Feb 18th, 2015


If the latest Majora’s Mask DLC for Hyrule Warriors wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, maybe this will be. A new DLC pack called the Big Boss Pack will be available on March 12 for $2.99, or $19.99 in the Hero of Hyrule pack, if you haven’t delved into any of the Hyrule Warriors DLC so far. This pack adds a Boss Challenge mode, where you can fight a series of bosses to earn new costumes.

Additionally, there’s a new mode called Ganon’s Fury that lets you assume the role of Ganondorf in monster form in order to decimate the battlefield with his ultimate moves. Fans of the series have been clamoring for Ganon to be added as a playable character, so here you go. You’ll be able to sink your teeth into the world of Hyrule as Ganon on March 12. Will you be picking it up?

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