Jun 27th, 2014


A flood of new information about Hyrule Warriors has leaked this week, thanks to a new issue of Famitsu magazine dedicated to covering the game. We now know that Agitha from Twilight Princess is playable, along with a new original character Lana. In addition, we learned that Princess Zelda is in fact Queen Zelda in the game, who is playable as well.

Aside from the new details on playable characters, we have a few new screenshots linked in the gallery below. You can check them out and if you want to see the rest, you can head here to view them. Some of these are of new playable characters including Agitha, Lana and Zant, while others showcase new powers and abilities.

Aside from gameplay details, we also got a look at some of the costumes that will be available in the three editions of Hyrule Warriors that will be hitting Japan next week. The Premium edition comes with a physical Triforce alarm clock along with several costume sets, while the treasure box edition comes with a special box that plays music in addition to all the costumes of the previous versions. Currently there’s no word on special editions for any other region outside of Japan, but Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the game.

Will you be picking this up in September when it’s released?

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  • lozman1122

    Yes!! It looks like Zant will keep his bad ass helmet/mask on. I was worried they would remove it…

    • HorizonChaser

      You mean the character that looks like Megalon?

  • Petri

    Definitely will be picking this up.
    Need something to play until October.

    • When Bayonetta 1 AND 2 come out!1 :3

      • Petri

        That is the game I have been waiting for like the second coming.
        Original included was a nice surprise.

  • jjbredesen

    My god that looks:

    • Officer Raichu

      is this the only time zant looks..epic?

      • jjbredesen

        That is Ghirahim 😛

    • Magnus Eriksson

      This game will get 6.5 out of 10 on Metacritics as best. Mark my words. I still dont understand why they didnt pick a different franchise for this experiment. Metroid would have made much more sense.

      • jjbredesen

        We will have to see, i think it looks good, and they did say that they would add some puzzle elements etc. and i am guessing that the story will be deeper than what we know so far, but i do agree it will not be a 10/10 game of the year sort of game.

        Think it will be more around 7/10-8/10, but who knows.

        Since its a Zelda game, i am not sure if Aounoma will even let it be published if its not good enough, but i have not tried the game so i can’t review it xD

        Think it has potential though.

  • mojack411

    Man, it’s a damn shame I won’t be able to play this when it comes out since I’ll be in Japan and won’t have access to my Wii U. But holy crap am I gonna have a lot of games to play when I have access to it again in January, not to mention all the 2015 releases (which I’m hoping some will be Feb).

    • kevin nun—-

      Ill be in boot camp until January 🙂

  • Gamemech10

    Definitely picking this up.

  • OmaLNavarrete

    I was worried they would remove it… http://to.ly/zXfX

  • Kyle

    my body is ready!

  • Thedude

    Wow. It’s barely ps3 graphics. Can’t wait til Nintendon’t releases a 7th gen system and stops remaking gamecube in new packages

    • Ducked

      I can actually agree with you, this game isn’t taking advantages of the Wii U’s power.

      • Officer Raichu

        still looks fun 🙂

      • Magnus Eriksson

        My biggest complaint is the franchise they use. Metroid would have made more sense. Or Kid Icarus even, But Zeldas magic comes from puzzles and exploring, not stuff like this.

        • WarioForever

          But it looks awesome!

    • MerryBlind .

      I don’t know… This games looks gorgeous at times and mehh at others… I’ll have to see it it in action in front of me to decide if it’s pretty or not lol.

      Though I assume it’s 60fps, if it is, I’m sure it will be very pretty in action.

      PS3 couldn’t handle this game at 60fps.

    • rp17

      Did you really upvote your own comment?…

      • Jonathan Robitaille

        classic troll behavior

      • Dallas Gooch

        It’s that truthteller guy who always trolls on this site, ignore him.

    • majora :D

      You still owe me something… 🙂

      • bistricky

        ROFLOL …….. XD

    • Rinslowe

      Nice. Everything just looks better in a box…

  • Jonathan Robitaille

    This keeps looking better and better with each new reveal. What seemed to me to be somewhat of a cash grab for the japanese market now actually looks deeper and more polished. The hype is building

  • gamingpalooza

    looks great

  • Leo

    I’m amazed by this game!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • Mr. J

    Man I really want this game……unfortunately though I have like way more games on my wii u than my ps4 so I’m trying to buy ps4 games right now. In September I’ll be getting destiny

    • Rinslowe

      Yep. Cannot miss Destiny.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    So, just to be sure, is Zant a playable character or a boss? I’ve heard people on here say he’s a boss but this article says he’s a playable character…I’d like to know which is correct.

    • Dallas Gooch

      Wii U Daily really seems like they haven’t been following this game at all based on previous articles on this game they have posted. But from the looks of the screenshots it’s a good possibility he’ll be playable. We’ll just have to wait till more info comes out. Knowing how the warriors series is, i’m sure all the bad guys will be playable. Besides the large bosses obviously.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Yeah, it’s just Wii U Daily had an article saying Agorok was a playable character. And well…that turned out to be wrong. Since Zant is also a boss in TP….I’d just like to know if Wii U Daily is right this time.

        The pictures are a little confusing as well. In this one screenshot, it looks like Minda (who I assume is what the “player” chose to be) is fighting Zant: http://wiiudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/hyrule-warriors-3-200×120.jpg?af4e70

        On the other hand, in this screenshot, it looks like Zant is fighting (as a playable character): http://wiiudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/hyrule-warriors-7.jpg?af4e70

        Also, is it just me or is Zant allot smaller than how he was in TP? If I’m recalling correctly, Zant towered over Link. It looks like they made him about the same size as Minda…just slightly bigger.

        • HorizonChaser

          Zant looks like Megalon.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            How the heck does Zant look like this:

          • Dallas Gooch

            I didn’t see it at first but his helmet looks kinda similar to Megalon’s head. As far as the mouth and eyes go at least.

          • HorizonChaser

            The pose of Zant featured in the article reminded me of the pose of Megalon in Godzilla Unleashed by Atari.

  • Rinslowe

    Midna’s character model looks pretty awesome, have to say. Some really nice screen shots as well. I will be picking up a copy when it hits. But I’ll reserve my overall impression until after playing it…

  • bistricky

    The screenshots look awesome.
    The box art / cover art, imo, will sell a lot of games,
    especially to those who won’t know about this game until it is released …

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • johnqpublic

    who’s the girl on the right of the cover?

    • 00EpicGamer00

      If you’re talking about the Hyrule Warriors box art/cover, that’s Lana.

  • companyoflosers

    i wonder if “queen” zelda has anything to do with the new wii u game. we know there is a hyrule castle or at least something similar to a castle town in there because you can see it in the background of hyrule field in the reveal trailer. i find it hard to believe there would be someone else ruling hyrule other than the zelda royal family or zelda herself so it would make sense that that is what they are alluding to in hyrule warriors… then again warriors may have its own story.