Nov 19th, 2012

We’ve previously heard many good things about the Wii U from an indie game developer’s perspective. The latest compliments come from Trine 2 developer Frozenbyte, who applauded Nintendo for giving indie developers the freedom to not only set their own prices on the Wii U eShop, but also to run their own sales.

Trine 2 for the Wii uFrozenbyte manager Mikael Haveri says that this approach is a lot like what Steam does for PC games and what Apple does for games on its mobile platforms. Developers are free to set their prices and lower and raise as they see fit.

Another point Haveri makes is that releasing patches on the Wii U is free for developers, while other platforms charge developers money to release updates and patches. For example, Microsoft charges “tens of thousands of dollars” for patches after the first free one, according to one developer. Frozenbyte’s Haveri said about this:

“They [Nintendo] told us that there are no basic payments for each patch and that we can update our game almost as much as we want. For indie developers, this is huge”

Trine 2 is a Wii U launch title and is available now on the Wii U eShop. We strongly suggest giving it a try — we’ve previously crowned it the best looking Wii U game to date. Just check out some of the Trine 2 Wii U screenshots we got.


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  • Nintenjoe

    Absolutely terrific news

    When will we see the reviews???

  • Nintyfan

    Nintendo really stepped up there game.

    Another reason to get Wii U. 😀

  • NintenDon

    Good news!

  • Alvin Jose

    That’s great news! Good Job Nintendo, keep encouraging the indie developers to develop on your system.

  • Superstick


  • Johny

    once again….BRILLIANT move nintendo 😀 good job
    in nintendo we can trust ^^

  • VezNetwork

    Amazing. I’m looking forward to having some nice indie games for the Wii U.

  • Nintyfan

    Now wheres ma Minecraft U??

    • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

      minecraft is a bullcrap game. But it is also a blessing and shows xbox noobs (like m friend john) that graphics dont matter in a game, and the gameplay is what counts.

      • Nintyfan

        You talk big, but can you back it up?!?


        • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

          YES I CAN BACK IT UP! U KNOW THAT MINECRAFT GRAPHICS ARE LIKE 8-Bit! Plus, the online i found to be laggy. End of STORY!

          • Jeffery02

            Honestly, Minecraft is one of those games that are incredibly addictive for reasons you can’t think of. I play it on the PC, but if Mojang makes a version for the Wii U with all the features and constant updates of the PC, then with the GamePad, Minecraft could potentially play the best on the Wii U. I’d get it ASAP if it does release on the eShop one day.

      • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

        FIVE DOWNVOTES! lol at myself.

    • ridley vs. samus

      yes! i love minecraft! but somehow i doubt we will be seeing it on the wii u. 🙁

      • Nin_Stream

        Notch said at 1 point they were thinking about doing a 3DS version of it.

  • Yoyoyoshi

    Omg this is an Awesome news! Amazing job Nintendo! 😀

  • verymetal

    I am definitely going to get an external hard drive.

  • TheUNation

    The more we see indy developers giving the fullest support for Nintendo, the better we’ll be seeing upcoming games coming to the U via eShop. A new generation of game developers begin with a new generation console. Two big thumbs up to Nintendo!

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Good to know, I’m not really surprised that Microsoft would do such a thing, especially after Xbox Live (what a ripoff).

  • TheBradBoZ

    I hate to say, but I’m not into indie games… Indie games, to be honest, are lame… On the Xbox360, they have a lot of them, like “Rumble controller”, and all it does is rumble for a massage… Crazy stuff.

    I would be interested if Nintendo does Arcade games, like Phoenix Wright stuff from Wii.

    • TheUNation

      From my POV, I personally don’t find indy games lame. I wouldn’t find Trine 2: Director’s Cut lame, just because it’s a Wii U exclusive. I wouldn’t call Cloudberry Kingdom lame just because they want to make a challenging hardcore version of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. And I wouldn’t even call Nano Assault NEO lame… the graphics and play control were perfect and flawless. Less than a GB for a freaking shooter… now that’s one epic hit.

      Having independent developers bringing their titles to the Wii U is truly an amazing idea. What you’re witnessing are a new generation of video game developers making the most unique and FUNtastic games on a new generation console. In the future, we might be seeing indy developers joining the big leagues to deliver even more of the best of the best including AAA franchise titles. Think about the future.

  • Kevin White

    In my opinion, the indie market won’t flourish like it could until we get some kind of real account login. I will be holding off any eShop purchases until that day. I’m not alone.

  • Whoobin

    The only thing the Wii U needs are demos for games like this.


    Very glad to see this indie support and no forced update fees! I like companies that build value in games instead of stripping out features for paid dlc, no fees means devs can easily offer free updates. Valve and Nintendo are two of my favorite companies. 🙂