and low sales now does not mean low sales in the future, what bothers me most is the 360 had a horrible launch, for 2 years that was a pointless console, but later when games came out sales increased. Also people need to look at the 3ds it also did horrible at launch i got one at launch and for at least 2 years there wasn’t a point of me having one, but now is a different story tons of great games and more to come and what do ya know sales show it. And also like you pointed out digital sales aren’t taken in to account but fact is allot of wii u owners downloaded there copies. Also there are others who are waiting for DLC and who have been waiting for this announcement there are ones who already ordered or downloaded a copy because of them saying there will be dlc, and there will be more sales when dlc comes out. Also when Nintendo brings out those AAA Nintendo titles wii u will also pick up in sales and when that happens more third party support will come, this is fact, every launch has proven this time and time again :). Sorry for grammar and spelling errors, i really don’t give a s#$%^ 🙂

          • ICHI

            I can echo this statement about the 3DS, I am a Ninty fan and usually buy consoles at launch but waited until Monster Hunter came out to get my 3DS XL. I’m very happy with it but only really interested in the games which have been showing up recently like MH3, fire emblem, luigis mansion and castlevania. Now was the right time to buy for me. I know ive missed on a couple of “essential” titles but nothing I can’t now find a bit cheaper 🙂

          • John Raybell

            but also keep its mind getting a console at launch even know there may not be very many games supports the console, the more people who did that instead of waiting the faster the console would take off, its kind of people fault, nintendo players know whats coming or what to expect every console and they love it yet they act like its not going to happen untill they announce it, the way i see it if we know we are going to get it even if we wait a couple years its better if we all get one at launch or as soon as we can, because in the end its us gamers who hold consoles and games back because we wait so long to support the thing, the entire time knowing the handheld or console will eventually pick up, we lose faith and give it up and should have just hung on to it. What im getting at as a nintendo fan we know whats coming and we want it, so lets just buy the system at launch or asap so the games can flow faster. publishers and devs also need to understand if they make worth a @#$^ software people will buy the consoles so in a way its third party’s fault that there isnt enough games on the console because “they” haven’t made them, they have no faith in there own products always excuses I say grow some balls and make some AAA third party titles instead of waiting like little girls for the console to pick up, instead of picking it up themselves, spend money to make money, if third party make a AAA must have title and make it only on the wiiu if its good enough and everyone wants it they will get it for that game, and if they make many AAA titles even more people will feel that they need to own this console. comes down to everyone cowards out, and im guilty of such things also, its something we need to change, we need to support the company’s we want to see make it, think of life as a big kickstarter, every time we buy a game we help out that company to make better games, every time we buy a console publishers and devs watch over head for those numbers to rise, and its us that can make those numbers rise. So everyone should stop waiting, if they want nintendo and the wiiu to make it, support the damn thing instead of bitching about how poorly they are doing. If people don’t own the console nor buy games for it they have no room to complain. So everyone just needs to go out and buy one, there are decent games now and tons more to come, and in the end isn’t it about the games?

          • John Raybell

            sorry about the rant, no idea I posted a book until it was posted lol. I just want to wake everyone up is all, every gen people go retarded lol

          • ICHI

            lol no worries, Yeah we know we’re going to get so many games but some might miss, I would love another animal crossing but they may just keep it 3DS this gen? F-zero and Wave Race were no-where to be seen last gen neither was star fox all three I’m itching to play a new iteration and I got the Wii U day one knowing at least I’m going to get some stellar mario, smash bros pikmin and zelda games but as of right now that’s all I still know. Yes Warioware has a sort of sequel (which looks good) and Ninty are making stuff like wii fit again, with the added development time outlined by Iwata last month how many of our beloved franchises do we expect to see this gen? A new F-Zero or Metroid alone would give me great joy in my purchase, though as of right now I wish I could see what Zelda is looking like 🙂

  • Nintyfan

    Twitter rage FTW! xD

  • Yay I hope this was from my tip! But glad to see dlc supported. Better late than never. However now if activision would just put black ops 2 dlc on wii u…

    • jjmesa14

      I tipped them yesterday too.

