Mar 24th, 2014


A lot of new Mighty No. 9 information was revealed at GDC this year. Not only was there new game footage released, but Inafune himself held a talk, titled “Meanwhile, In Japan…,” in which he talked about what it’s like to be developing Mighty No. 9, and reminisced about his old days with Capcom.

In this talk he recalled that the feeling of creating the first Mega Man game back in the 80s was comparable to that of making an indie game today. He reminisced that “Mega Man was the first original total that came out of our team in those days” and said:

In a way, if we’re talking about what’s big budget or not, in a way I would say that was our indie movement. We were not really doing what was asked by us; we were not necessarily adhering to what was requested to our team.

In that same vein Inafune also claimed that:

The heart of indie lies in those days. We’re still connected with fans in those ways.

He mentioned while they’re not concerned with labels so much, he considers their spirit to be fully indie now. In a way it was like coming full circle; the team members that had that indie spirit creating Mega Man so many years ago are making Mighty No. 9 now. He said that the original Mega Man team was made of only six people, and three of them were new hires, with no previous game making experience. Those three members are still with Inafune today, and are currently working on Mighty No. 9.

So what does everyone think of Inafune’s perspective on this? Does it make you feel all wistful and nostalgic? Is anyone else going to be getting Mighty No. 9 when it comes out?

[via Destructoid]

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