Aug 25th, 2014


Hyrule Warriors was expected to be something of a best seller in Japan, but as we saw by last week’s Media Create numbers, the game only managed to sell just shy of 70k copies during its first week available on the market. This gave a boost to Wii U consoles sales in Japan as well, jumping from 13k to 18k within the same week, but will the game continue to sell? Today Media Create reported that only 57.33% of the shipment for the game had been sold in the first week.

Many people expected Hyrule Warriors to perform amazingly based on Japan’s love of the Dynasty Warriors series and the many crossovers it has seen in its time. However, the Legend of Zelda series on consoles has always been a hard sell in Japan, where the handheld reigns supreme. It should also be taken into consideration that the current market for the game is only about 1.8 million, as that is the number of consoles sold in the country at the time.

We’ll just have to see if Hyrule Warriors manages to do better in the West, where The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD did manage to sell 1 million copies shortly after release.

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  • ActivesiN

    I thought it would sell more to be honest, but it will sell over time

  • Ducked

    Zelda has always been bigger in the west. I’m sure many people will buy it here not even knowing its a crossover with Dynasty Warriors. But I don’t see it being a system seller, not even close.

    • Dallas Gooch

      I hope you’re right. From the Japanese gameplay I have seen this game looks really fun. Even more so than your typical Warriors game. And I would like to see a sequel.

    • matthew garcia

      The Zelda fan base seems to have gotten smaller over time. It use to bigger even in America. Nintendo just kinda stopped commercializing Zelda making it less popular. Back in the day Zelda was on every gaming magazine with cool commercials and was all the talk of the 90’s. Times have changed. Zelda is still my favorite video game franchise.

      • Ducked

        It has faded out in the past years, but it’s still massively popular. I’ve never been a huge fan of the series, but the games always turn out to be a great experience.

        • dazco4

          Zelda for Wii U will be heavily marketed. No doubt.

      • Fred

        I’m not convinced that it got smaller over time. They
        released an HD remake (Wind Waker) on a system with a small install base and it’s
        already sold over a million copies (and that’s just physical copies keep in
        mind that when the game released there were a lot of people like me that got it
        digitally because it was available digitally a few weeks before it was available

        • matthew garcia

          I think ocarina of time was the peak of zeldas popularity and that was in 1998

          • Fred

            I don’t know. Twilight Princess sold more copies

      • Mr Ninty

        in the 90’s nintendo did more with its games like cartoonseries, merchandise, infochannels. its a shame that there is no more mario show on tv or donkey kong

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Not a system seller, but will sell enough I believe.

      • Rinslowe

        You feeling ok Gonzalez?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Feeling quite fine. Yourself?

          • Rinslowe

            I was wondering if you may had put something in my morning Latte. But otherwise I’m also ok. Thanks for asking.

    • especially because people who don’t know it’s roots within the DW franchise might be turned off by Hyrule Warrior’s strangely different approach compared to other Zelda games. People who manage to see it as some sidekick like Four Swords was might have their fun though.

  • Milky Bacons

    Huh. You can never predict people. I’ll jot that down on my note pad.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    Always though Zelda was bigger over in jpn then it was in the west. Learned something new today lol

  • Daniel Carvalho

    What do you mean by “only 57%”? That’s more than half in a country that has a low installed based! Not to mention they’re talking about physical copies, not counting digital sales.

    I’d say the game’s fairing well, and it will probably keep steady sales until Bayonetta 2 comes out next month!

  • Jon

    What’s with all this “Only”? 70k copies, especially for Zelda, for a new release in Japan is not bad at all. these guys seem like they are out to make games selling decent and a game pushing out more systems to be bad.

    • Andrew Clear

      Also, it isn’t a true zelda or Dynasty Warriors game, but a cross over. 70k debut, for a console game in Japan is pretty good, let alone a cross over on a system that has a low install base.

    • This is Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin, these are bad numbers for this franchise in Japan. Pirate Warriors sold 600 K first week.