      • Aww dang I felt special for a second there 🙁

    • and the kitty makes 3

  • david jarman

    I knew calling Chuck Norris would straighten this out!

  • Good. I figured I would hold out for a complete edition anyway. I used to have a 360 but sold it because I never played it. I bought the Wii U because it finally “started” to deliver an experience I found intriguing. I was excited about Injustice due to my extreme love for DC. Happy they finally pulled their heads out of their asses.

  • Ducked

    I’m shocked

  • Christopher Westcott

    I didn’t understand the drama surrounding this decision. What is so difficult about creating DLC for a game that you’ve already released and content you’ve created for other consoles? Is the Wii U that difficult to program for?

    • Levi Johansen

      I don’t think so, some developers said it was a dream to program for… was it the guys behind Need for Speed… I can’t remember.

      And with so many Indy devs embracing the Wii U, it can’t be too bad.

      But it is a new console and getting used to it does take time I guess…

  • I hate to be Debbie Downer on this one, especially since I don’t even own the game. However, why does the Wii U have to wait until the summer time? I mean does it take two months or more to code such a small download? I am honestly asking, because I am not a coder or a video game creator.

    My thoughts are that they are pushing it way out, so they can see how it sells. If it doesn’t hit a certain number, then they can just pass on it.

    I mean it seems like these companies are doing everything they can to try and make the Wii U fail. Yes, I know the sales have not been through the roof, but it isn’t like a game has naver sold like crap on 360 and PS3 before. Why is the Wii U the only system that has such harsh standards?

    The way things are going, the WII U is going to end up being a very expensive Ouya with Zelda and Mario games.

  • Bloop

    I asked the Injustice twitter account specifically about costume DLC and got the exact same tweet. I had previously bought the Xbox version (becuz Wii U didnt have DLC) but now that I am switching to PC gaming (while support Nintendo for my home console and handheld with Wii U and 3DS) hopefully they give us information soon. If Injustice gets all the DLC (both costume and characters) I will definately pick it up. Hurry with the info!

  • Giovanni Di Frisco

    finally some good news after all.

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    I’m not a great fan of DLC. Sometimes developers are just greedy or lazy but if a game deserves a DLC and it’s worth it I’ll spent every buck I have on it/them.

    • Levi Johansen

      I wish Nintendo would call it quits with Super Mario Bros. in terms of major releases and just make downloadable worlds and challenge packs for New Super Mario Bros. U. Each pack could also contain a new power-up or something to keep it fresh.

      Now they are making Super Luigi U, but I hope they’ll keep that focus, because the basic gameplay is allways the same and doesn’t need to be remade every time.

      Nintendo is not greedy and no one would think they are if they made DLC in such a manner.

      Maybe they could do the same for Super Smash Bros. make DLC like Single Player Campaigns and new levels and even new characters. Some levels could of course be user-submitted.

      All in all: DLC has come to stay and I think Nintendo would benefit from using it as well as Nintendo fans.

      • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

        The Super Luigi U DLC how Mr. Iwata explained it is a huge thing even as big as a new game all together. Something like that takes time but I was referring to DLCs in general. Things already done before release and before the completion of the game that developers hold back so they can make more money out of it. As I said before if it’s worth it, let them come.

        • Levi Johansen

          It is kinda smart.

          They put alot of work into the game, and they feel like they should have $90 for the game.

          So they remove some elements, then they sell it for $60 and make 3 DLC-packs for $10 each. This way, the game won’t be super-expensive and those who don’t like it, didn’t have to pay too much for it.

          But sometimes I feel like the DLC isn’t worth it at all, and just should’ve been included from the start. I feel robbed, like I payed for a full game but only got half.

