Nov 21st, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 22nd, 2012, 9:41 am

An “artist” took a brand new Wii U console, stuck it in a microwave and roasted it pretty well. Now he’s selling it as a piece of “art” on eBay for a whopping $3,500. He’s known for zapping new electronics devices in the microwave, and this time, he gets to the Wii U console. Which, after a stint in the microwave oven, pretty much melts the GamePad and Wii U console together. Check it out:

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  • skoruppa

    silent cry ;(

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      • HyrulianUtopia

        I know, right. Also he says to not do it at home. Why the hell would I burn my own Wii U Deluxe version.

        • Robert

          Waste of money who would but it and who ever does i a ass that doesnt know what value is what a novice. Really now theres one less!

          • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

            Woah Woah Ah Wait Wait the Wiiu is a piece of art already why roast it?

          • AKA-Link77

            yah . . . so pretty much. . . the guy’s an “Idiot” for microwaving it and the one who buys it is “Stupid”.

        • HyrulianUtopia

          I sometimes like microwaving puppies and pussy cats for fun O__O
          Do you guys like microwaving puppies and pussy cats?
          Cause I do.

      • Master of Awesomeness

        Question: What are the drugs he is taking, cause they have had serious mental concequences to him.

        • Master of Gayness

          Its Master of Awesomeness here I just want to inform you guys on the new name I have and will be known as from now on.

      • Mida

        All I can say is, this isn’t art dumbsh*t. Destroying what was already an artistic masterpiece AND selling it at 9999% of the actual price? This guy really needs to be shot

      • Wiiunicycle

        a professional microwave operator? lol, did this guy come up with this shit?

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      he should of gave it to me i have to wait a month and 4 days

      • Ninjafish

        Mine came broken in the box šŸ™ the fan doesn’t work šŸ™

    • dr scoobie

      was this the guy who microwaved the 3ds?

      you have to remember however, its professionally microwaved

    • Asiancake

      U hobo bitch

      • Vextrum

        OMG! The logo stayed intact!

    • Superrty

      R.I.P. little wii u

    • Mike1986

      Why he shouldn’t do it with that **** console ? Weak CPU, super slow RAM, bad graphic (super low resolution for textures, problems with FPS) and super high price like for hardware which you can buy for Ā£180 (xbox/ps3 which is almost exactly same).

      That’s a joke šŸ™‚ especially that PS4 should be released on next Christmas as dev kits already been dispatched and delivered šŸ™‚

      Try to figure out how developers should run Unreal Engine 4 on 1GB RAM with super low bandwidth (slower then on smartphone) and with so weak CPU šŸ™‚ good luck with that… Unless you want games WITHOUT A.I., living world, physic, big multiplayer, etc. šŸ™‚

      • Checkitnow12

        I like how you’re saying the PS4 will come next Christmas when it hasn’t even been ANNOUNCED.

        Bad graphics? The games run in full (Native, not upscaled) HD, 1080p, a better resolution than the Xbox or PS3, so how is it worse? If it has a slow CPU, then how did developers make games for the console at native 1080p while running at 60 fps?

        Face it, kid. The Wii U will dominate this gen, but unfortunately, you’re too much of a Drony to admit it.

    • Vextrum

      Hydro-Sonic B000000000000000M Blaster!

    • Youtube/KoolAidMan735

      Please excuse me for I’m about to freak out. One fucking idiot had to destroy the Wii U and another person (me) will have to wait till they’re back in stock. Again please excuse my language.

    • MasterSwordsman

      Look on the bright side. if he does sell it he could buy like 10 more!

  • Borbo Paciugo

    What’s the use of microwaving a Wii U, when you can join Operation Kunilliafall on Facebook, and bring some JRPG goodness to Nintendo’s latest console!

    • Nko Sekirei

      microwaving the wii u is plain stupid and that guy shouldnt be able to buy consoles if thats all he gonna do is destroy good consoles

      • Nko Sekirei

        nobody gonna pay for a roasted wii u while we can just spend our money on games for the wii u

        • Garzard

          You’d be surprised…

        • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

          We can even spend money on a wiiu and roast it for a 1/10th of his fukking outrageous price!

