Jul 11th, 2012

Shin'en Wii UIndie developer Shin’en Multimedia has made about two dozen small titles for various Nintendo platforms over the years, and they’re fully supporting the Wii U as well. In an interview with SuperPhillip, Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner said that the Wii U was not only very easy to develop for, but it doesn’t have many of the limitations that current generation consoles have.

“We have a few Wii U devkits since quite some time. The kits exceeded our expectations in every way and we still learn how to get the best performance out of it”, said Linzner, adding that he believes they have currently tapped only 20% of the power of the Wii U. He praised Nintendo for not putting any restrictions on the Wii U eShop and what developers are allowed to sell digitally.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard indie developers praising Nintendo’s new console. Last month, Farsight Studios commented on the Wii U, saying they believed the console would be another hit for Nintendo. Earlier today, a new indie title, Little Inferno, was announced for the Wii U, which is so far the only home console the game is coming to. Nintendo has done a lot this time to please developers, especially smaller indie teams looking to release games digitally. The new and revamped Wii U eShop will make it much easier for third parties to sell games, DLC, and other content on the new platform.

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  • Gamer

    Because of Nintendo even the new system yuoa or whatever it’s called shall succeed. Indie developers jumping on board like it’s a free ride at the fair. Am beginning to feel sorry for Sony and Microsoft. You should never have let the big N release the eighth gen console first. I am happier every moment I get Wii U news, even from crazy Tekken producers lol.

  • Parker

    Good to hear that, i hope indie developers can give us some nice games for the Wii U.

  • Captain snugglebottom

    It would be great if the binding of isaac would come to the wii u

    • Smurfman256

      sorry to smash your dreams, but Nintendo refused to port the game to 3DS because of the games religious overtones. I doubt that they would allow a Wii U port.

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        it’s more Nintendo OF AMERICA, not the japan one D: look at the references in Earthbound for example. Devil was replaced by Evil (except the Devil machine)

  • LizardLee

    That is how good the Wii U is! Their dev kits exceeded Indie but only tapped into 20% of what the Wii U can do. That is how amazing this new console is gonna be!

  • Swic11

    This is fantastic, it’s good to finally hear some food news!

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Seriously! Food news is the best 😀

  • 3dsguy

    Cant wait tilll a year down the line to see it at 50% of its power.year after 100% power great news keep it coming.

    • Espi

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  • 3dsguy

    this is gonna be as epic as the gamecube and n64 for me i loved wii but cube and 64 my favourite so far. probably never happen but mario has made alot of games last few years and i think he deserves another holiday in isle of delfino.mario sunshine 2 u. wow i can just imagine it

    • Alienfish

      I dunno. Mario Sunshine is a lot like cottage cheese, you either love it or you hate it. I love cottage cheese, but I didn’t care for Mario with a water jetpack.

      • Poncho

        Hate cottage cheese, but loved Sunshine. Probably my favorite 3D Mario game.

  • rafael

    I would really like a sequel to Art of Balance…a harder one for that matter

    Do you hear me Peter Aleit?

  • Hi8us

    I love Shin’en’s shooters from Gameboy Advance Iridion all the way to Nano Assault on 3DS. I would like a proper sequel to Nanostray though. The DS Nanostray games are my favorites.

  • Man

    This is cool because downloadable games are getting really popular i mean look at Cave Story,Bit Trip and Trials also Journey. Imagine a Journey tipe game on Wii U! Omg i just nerded on my laptop.lol.

  • Rasta

    At 20% it has more room to work with than the ps3 and xbox! Wii U is next Gen and will hang with the Ps4 and 720 nuff said! Just wonderful! i know im not the only hype 1 here

  • Daemonrunner

    I am starting to notice a little bit of a trend when it comes to developers discussing the Wii U’s power.

    Except for Gearbox and Ubisoft, most major companies aren’t really singing high praises on system capabilities. They are saying it’s not quite as powerful, or they don’t think it’s a good fit for game [X], or it’s on par with what they have seen before (but the Gamepad is cool) and really not giving the mass public much to get excited about.

    Smaller and indie companies are singing Nintendo’s high praises. This is a great thing – especially with indie games being all the rage. I love that Nintendo is offering strong financial and advertisement incentives and even allowing Kickstarter games to be available for their eShop. It opens up a whole new doorway to new opportunities for developers of all sizes.

    I hope Nintendo’s eShop becomes THE place to go for indie development and digital content on consoles, much like Steam on the PC.

    This isn’t just good for Nintendo, it’s good for the gaming industry as a whole. If the eShop is striking a cord with developers even before the Wii U is released and continues to holds strength, the competition will follow suit with regards to developer incentives. It means more great games in more players hands regardless of console preference. Proof that, yet again, Nintendo is changing the gaming market as a whole.

    The only real down side to this whole thing is the Wii U not having a built-in HDD. I know it will allow for externals to be utilized, which can be much cheaper for the consumer, but it would be nice to have the space available out of the box.

    • Draco Breach

      I’m more willing to believe Gearbox on power because, well, that’s really what they believe in as a developer. They refused to work with the Wii because it was underpowered, though they did have praise for it’s motion control. Now the Wii U satisfies them, and they see it’s more powerful than any other console on the market.

      Of course, the PS3 and 360 are still powerful enough for them to work with. they won’t give up those consoles anytime soon.

      Also, Epic has commented that the Wii U is much more powerful than currently available consoles. As has Crytech. As has EA. As have a few others to my knowledge. If you read Namco’s interview in its entirety, they never said the Wii U was underpowered, and in fact said lots of nice things about the GPU.

      Now, Epic and Crytech had no news on developing for the Wii U. Like EA, they don’t know how to fit the Wii U into their strategy yet. Once they see it selling, I’m sure they will. Namco’s already on board with a big project – Tekken Tag Team 2. They’ve also buddied up for Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS.

      I’m still waiting to see what developers want to do after the launch window, but that’s probably still months away. We’ll probably go from a trickle of information not to a flood once the release date and price are announced.

      Thinking back on EA, they still have a supposedly ‘big’ announcement concerning the Wii U coming up. I guess we’ll see how onboard they are – at least for the time being – very soon.

  • nucima

    Sounds good. But I’m not sure if you can believe in such statements.

    This guys want to sell a game on that console. So they get an advantage by creating an hype by good news.

    Why there are other statements saying exactly the opposite?
    I wait for the first serious review.

  • darkfox

    So if Indie companies have no problem what wrong with some of the bigger name companies? Oh thats right they arin in Sony an MS’s pockets.