Aug 12th, 2014

Last week we saw that it wouldn’t be just the heroes getting in on the action in Hyrule Warriors. Ganondorf, Ghirahim and Zant were all revealed as playable, but now we get a closer look at Zant’s gameplay. Compared to the other characters Zant’s style of fighting is far more erratic and silly. He giggles manically as he swings his twin scimitars for his normal attacks while his special attack involve using the power of twilight to summon large objects to swat at his enemies with, or in one memorable attack simply growing to giant proportions himself to belly flop on the enemy army.

Hyrule Warriors is releasing in Japan in two days, but those of us in the US are going to have to wait until September 26 before we’ll get a chance to play, while those of in Europe will only have to wait until September 19. What do you think of Zant though? Does his style look interesting? Do you see yourself playing as him a lot?

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  • Shota

    that was quite badass 🙂

  • Jacob Juul

    Soon i don’t have to buy the game, they have already shown me the whole game before its release xD

    • Kyle

      If thats the case, you dont have to buy any game at all. Just watch them played on youtube.

      • sillybajillies

        I kinda see his point. After they revealed the whole cast of Mario Kart 8 in the days leading up to its release, I’m kinda worried they’re going to spoil another game for us.

    • companyoflosers

      See its cuz people like u that lets players on youtube are getting targeted. Deranged publishers think people wont buy a game if they are able to watch it. Fortunately you are an extremely small minority.

      • Trozay

        He isn’t alone and the publishers aren’t deranged, they have reason to believe its true! Unfortunately the number is growing bigger and bigger because casual gamers are more likely to just watch the game on you-tube because its like a free movie.

      • Jacob Juul

        I can see your point, but im not one of those guys.
        It written with a smile. 🙂 I will buy it 😉

  • Nintendofreak

    We need skull kid n fierce deity link

  • Ghira Demi

    Excited for Ghirahim’s trailer. ouo

  • linxz

    a game for nuts. why do they waste their resources on these crappy games and not focus on delivering something with at least some depth. how many hours can you hit the buttons and kill the same enemies in the same area before you start feeling stupid? that’s the question

    • marloc_x

      I quite enjoy Bezerk, Smash T.V, Asteriods, COD Zombies..*thanks for listening*

    • You must be new at Dinasty Warrior games.

  • john

    Still no Groose 🙁

  • steveb944

    Someone just made my top 3 fighters.