Jul 24th, 2014


Remember those Famitsu scans we showed you yesterday that featured Sheik, Ruto, and Darunia? Well they’ve been translated and we’ve got plenty of new information about these characters, as well as the roles they play in the game. Additionally, Nintendo updated the official Hyrule Warriors site with tons of new screenshots, some of which we’ve included below. Let’s delve right into this big update.

My personal favorite for the series is Sheik, so it’s nice to see her getting a place in Hyrule Warriors. Her character model has been updated to make her appear a little more feminine as well, with plenty of her moves in the game mirroring her status as a lithe fighter.



  • Toys with her enemies with ninja like movement
  • Uses the harp as her main weapon
  • Also carries knives
  • With the harp she can play magical melodies to assign various elemental attributes and to attack with that attribute
  • With the power of flame Sheik can drop flaming boulders on enemies
  • If you perform “unleash of magical power”, you can use the power of lightning to sweep enemies
  • Sheik speaks in a mysterious way that has hidden hints of the future
  • Sheik is addressed as a brave warrior from the Sheikah tribe; there is no word that she is Zelda
  • In the story, Sheik appears before Link and co. and suggests cooperation



  • Has superhuman strength and handles the heavy hammer with ease
  • His specialty is a rolling attack
  • He can also summon the power of fire by hitting the ground Death Mountain
  • Sheik and Impa walk towards Death Mountain to stop some monsters
  • On the way they encounter a fairy who tells them that unusual things have happened
  • Sheik and Impa then speed up their travel
  • But does that fairy shout “Hey!” with robust voice?



  • She uses magic to summon water, move and attack
  • Ruto can also unleash power that has been gathered from attacks to shoot water
  • She is proud but has a gentle heart Lake Hylia
  • When Cia twisted dimensions, lake’s surroundings were influenced with ice
  • Sheik and Impa encounter hostile Zelda in the water temple
  • Zelda also has company in the form of some monsters
  • Sheik aims the mirror of truth towards the person who looks like Zelda and… (Famitsu doesn’t finish the sentence)

While these three characters were the main focus of this Famitsu reveal, there’s tons of new screenshots to look at as well. Some of them showcase environments from Ocarina of Time, which is a nice throwback considering the last reveal we had showcased several places from Skyward Sword. This isn’t the entire showcase of screenshots that have been published, to view them all, be sure and check out the official Hyrule Warriors site.

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  • Jeremy

    While this type of game isn’t my thing..the more I look at these screen shots the more I want to buy it!!

    • matthew garcia

      That’s exactly my thought. I hate dynasty warriors but this looks far beyond that. Looks like it has way deeper gameplay

      • Nick

        Well story isn’t restricted. You could easily make a whole new story versus Dynasty Warriors is based on true events and historical settings and locations.
        Same goes for much of everything else.

  • A Rod

    The only thing left is to include a majoras mask character, fierce deity link would be cool

    • Dallas Gooch

      Not to mention the possiblity of majoras mask young link.
      I have a feeling the next reveal will be MM characters.

    • Gotta have that moon!

      • Merry_Blind

        Skull Kid!!!!

      • Yoshi

        Why is there nothing about this completely awesome Hyrule Warriors trailer?
        Wii U — Hyrule Warriors Features Trailer: http://youtu.be/2c8EEXL3L8c

    • FatMasterBass

      Feirce Deity? How unoriginal. No true MM fan wants to see the game represented by another version of Link. Garo Master or King Ikana would be far more interesting.

  • CEObrainz

    I’m sort of sceptic of these photos, they seem touched up slightly…..but I stlll want to get the game based on gameplay trailers…..

    • I played the demo at E3 and while you’re probably right about some of the screenshots being touched up, it really is that bright and vibrant and the character models do look really good.

      • matthew garcia

        Was the demo just straight up combat or was there some puzzle elements involved also?

        • Straight up combat mostly. You fought for a little bit, unlocked a new item, then did a boss. There was very little puzzling.

          • matthew garcia

            Well hopefully there are some puzzles to cut back on the repetitive nature of dynasty warriors. A great story could help that out if there is not much exploring

          • Well, keep in mind that demos at E3 are pretty bare bones. They last about 10 minutes and they’re usually not a very good representation of the final product. However, this game should be approached as a Dynasty Warriors game, which isn’t exactly known for its puzzling.

          • matthew garcia

            That’s true

          • abe

            They said at the treehouse event it would be light puzzling

    • Merry_Blind

      Yeah they seem touched up a bit. The game will have more jaggies and won’t be as smooth looking without all those blur effects and stuff added.

