Nov 10th, 2015


Keiji Inafune’s Comcept has been the subject of much gamer rage after the subsequent delay of Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to the Mega Man series. Comcept’s handling of the delay by announcing it during another game show led many to believe that Inafune and his development team were trying to avoid negative feedback for their second Kickstarter, Red Ash.

Regardless of how you felt about the whole issue, Inafune sat down with USGamer to discuss the delay and why it happened. According to him, it was due to multiplayer bugs that would have caused first-party publishers like Microsoft and Sony to reject the game from their quality assurance process.

Because of the multiplayer bugs, if we had submitted the game builds to the first-party platform holders with those bugs, we would have been rejected for sure. So based on that, we couldn’t complete [console publishing] certification for the project.

However, because we were actually aiming towards [mid-September] for the release, the game was getting really close to being finished. We are actually doing the certification process right now, so there are a couple of console versions already in the platform holders’ hands.

They’re reviewing the builds and all of that stuff, so it’s definitely progressing, but because the game is on so many different types of hardware and we have to complete so many builds for so many regions, the process takes up a lot of time.

Interestingly, Inafune seems open to the concept of producing a Mighty No. 9 amiibo as well, should Nintendo come calling. With Shovel Knight being the first third-party game to receive its own amiibo figure, the possibilities are endless. According to Inafune, many of the backers of Mighty No. 9 are Nintendo fans based on their hardware surveys as well.

[Amiibo is] definitely an option for us, and if we have the opportunity to do it, then we’ll definitely take the chance. And also, we know for a fact a lot of our backers are Nintendo fans, because we ran a platform survey [for Mighty No. 9], and we see how many people are choosing Nintendo hardware.

Would you buy a Mighty No. 9 amiibo if it came about?

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