          Anyway , I’m off to Spit roast my 360 and make a fortune!

          • milkman

            you mean just play your 360 till it red rings itself

        • dr scoobie

          somebody actually bought a microwaved 3ds

      • Drew

        You can call him stupid but he is the one who got 3,500 dollars off of it

        • Nintenlord

          So he got his wiiu in a stupidity inchurance?

        • Mr.Chimera573

          It hasn’t sold…….and probably never will.

  • Joseph


    • kevin

      I preordered one and I don’t have one. It shipped and from there a ups person took it home. It just vanished from ups hands. Now there are none left and I have to wait. The store doesn’t have one to replace it with.

      • YellowFlash

        I hope that asshole got fired, there is no greater shame for mere postman than unintegrity. He’ll burn in the flames of Hell for all eternity, he will meet true solitude.

        I’m starting to get nervous, I chose delivery-to-home on my preorder, hopefully there isn’t some selfish bastard at the shift :/

        Greetings from Europe

      • Clem

        Ouch man, I’m so sorry for you… Did you get your money back?

    • dojo


  • Mano_Brown

    Sad…. šŸ™

  • Joseph

    Also, a moment of silence, for headphone users everywhere…

    • Garzard

      J-Joseph…I can’t hear…I can’t nuthin’. H-help me Joseph!

  • Jason

    If you want to waist money just send me a Wii U Deluxe.

  • hyperkitty

    WOW! A person who missed out on a pre-order, was taken by a guy who microwaves the console. @____@

  • Jackson

    What an idiot

  • Carlos Hugo

    If this dude have success selling it in 3500 I will start microwaving shit for a living

    • Youtube/KoolAidMan735

      I heard AlienWare products work wonders. -.-

  • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

    If you put blue-tac in the microwave , it turns into thermo-nuclear plasma LOL!!!!!! Don’t try that home.

  • Xarret

    4 years in the making and destroyed in a matter of minutes. People all around the world will not have this amazing console this Christmas and this guy ruins his. You suck Man.

    • Mchelski

      true, I want one so badly and this guy do this

      • jon


  • debra

    what a nut ! , i cannot afford one of these and he cooks his in a microwave, makes me sick.

  • -IVIatrix+

    wow, waste of a wii u. im sure many people out there want this for christmas, but its all sold out cuz one of the million of people who pre ordered are so stupid like him.

    • Hate this guy

      This was supposed to be my birthday present. My birthday was in May and I saved up all this time. I went around like a mad man on Sunday and I got stuck in traffic in Toronto because of the Santa Parade for 4 hours in the exact same spot. I just wanted 1 Wii U for my birthday.

  • Sobari

    I don’t have an issue with it being microwaved; people have been doing this with all electronics for ages now because it’s apparently fairly popular. However, this dude has to be the most egotistical person ever if he thinks something he microwaved is worth that much money.

  • Anubis

    He……..He killed it…… It was so young :””'(

  • podge79

    Now that it is one sick individual….. He cud have at least seasoned it first.

  • Artsy

    Uhm… no matter if you agree with this being art or not, calling someone an “idiot” for doing something he/she believes is art is a very dickish move.

    • Nintenlord

      I think that if i call you stupid is poetry

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Can he be shot and killed now???

    • Youtube/KoolAidMan735

      That’s what happens when you let terrorists blow up anything they want.

  • Hoax

    this made me sad..;(

  • WiiuFanboy

    I’m waiting 3 FUCKING DAYS, to get a WiiU.
    And this idiot man gets it he first day and does the dumbest shit imaginable…
    *(I Don’t Want To Live In This Planet Anymore)*

    • Nko Sekirei

      i agree too many nut jobs that dont give a rats @$$ and just want to be plain greedy these days


    ” Iā€™m off to Spit roast my 360 and make a fortune”

    Sorry to burst your bubble but thats called the RROD and its been free.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Lol Sony fan boys are going all out :O

  • Coval


  • ridley vs. samus

    he’s not stupid, he’s bat-$#!* insane.