      It will look largely the same though.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Ruto: “She is proud, but has a gentle heart.”

    That’s not the Ruto I know!

  • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

    We got Zelda (and Sheik), Impa, Darunia and Ruto.

    Now, we need Saria, Nabooru and Rauru (and he can turn into Kaepora Gaebora, did you get all that ?)

  • nintendogamer

    I want this game so bad! It’s looks amazing!

  • Zach Cruz

    So excited for this game

  • InterTreble

    What a GAME!!!

  • firedragonsage88

    Don’t know if you planned on reporting this, but this new trailer is relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c8EEXL3L8c

    • Dang that trailer kicks ass. Awesome trailer.

    • bistricky

      WoW … that us a a great trailer. What is that classic Zelda portion at 3 minute on the trailer? Is that some sort of mini-game? I wonder.

  • uPadWatcher
  • Do I spot Bombchu’s? I’m sold gonna get the game for sure now 😀

    On a side note is it possible to do screenshots like before in this new layout with mini thumbnails at the bottom left and right? It’s annoying that after every thumbnail I click, I see 3 screenshots under that but no option to go to the next/previous screenshot from that page like before, I have to go back to the main article scroll down and click the next screenshot. Feels a bit laborious or it has to do with the gamepad? Perhaps I’m just lazy…

    • Yoshi

      When you click a picture, there should be two thumbnails for pictures underneath. The thumbnail on top is the next picture, and the thumbnail on bottom is the previous picture. I assume that they forgot or just didn’t feel like labeling them for some reason

      • You’re right Yoshi. Thanks I see it now the “blurred” pictures are thumbnails to the next or previous screenshot(s). Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Enoch Ashan Devendran
  • iamserious

    Man this game looks to have more playable female than male characters by a large margin. Kinda crazy but I’m cool with it. Can’t wait to get this and Bayonetta 1+2!

    • abe

      yet people will still criticize Nintendo because of peach needing rescuing

  • aresdoberman

    Wii U Daily, can you confirm if this game will have an online co-op mode? I’ve read reports on N4G’s website claiming one of the devs has comfirmed it.

    I’ll only buy this game if their is an online co-op mode.

  • Squid

    Well, we know that they aren’t ignoring Majora nor Wind Waker, so maybe we can get Medli, some form of Makar, Skull Kid, the. King of Red lions,

    • FatMasterBass

      You just picked easily the worst Wind Waker characters to include. Nothing about them would be interesting.

      • Squid

        Having tetra would be weird, considering we have sheik already. Medli can use her shield thing to use light based attacks. King of red lions is the king of Hyrule I’m pretty sure. So technically he has to have magic experience. Skull kid could be a loose canon kind of character and have specials of him using Majoras mask or controlling puppets like in twilight princess. Keep in mind having agitha here allows anyone to be in this game. I’m still hoping for Ralph from the oracle games.

        • FatMasterBass

          When did I say anything about Tetra? Don’t insert words in someone’s mouth just to disagree with something they never said. Wind Waker simply didn’t HAVE many interesting characters for a game like this.

          Nothing you could say would make Medli a good idea, though with that bug girl from TP in there’s nothing stopping Koei from putting in bad characters.

          The King of Red Lions’ most iconic form is a boat, putting in his human form would just be stupid.

          And Skull Kid isn’t a Wind Waker character. He’s a Majora’s Mask character.

          “Keep in mind having agitha here allows anyone to be in this game.”

          Exactly, but that doesn’t mean “anyone” can be a good character.

          “I’m still hoping for Ralph from the oracle games.”

          Ralph wouldn’t be terrible but he’d bring nothing interesting to the table. If you want to talk the Oracle games; Blaino, the pirate Captain and Onox would be far more interesting characters.

          • Squid

            “Well, we know that they aren’t ignoring Majora nor Wind Waker” I never said I was only speaking for Wind Waker. Nor did I say you mentioned tetra, my reasoning for mentioning tetra is that she is the go to character by Zelda fans for Hyrule Warriors (ha, autocorrect tried to make it Hyrule Wario). And let me move on, I admit, agitha is a weird choice, but from what I’ve seen, she is not a bad character, she summons mystical giant bugs to her aid. Having Medli or any of her species are welcome in my book, if I do remember correctly, Medli also had a spirit with her which was a Zora. Either way, I can’t argue something that’s been deconfirmed, at least for the main campaign.

          • FatMasterBass

            “I never said I was only speaking for Wind Waker.”

            Neither did I. I only said your WW picks were uninteresting. You defended Skullkid under the assumption that I was calling him uninteresting, which I didn’t.