          Nintendo doesn’t do this however. As you said, the Super Luigi U is like a new game. I hope they’ll make a new one for Mario as well, as a DLC.

  • Joey Perez

    if injustice ends up with poor sales its not the consoles fault or nintendos its the developer for offering less of an experience and expecting us to pay the same amount… 60 dollars is alot to dish out for less of a game….

  • John Raybell

    For those of us that have grown up with Nintendo and other consoles we all know wii u will take off after some AAA Nintendo titles come out, dswii3dsxboxxbox360ps3 all had bad launch’s but now all have sold very very well, i even forget this at times and trade in those handhelds or consoles and a year or two down the road regret it and have to buy them again, wont be doing that anymore, just have to have faith and not only that but history shows that this new console will speed up and take off. Recently I have bailed on the 360 because I have built a gaming pc and my brother has a wii u, and for exclusives Nintendo is the way to go, for third party and gaming pc is the way to go, there just isnt room for a 360/ps3/720/ps4 when you are in the know. only need a wii u and pc :). I am 27 and still think Nintendo makes some of the best “video games” true video games, ones that can be fun without the gore, we all love our violence and blood and guns but sometimes you just cant beat zelda or mario :). I have been a gamer since I was born and have played hundreds of games but always come back to Nintendo for there exclusives and i know im far from being the only one.

    A year from now everyone will be talking about how well the wii u is selling and all the great games and they will be the new hot thing just like the wii and ds and 3ds were a year or two after they came out/
    I would have never thought that the wii would do so well but it did, felt the same way about the 3ds but Nintendo proved me wrong again 🙂

  • John Raybell

    Also injustice is awesome on the wii u, cant stress that enough, one of the best fighters i have played since the snes days with street fighter 2 turbo and ultimate mortal kombat 3 :). Game just rocks, and knowing DLC is on its way just makes it that much better, pretty awesome…

  • John Raybell

    More reasons to have faith, even with all the bad press for the wii, it out sold xbox360 and ps3 and broke records.

    Shorter life span and it out sold them, its like everyone forgot that is was pretty much the best selling console of all time, its sad.

    This is the Wii Us future as well, so yeah go get a Wii U lol and prove to devs and publishers that Nintendo fans do in fact buy third part games, “IF THEY ARE MADE GOOD” CRAPPY PORTS MEAN CRAPPY SALES GOT THAT PUBLISHERS AND DEVS OUT THERE, UNDERSTAND NOW!!!!! STUBBORN A$$HOLES points at EA and activision among a bunch of other chicken $hit publishers. black ops 2 didn’t sell well because of the whole incomplete package deal, NO DLCS mean LESS PEOPLE BUY ON WIIU 1+1=2 GUYS!!!!!

    You know what grinds my gears, nah just kidding, just started thinking about my rants and family guy lol

    Enjoy guys 🙂

    I have supported the wiiu at least have Nintendo land-got rid of this one,batman,black ops 2,lego city,nsmb,injustice,zombie u,sonic racing transformed Also have a pro controller and have gotten most of the VC games that are out and much much more to come, I have supported Nintendo as well and third party, its time others do as well.

    Remember “If you buy it the games will come” if you buy it the games will come.

    Think field of dreams and make that $hit happen 🙂

  • Omg about time we Nintendo fans are fucking fed up with these 3rd party devs. they are just making life more harder for us and now after weeks they listen OMG cant wait for my first party games to come out i wont even care for these 3rd partys anymore Buhahahahha!;p

  • HotInEER

    The key word is EXPECT, which means likely to happen, but not guaranteed.

  • Cadrion

    Man people…I just got this game for my birthday and I gotta tell ya… I’ve always liked fighters like SF, KI and MK but always lost interest fairly quick because there wasn’t much of a story… Injustice is just amazing- I find myself so intrigued by the story mode and find all the challenge based stuff really fun. The game also plays fantastic- if you have interest, pick it up. Such a good game…haven’t played such polished software in a long time.