  • allon

    Did this mutha fucka just microwave a $400 fucking console!What the fuck!!!People complaining about the economy and this cock smear can afford to do some shit like this!!!How about it is the fucking holiday season!!!U could of just gave that away to one lucky family asshole and I know how this internet is!I am on my Wii U now so this isn’t no guy wishing he had one!!!This is down right fucking stupid man!!!I know this post is bad phase,madara,etc…But I had to say it man!!!

  • Coval

    dude should sell itself to the Nintendo factory for free…

  • Zero

    That video is a visual drug. Also an eardrum baster.

    • Zero


  • Will

    This guy is a fucking retard. Fuck me.

    • Gamecube U

      Do you have protection?

  • Retro


  • Mac

    lol hey as long as nintendo gets his money couldnt give two shits

  • CheckItNow12

    Only people lacking a brain would be stupid enough to buy a microwaved Wii U.

    • CheckItNow12

      Much less, a microwaved Wii U for $3,500!

  • Waddifat

    Did anyone else get kinda creeped out by the way he talked? The tone of his voice is what I mean and they way idk I guess he expressed himself heh.

  • itsamezelda

    I think this is the same guy who microwaved a brand new 3DS and actually did sell it for a similar price on ebay.

    Some call it ‘art’. I call it stupid.

  • Coval

    Did he even play with?

  • Linskarmo

    This guy is just mental. And why would anyone pay so outrageously for this? Anyone (or, should I say, any mental person) could roast their new electronics for a great deal less.

  • Christian

    Wow. This guy has the wrong idea of art.

  • Nintengoth

    Hmm he seems like abit of a dick really, why would anyone waste money on a brand new console and do that to it? it hurts my head thinking about such things. this also made me sad šŸ™ why doesnt he microwave himself eh?

  • Gamecube U

    Is this the same guy who microwaved the 3DS XL?

  • The Island Of Misfit Toys

    Nothing deserves to be brought to the Island this way.

    This is shameful.

    • CRT_hater777

      I remember the game that you’re name is based on…

      • JumpMan

        it’s not a game. it’s from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  • CRT_hater777

    He works for Sony

  • Max Lazy 10 / NNID: Max_Lazy_10

    Pick 1

    – Those darn kids these days!

    – I wonder how a Wii U would taste…

    – Things sure were getting steamy in there. Man, those two (gamepad and Wii U) were on fire!

  • Bloxz

    This guy microwaves anything new that is coming out. People really buy his shit so he’s not stupid, he actually makes money. If you look at his youtube videos, he did the same thing to 3ds, vita, xbox 360 and ps3.

  • MrAllOverIt!!!

    In my opinion, this isn’t as bad compared to the countless other asshats out there buying up dozens of these and ripping people off thru Ebay for about 500% or more. Taking advantage of the hype the console has generated and desperate people trying to get one before Christmas. I’ve told a lot of people before. STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!! If you’re not already on a wait list, get on one or just keep checking with your local stores or retail sites. You’ll save a lot of money and potential frustration due to the massive mark-ups and Ebay scams. Never pay any more than retail for new electronics. No matter how badly you want it.

  • FirebatFTW

    1) You destroyed a Wii U.

    2) You destroyed a Microwave.

    Two of my most favorite things at the moment in time, I hope you got burned when you opened that door. He should have just given that money to a charity and let someone else be able to enjoy that wii u this holiday season.

  • U and Mii

    Let’s stick him in a microwave and see how he likes it.

  • Matther777

    What a nob! I will hunt you down!!

  • SortableShelf19

    Nintendo wants to have a talk with you young man!

  • Purple3DSXL

    I couldn’t even bear to watch the video. I hate when my own electronics don’t work, so why kill the Wii U? :'(…

  • Starfoxguy

    What kind of art is this. If U didn’t want it U could have gave it to me.