      • Exactly this. Other Dynasty Warriors skins include One Piece and Gundam and those games sold 600k their first week. The crossover hasn’t been the success I’m sure Nintendo hoped it would be as of yet.

        • John

          Ok but keep in mind that it hasn’t been a week yet. It was released on the 14th. The report was only for the 11th to the 17th. Thats three days where the sales were zero because it wasn’t out yet. So we must wait for the next report where those three days were included for a more accurate first week sales number. Also, 57% is still over half.

          • It won’t sell 550 K in a few more days. It didn’t do as well as they thought and we gotta accept it.

          • John

            But it could sell 56,929 units in three days. Then it would be on par with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn. That sold 126,019 units in one week. Heck If it just sold 39,000 in three days it would be good. And honestly, if it got ranked in the #2 spot for that week with an 3 day late start, I think 39,000 units in three days would not be that hard.

            Expect the next report to make the total sales go over 100,000.

          • Rinslowe

            Could be…

          • Rinslowe

            How well did they expect it to sell? I don’t see them putting a no’ to it anywhere. Also, if you’re basing your assumption on the amount of stock available in Japan, name one company that ever expected to sell 100% of available stock in only 3 days? You do realise sales only represented 3 days tracking right? What am I going on about, of course you did. This news was relevant a few days ago. Making this a well known fact by now…

          • Just look at it, DW sells good as shit in JP. We can’t always be “le nintendo defeners” If this didn’t do great in JP, I don’t see success in the west side (RIP 2pac) I’m not trying to be a buzz kill, just being realistic.

          • Rinslowe

            You’re not really looking at it “as it is” factually. But only from a generalist POV. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately. So I would argue your current view of “realistic”, being all that real.

            As far as “how well” this title goes in the rest of the world, I’d say “Pirate Warriors” is a good place to continue the subject. It only managed to “double” its initial first weeks launch in two other markets, to today. Or, total lifetime sales to-date of 1.2m. The second PW’ game which is even more directly related to the first than HW, has sold “in-total since launch” the same no’ of copies as the first game did during its first week – in Japan only. Or + 650k global lifetime sales. Therefore how well “Hyrule Warriors” does outside of Japan should be historically speaking – less than Japan…

          • It sold 57% of it’s copies on launch, that is bad. One Piece is bigger than Zelda over there. MK8 had a better launch than this game. If hardware had to do with it, How come MK8 outsold it? MK8 did fine at lauch.

          • Rinslowe

            Sorry but based on all real world factors including the actual “time-frame” obviously the title has sold averagely. But hey, I guess providing the “facts” as they really are makes me somehow less credible than “it sold X % of stock, therefore its a negative” lol.
            And no-one except perhaps yourself, would seriously put Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 in the same category. That’s truly questionable logic. In fact that’s practically at war with logic…

          • Dexrobo

            I don’t know why you’re arguing, it didn’t sell as well as people thought, and we can’t do anything about it. See it as a gamer, not as a Nintendo fanboy lol. Having a sequel doesn’t mean anything. It sold 57%. 57%. 43% is left. They obviously were expecting more. I also don’t see why your starting to call me out over game sales. I’m stating it didn’t do well as expected. That’s just me right? Lol.

          • Rinslowe

            “these are bad numbers for this franchise in Japan.Pirate Warriors sold 600 K first week.”

            Trouble with interpreting the facts? How you used the first PW game while skipping the second was a pretty deliberate oversight. I guess you just read a few articles that copied a few other articles and thought it all made sense. Didn’t do as well as expected? That is what I’m calling you out over. I’ll ask you again, by whose standard? How are you “reasoning” 70k in sales being a negative for 3 days of data? You obviously just saw “media create no’s; x date to x date” and thought that gaming websites putting the title “Hyrule Warriors” next to it, meant the timeframe applied to every game equally. It’s pretty simple really. Either you substantiate your “opinion” with facts. Or you sit down and realise that you’ve just been educated. All of your generalist opinions have been debunked. How well the game really does I couldn’t care less. But hey give yourself an upvote…

          • