Jun 26th, 2014


Earlier this week information leaked from Famitsu magazine hinted that in addition to the already announced playable characters, we would be seeing two new playable characters, including Agitha from Twilight Princess, and Lana, an original character for the series. In addition to this, it was leaked that the moon from Majora’s Mask would be a summonable attack in the game.

Today we get our first look at both Agitha and Lana as characters, as well as what the moon from Majora’s Mask looks like within the game. I don’t know about you, but all this makes me want is an HD remake of Majora’s Mask on Wii U, similar to what was done with Wind Waker HD last year. What do you think of the two new characters?

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  • Mr Ninty

    if our moon looked like that, we would have bombed the crap out of it.

  • Ducked

    All of these Majora’s Mask appearances lately gives me a feeling that we’ll be seeing it come to the 3DS (such as OoT), or like Ashley mentioned, have it remastered on the Wii U. I’m up for either one, since I don’t have a Nintendo 64 anymore.

    • The Clockwork Being

      What about all the Twilight Princess references in this game πŸ˜›

      • abe

        I think ducked meant all the MM references everywhere. Stuff like MM in link between worlds and Zelda Williams wearing a giant one at smash bros

        • The Clockwork Being

          I know, i know im just joking around.

          Edit: For Zelda Williams, she said on her twitter account that it was her mask and she brought it to show support for a Majora’s Mask remake. So it wasn’t Nintendo that asked her to bring it on stage with her.

        • darkcreap

          Yep. The Majora’s Mask reference in a Link Between worlds was absolutely intentional. And Aonuma said, in response to a specific question from fans that an idea of their plans would be seen in A Link Between Worlds. So yes, I think everything is to be taken into account. I guess either Nintendo had the intention to bring it long ago and/or they are listening to fans’ demands.

          Remember he fan made trailer for Majora’s Mask remake on WiiU? Watch it, it’s gorgeous. And that sinister feeling… it’s not Zelda as Nintendo would make it but yet I liked what I saw in that trailer.


          • Rinslowe

            There be skills…

          • darkcreap

            I don’t get what you mean. Skills?

          • Rinslowe

            Whoever made that trailer has skills…

    • Rinslowe

      I’m in camp remastered more-so. But either way, fingers crossed.

      • MerryBlind .

        Me too. I don’t have a 3DS and don’t really want one since I don’t like handhelds. More importantly though, the remake would just be much better on Wii U than on 3DS.

        • Rinslowe

          I’d rather just throw everything I have at it, from the sound system to the big screen.That’s more my reasoning.
          But yeah I agree it would be better served on Wii U than 3DS regardless. Not that a 3DS version wouldn’t be a decent game either way….

          • MerryBlind .

            Yeah obviously, a good game is a good game, it would just be prettier on Wii U, but you know, if they’re indeed making a remake, might as well make it the prettiest they can, and that’s on Wii U, not 3DS.

          • Rinslowe


          • Ducked

            Why not both a 3DS and Wii U version. It could be year of the Majora’s Mask ! Lol. Although the only reason I couldn’t see a Wii U remaster would be because it would release the same year as the new Zelda, unless it released in 2016.

          • MerryBlind .

            Well 2016 would be 30th Zelda anniversary. Not sure what that’s worth, but I guess it could be a good year for an epic Zelda celebration a.k.a a remake.

          • Rinslowe

            Yeah totally. A cross buy “type” game. Or completely separate games with the ability to affect both through Amiibo’s. Or just straight up and down individual experiences. I wouldn’t complain…
            If it came down to a choice though that’s how I would choose it.

      • bistricky

        Yeah I would dig it being remastered for the Wii U. πŸ˜€

  • Chris Orr

    Soooo… if the moon is a summonable attack does that mean Majora will be a playable character?

    • MerryBlind .

      Majora? You mean the mask itself? Or Skull Kid? I really really really really really want Skull Kid (with the Mask obviously) to be in it, however I have to say having only the Mask by itself would be quite brilliant.

      • Skull Kid wearing the Mask was confirmed as an assist trophy last year.

        Edit: wrong game, my bad.

        • different game o.0

          • Whoops. I had multiple tabs opened. I guess I mixed them up, sorry.

        • MerryBlind .

          I know…

          • The Clockwork Being

            And because we need Female characters.

          • MerryBlind .

            Not particularly… and there are already plenty of female characters in Smash… and Wii Fit Trainer is either Male or Female… and Skull Kid could as well be female for all we know lol…

          • The Clockwork Being

            He’s a guy…

          • MerryBlind .

            Yeah I totally agree, that’s why I took the time to specify “Sure Wii Fit Trainer is hilarious and original”. It’s not that she/he is a bad addition, it’s just that Skull Kid would have been a much better one.

            And yeah I guess he’s a guy too, I was saying this jokingly since I don’t remember the games specifying he’s a boy, so he could very well be a girl.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Ah I see. Yeah Majora’s Mask is in my top 5 Zelda games. I really wanted Skull Kid to be playable since his moveset could have been really original.

            Yeah Wii Fit Trainer<Skull Kid.

          • MerryBlind .

            I haven’t played that many Zelda games, but Majora’s Mask is easily my favourite one, and one of my favourite games of all time.

          • TaintedXGamer

            I played Wii fit plus with my family, I didn’t mind wii fit trainer at all ;3. I’m definitely give WFT a go when SSBWIIU Comes out……….now where did I put my wii fit board, I misplaced it for a while. :< ……

          • The Clockwork Being

            I’m actually gonna give every character a go. I don’t know why but since Melee I started trying to master every character or at least get familiar with them.

      • Chris Orr

        It could go either way since the mask is the actual source of the powers and evil. I also would prefer it to be skull kid with the mask rather than simply the mask though.

  • jjbredesen

    Majoras Mask (3)D confirmed!

    • MerryBlind .

      Noooooo I want (H)D!!! (We can definitely have both 3D and HD though ;))

  • Michael Legault

    They already showed the moon at E3 didn’t they? Also they could’ve used the blue haired oracle from oracle of ages, not that it really matters. I just want to see the ice rod make an appearance

  • The Clockwork Being

    You guys missed tons of great pictures. Here are some of them that you missed

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Some of those screenshots make me want a Twiligh Princess HD remake. πŸ˜€
      Minda (I know it’s “Midna” but I like to call her Minda) looks so awesome. And Zant as well. You know, I think it’d be really awesome if Nintendo released a 3 pack Zelda HD collection. The collection would consist of Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and…maybe Majora’s Mask? Ocarina of Time has been remade WAY to much. And they just remade Wind Waker. So…..

      • The Clockwork Being

        O_O that would pretty good. A HD collection including those would be awesome. They should do it later down the line.

      • Ghazbaran

        Well if it was like 2-3+ years into the future, it would be ok. But keep in mind that HD remakes means less new titles and it’s too soon (Skyward Sword is just a few years old)

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Well, Skyward Sword (at the time of this post) is 3 years old. So…I guess it is a little too soon. But, also keep in mind that it took 6 months for Nintendo to do Wind Waker. And whose to say Nintendo has to put all their focus on the HD collection? They could just break up into teams. A couple set of people can work on the HD collection while the wrest of Nintendo works on new games.

          • sillybajillies

            I think they’re holding off on a remake because Hyrule Warriors essentially IS Twilight Princess HD. Not in the sense of a remake, but in the sense that we’re getting a glimpse of the Twilight Princess styled characters and world in full HD and that’s good enough for me. Part of what makes me want THIS game is the TP art style.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Very true. I also really like the love TP is getting. That alone is making me want this game. Honestly, the moment Minda was revealed as a playable character sold the deal for me, lol. Maybe this is what Nintendo wanted Twilight Princess to look like.

    • bistricky

      Looks fantastic ….. thank you for adding these pictures.

      Cheers πŸ˜€

      • The Clockwork Being

        My pleasure. I found the pictures so I told myself that the people at Wii U daily would enjoy them alot. πŸ™‚

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      The First one is Fake for Hyrule Warriors isn’t it?

    • Nookling

      Did we know about Zant before these pics? Cool to see him too! I love all the meshing of the series

  • PCFreckle

    The moon. Start at 12:15, but just watch all of it. http://youtu.be/wbGr72lrmPA?t=12m15s

  • Mozellergodt

    Thought for a second that this was a remake announcement ! πŸ™

  • Shota

    Fail. they showed the moon on the digital event.

  • MerryBlind .

    I’m sure some people like those kind of characters, but personally I think Lana and Agitha are fudging random and not cool at all.

    The moon looks freaking awesome though.

    I want an MM HD.

  • gerb1977

    This game is starting to intrigue me…….I haven’t had a good button mashing game in years……

    Is it just me or does Nintendo seem to be making the effort to really hype their games over the last few months. All of the screen shot releases and constant chatter from the developers……Hopefully this is something they keep doing. Marketing was pretty sad for the beginning of the U’s life.

  • Weslee Hardin

    I want Dark Link. He was the only cause of my only death in Ocarina of Time.

    • TehEngineer


      I beat Dark Link without dying. I died everywhere else though.

  • B. Adriano

    Here’s my speculation of the day…Lana is probably in the new Legend of Zelda Wii U.

    I mean why else would they introduce a whole new character in the franchise where it doesn’t seem to have any origin story of some sort?

    Just speculating but hmmm….

    • bistricky

      If that was to be found to be true …. it would be a BOOM TO THE FACE moment. XD

    • TaintedXGamer

      Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Lana is a character in the new zelda 2015, but she probably just as the things been saying, a original character just 4 HW.

  • Joel Cruz

    Why does the moon have an engraving of a goat head on his forehead

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Daniel Bryan in disguise?

      • Joel Cruz

        i saw a video on that daniel bryan guy.I knew who he was but didnt know he was a satanist.I already knew Zelda is satanic but i never saw that goat on the moon’s face in Majora’s Mask.
        I dont know why Nintendo does this they dont need that shit

        • Guest

          Wait what?! How is Zelda satanic?

          I can’t tell if you’re joking or not o_O

          I was kidding. The moon has nothing to do with Bryan? He’s a satanist too?

          Oh brother *facepalm*

          • Joel Cruz

            no daniel bryan has nothing to do with majora’s at all(even though he is a satanist).
            believe me i love zelda but i know its satanic.Too long to explain but just type is zelda satanic on the internet and im sure alot of results will come out and you should look at the history of the designs zelda likes to use.

        • Asturias_Knytt

          I was totally kidding.

          Can’t tell if you are or not.

          How is Zelda satanic?

  • palomino blue

    Yeah it was awesome watching that moon get pulled from the sky on the treehouse stream.

  • J_Joestar

    Kinda interesting, the last time we were shown the moon being pulled down it was a scripted event scene.
    This though looks like an in-game special attack instead.

  • Nookling

    Agatha looks a lot better than I expected! Still hoping for Tingle, Mask Salesman, Linebeck, and the Owl to show up. (First 3 playable). Maybe a Goron and a Zora

  • Metso

    The moon attack was already shown at E3 but whatever

  • Moreck

    I don’t know why you guys bother posting such limited, tiny screen shots on your site. Wouldn’t it be better to just link somewhere that has the full gallery in HD?

  • J.r. Storms

    First the Majoras Mask hanging on the wall in a link between worlds, and now this? Nintendo is just laughing at Project Moonfall.

  • Iron Angel

    Glad they’re trying a Zelda game in a new genre. Should be fun.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    The moon is now grey and not brown?


  • Joseph Oliveira

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Majoras Moon to be a summonable attack? We’re screwed….

  • Jasen Swett

    That moon looks sweet! Would be nice to see the skull kid as a playable character!

  • Arthur Jarret

    Enough with the remakes already! Bring on the new games!

    • Epicstuf

      Not a remake. A new game.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Exactly, that’s what I meant. I was commenting on “I don’t know about you, but all this makes me want is an HD remake of Majora’s Mask on Wii U, similar to what was done with Wind Waker HD last year.” in the article.

        HD majoras wrath – that is set up similar to Link between worlds (same world, different game & story) would be awesome.

  • Darknut

    TBH, Hyrule Warriors looks pretty awesome, unfortunately the Warriors gameplay sucks. For the most part. It’s cool commanding armies etc, but once the novelty wears off the games are pretty boring. Unless this game is suped up gameplay wise and adds compelling strategy etc. I’m keeping my eye on it, but for now I’m not sure I’d like it.