Jul 28th, 2014

With the August release of Hyrule Warriors in Japan less than a month away, NintendoEverything has managed to secure a look at the upcoming special editions that will be releasing in the region and some of the treasures they contain. Two special editions are being released in Japan in the form of the premium box and the treasure box.

The premium box will offer a special edition Triforce clock, as well as an official art booklet and six character costumes. The treasure box edition is a bit more special, as it contains the official art booklet, eight character costumes, a special scarf that Link wears in the game, as well as the featured treasure box that emits sound when its opened. These special editions could only be pre-ordered from Amazon Japan and Game City and it’s unlikely that they’ll be released outside of Japan.

What do you think of the contents of each box? Anything you’d like to see released with Hyrule Warriors when the rest of the world gets it in September? Let us know in the comments.

[via NE]

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  • wiimenonowiiu

    Its simple i want them lol that clock looks great

  • Lusunup

    maybe they should have saved the treasure box and clock for preordering the REAL Legend of Zelda coming for wiiu …..

    • clownshoes1982

      maybe because they want people to purchase this as well? That’s just a theory.

      • Squid


      • Lusunup

        And that’s why they came up with the hylian scarf..

    • Sleepyhun

      Naaaah. Link amiibo figure.

  • Mr Ninty

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    • CEObrainz

      This is etsy, the site is quite well known for handmade gaming stuff. I know many Zelda related items are advertised on Zelda Universe so I can vouch for its legitment.

    • mr_splooge69

      is this site for real

  • mojack411

    That video was too painful to watch since I want them so bad and will never get them.

    • Leo

      I feel you… ;-(

    • Milky Bacons

      I feel your grief.

  • nintendogamer

    If I understood Japanese… plus, I was expecting the clock to be a lot bigger. Oh well, I wasn’t going to get any of it anyway… Lol.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I really want this to be available in sweden pls, i dont care how much it costs :3 need it for my zelda collection ^_^

  • palomino blue

    Would love to have that clock on my desk at work.

  • steveb944

    The box plays the sound? IT PLAYS THE SOUND!!!

    The only way I buy this game on release date is with a preorder bonus. I have a backlog of games already to justify buying anything new.

  • Squid

    I’d pay over 100 dollars to get Hyrule Warriors with the treasure box.

  • Sdudyoy

    The only thing I want is that clock, it’s awesome.

  • WiiUisgaming

    I want that Clock and that Chest right now.

  • the adult in me says ‘well, that stuff looks so damn cheap manufactured trash…’
    the zelda-loving-child in me says ‘treasure chest!!! oh.my.god. TREASURE…TREASURE CHEST… did I already say TREASURE CHEST?!?!’

  • MysteryT

    Why can’t this come to Europe?
    I’d buy it in a heartbeat T-T

  • fireheartis1

    Man why the heck do we not get these kind of special releases? It pisses me off that they think Americans and Europeans will not want this stuff. Come on Japan we love our geeky things as much as you do.

  • Danielle St Amant

    I would buy this in a second if it were available in the US. How hard would it be to put this package on Amazon with the American and European versions?

  • hkjfjdghjg

    slow down people it will come….

  • midnaFAN

    what about game can you preorder it and get it from game the box set