  • WiiUnited FC: 3952-7314-9397

    He’s probably the same guy who microwaved the 3DS/XL and tried to sell it, which of course someone did buy -_-

  • thejam216

    It’s like one of those videos where a rival army captures and then executes a soldier from your army and sends the video to you and you just have to sit there stunned and feeling helpless as you watch the world fall around you.


    I feel sorry for all the people who missed out on getting a Wii U on launch day because of people like this šŸ˜›

  • JumpMan

    i’m literally going to cry. what kind of an idiot is he? now there’s some kid who wanted a Wii U for Christmas, but now he can’t have it cause this freaking idiot MICROWAVED his. i seriously hate this gut. Nintendo should do something about this. good job, douche. you ruined some little kid’s Christmas just for a couple of Youtube views.

  • FireRed

    I wanna see that guy microwave a PS3 super slim

  • ThisGuy

    O…..M…..G…..You….. BASTARD

  • JotWee

    Was a game disc inside?

  • verymetal

    I want to punch this guy in the face.

  • LaLlamaqueLlama

    ITS ART!!!

    well, maybe if he was playing little inferno while cooking the wiiu, that would have been poetic but it turn out just nonsense

  • Anonymous

    Requiescat in pace…..

  • Zach

    What is the point of doing this. He just spent $350 for the Wii U and destroyed it. He practically just threw his money away when he did that. Seeing this just annoys me.

  • elite

    Is this the same guy who sold a Nintendo 3ds that he microwaved for a hefty sum. Who ever bought it is freaking crazy.

  • AwayToHit

    Fucking retard

  • goginho

    Not a pretty good article saying “Idiot” and stuff, even though they are right, but their job should be to neutrally give us the story and that’s it.
    About the actual story though, yea ..he is an idiot. People are dying to get their hands on one, and he goes about microwaving his Wii U. Pretty low dude, pretty low.

    • .

      I disagree. They aren’t trying to be overly professional, and I believe they should be able to be more outspoken than other “more professional” articles.

  • Wow

    What a loser. I hope no one is stupid enough to pay for his pathetic attempt at art.

  • Colton

    If he makes $3,500 for it, he’s a genius. Just saying.

  • gaga

    Crazy Son of $#@$%&^$%@, I guess if I put you instead the audience will enjoy watching you burn.

  • red special

    this bloke looks like he would be attracted to his sister.

  • Johnny Star

    So, this is what retards do in their spare time? Complete idiot!!

  • Jiminhno

    YOU STOOGE!!!!

  • nm_nintendo

    what a retard

  • blabla

    I will probably get a lot of hate for saying this, but I actually enjoyed it. He spend his own money so I don’t see why people would complain. I enjoy watching electronics getting destroyed, just to see how it looks so I don’t have to do so myself.

    • Yahya

      I agree with you, that it is his free choice to do it, but you are not living in this planet alone !! … Tell me what is your feeling if you are hungry and someone put food in the trash instead giving it to you?… how many orphans and other kids will no be able to get Christmas gifts? think how they will be glad if he gave it to someone?

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Thousands of gamers wanting a Wii U and that idiot BURNS his?!

  • Tobbe

    Cool. Now we know we cant micro a wii u. Maby nintendo should put that in the manual for future buyers.

  • Skawtz0rz

    That wasn’t even funny, just totally idiotic. Especially him screaming boooooom! at the end. nearly made my damn ears bleed…

  • Sylux

    note to self, only use the microwave for food, not for a wiiu, it’s not powerful enough to withstand the microwave.

    I feel sorry for the person who missed out on his/her wiiu because of this guy though.

  • Andrew

    Well we learned something good about the Wii U from this video at least. The Wii U has been made so well to prevent overheating that he could not destroy it while it was plugged in. Microsoft take notes.

  • Lloyd

    “Insert Titanic song here”

  • theorangefish

    I don’t know why there is so much cry because of that, I mean he lost the system, the money and his mind, also nobody will buy that stuff he offers. Do I support the destruction of electronics? Only if they are made by Apple.

