Sep 21st, 2015

If you felt that Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels was too difficult, you’ll probably want to skip this level all together. According to the person who uploaded the video, this is the only successful completion of the level in 11k attempts, not including the creator’s ability to complete it in order for the level to be uploaded in the first place.

The video includes a few failed attempts so you can see just what’s required to get through each of the levels. Perhaps the most impressive feat is double-juggling ticking bob-ombs while using Yoshi’s extended jump reach in order to open a path using one bomb while catching the other. Yeah the course is just as crazy as that sentence makes it sound.

The level was created by Panga, a notorious Super Mario World hacker. If you want to try out the course on your own, here’s the Course ID. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, though!


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