May 17th, 2018

The Nintendo Switch has been an absolute hit with indie developers, who are flogging to release their game on the console.

And the recent indie game Owlboy shows why: the game made a profit on the Switch in just 24 hours on the eShop.

One of the developers behind the game revealed the news during a Reddit AMA, saying:

“We don’t have numbers from remaining platforms yet, but ‘Owlboy’ turned a profit within 24h of it’s launch on the Switch alone, taking us by complete surprise! @o@ It bodes really well for funding our future projects.”

Nintendo’s push to get indie developers has paid off greatly — there are now hundreds of indie titles on the Switch, ranging from small exclusives to popular multiplatform indie titles.

Owlboy is a platform adventure game that was developed by Norwegian studio D-Pad Studio. The game is famous for its long development time, which started in 2007 and was finally completed in 2016 with a release on PC and other platforms. The Switch version was released earlier this year.

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