Aug 12th, 2014

Last week we saw that it wouldn’t be just the heroes getting in on the action in Hyrule Warriors. Ganondorf, Ghirahim and Zant were all revealed as playable, but now we get a closer look at Zant’s gameplay. Compared to the other characters Zant’s style of fighting is far more erratic and silly. He giggles manically as he swings his twin scimitars for his normal attacks while his special attack involve using the power of twilight to summon large objects to swat at his enemies with, or in one memorable attack simply growing to giant proportions himself to belly flop on the enemy army.

Hyrule Warriors is releasing in Japan in two days, but those of us in the US are going to have to wait until September 26 before we’ll get a chance to play, while those of in Europe will only have to wait until September 19. What do you think of Zant though? Does his style look interesting? Do you see yourself playing as him a lot?

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