Jul 31st, 2012

Independent developer Tomorrow Corporation recently unveiled their latest project: Little Inferno. A game whose teaser trailer already creeped out a lot of gamers. And in a good way. Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gray recently said in an interview that the Wii U and Nintendo are easy to work with, and that if the Wii U is “half as unique as the Wii, indie developers will flock to Nintendo”. Little Inferno will be released on the Wii U, PC, and Mac sometime early next year, according to rumors. Gray had another compliment to Nintendo:

“On the business side, Nintendo of America has been an amazing partner to work with; they’re supportive without burying you under mountains of paperwork.”

Little Inferno Wii UTomorrow Corporation previously did the very impressive indie hit World Of Goo, which was released on the Wii as a downloadable title. Little Inferno is a puzzle/platform title that takes place entirely in front of a fireplace, where players drop things into the fire to create levels. Little Inferno is far from the only indie game that’ll be coming to the Wii U via the new eShop channel. Other indie titles that’ll be available at launch include Mighty Switch Force HD, Toki Tori 2, Cloudberry Kingdom 2, and many more.

Via Nintendo Life

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  • hi

    2dboy made world of goo, not tomorrow corporation, but they have some of the same people http://tomorrowcorporation.com/posts/who-are-you-tomorrow

  • Roy

    Good to hear!

  • Wii Uoops!

    Oh, I simply love all this praise for Nintendo! They deserve it! Though, seriously… Little Inferno is freaky.

  • The White Falcon

    And that’s such a needed change. Nintendo having bad relationships with third parties…it’s been a problem they’ve had forever. But it sounds like it’s cleared up a lot. Especially with these little indie devs-it’s easy to simply push them away. Glad to see Nintendo getting behind them.

  • Crater

    Thats very good to hear

  • eugoreez

    Nice. I really wanted to see how indie developers can make use of unique inputs that Wii U offers. Have to admit, they are more creative bunch than big developers, averagely speaking

  • The Beeshnu

    Little Inferno just for me

  • planetmobius

    hmmm,interesting,im glad they are nintendos side.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    No paper work (in mountain size piles) 3rd party developers, to nintendo go!

  • Purple3DSXL

    I’d already decided to get this game when I saw the trailer. Can’t wait till it comes out. As others have said, it’s nice to see Nintendo supporting Indie developers; there’s a lot of talent there :).

  • Ljink

    The Wii U is a spectacular console, you’ve gotta see it to believe it. As long as the price is right and i get an HD zelda I’m just fine thank u.

  • Isaac_Triplex

    Just too excited for Wii U it has ALLOT of potential and I know the gang at nintendo will pull it off

  • SanPharaoh

    I can’t wait to play this game.

  • luis

    aaaaahh… great day to worship nintendo

  • luis

    I was thrown off at the ending of the little inferno teaser trailer where the little kids heads exploded

  • Amish Thunder

    That thing about Micr$oft. They eat independent profit$$$. $ony will do too. But not Nintendo. Nintendo + independent = <3 u long time.

  • The Wiitcher

    Great to hear that Nintendo had changed their attitude towards indie developers (and 3rd party developers in general).

    I hope the eShop is to consoles what Steam is to PC!

  • Albinopig

    Creepy. If it’s as good as World of Goo I might get it.

  • Diego

    Don’t forget Trine 2 from Frozenbyte, another fantastic indie game.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Pyro’s childhood in a nutshell. I think will be one of the first things I download when I get a Wii U.