  • Julias

    Where are the days of weeks or months crowd funding and buying new electronics and then give it a good whack with a sledge-hamer. I mean just like smashmywii dot com did that and it was epic

  • TaintedXGamer

    mommy….is that u? NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • smh

    That Wii U could be mine or someone else’s who couldn’t get the Wii U. Nintendo fans should have koopa shells, fire flowers, and Master swords, on Rambis ready to attack.

  • KDR13

    This guy is the biggest Douche!!!

    • robert letner

      you are

  • Bill

    Why not just put $300 in cash in the microwave and turn it on. Why pay $3,500 and just look at it. Pay $300 and play wit it.

  • paperchao

    i feel sorry for the one guy who lost a deluxe to this guy šŸ™

  • relaxingbedo

    Think about this. Idk if China makes Wii U’s but if they do then they are forced too. (Due to there government) So your just gonna burn something that people are forced and put there time to thinking, building, crafting and sell it…..

    • relaxingbedo

      Well then that is sad…..

  • james braseton

    hi there yeah 1.6 terabyte ssd $3,000 soo a 1.6 terabyte solid state flash drive would run $3,500

  • PokemonLp10

    What a dumb… f***! My cousin and 10 of my friends couldn’t pre-order a Wii U and he OBLITERATES IT?!?!
    What a disgrace…
    (b.t.w add me on Miiverse! My name is “TheWingMan” [without the quotation marks])

    • robert letner

      u mad bro he is not a dumbass you are

  • Yodin

    He’s so stupid and an idiot who wants to buy his piece of shit, very useless to me. He got rocks in his head and i do not like his fancy whatchamachacallit oven house LOL

  • ProWiiU

    He must of played too much Little Inferno before getting the idea to do such a thing.

  • TheMan

    It may seem to you guys as a bat shit crazy idea to microwave a new next gen console, but who are we to call “artists” idiots? They are often nuts, yeah, but also misunderstood by the common people often for years or decades. Maybe this kind of new art will become a thing and the Wii U getting microwaved “The Citizen Kane” of Modern microwaving arts.

    But seriously, get this man onto permanent microwave deprevation.

  • WiiU>PS4

    It’s for the greater good; He will use that $3,500 on dental work šŸ™‚

  • Thegiursea

    I’m not going to lie, but I laughed when he yelled “BURRRRRRRRRRRRN”

  • andy

    yeah… he sure is an “idiot” because he already made more money than that off this…

  • Mr.Chimera573

    Jeez this guy makes us California people look like retards…..

  • Fruit Punch Samurai G
  • Derp

    Meanwhile, Europe and Japan is still waiting to get their own console…

    Also this guy needs some chill pills at 2:38

  • BananaPwnz

    How could he do that……it makes me wanna cry

  • Steve

    That’s just rich! I search all over town for a deluxe bundle with no luck. Then some genius who gets his hands on one decides fry it in the microwave and resell it as a work of art.

    Work of art? Why spend $3500 on a microwaved Wii U when I can just buy one for $350, dump it in te microwave and get te same result.

    I just tought everyone how to get a “work of art” for a cheaper price!

    Tank you, thank you! No need to pay me for teaching you. Just give e a Wii U deluxe with Zombie U. šŸ™‚


    Omg man, makes me want tp puke. I wonder how it tastes…

  • Hamilton

    This is not art, is just a waste…

  • Marla

    Oh yeah, sure…I’m just going to disconnect my 400 dollar game console from my t.v. right now and go torch it in the microwave….is he REALLY serious? Don’t try this at home?? Don’t worry you effin’, moron….only YOU could be this foolish.

  • inzanoflex

    society of this days are very dissapoint, so you want to sell that in 3500? well i gonna bring you 3500 kicks in your azz for being a dump

  • N

    This is a prime example of someone who clearly has more money and time than brains.

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    This guy should sell himself to Microsoft! Lots of motivation!
    P.S. N I think we should have a battle (above me)! I would win, but it would be interesting!

  • Tyler

    Poor Wii U. Never got a chance to be played. šŸ™

  • robert letner

    he is not a idiot he is a artist and you need to apologize to him for your insult or you will need to have to get a wii u pulled out of your ass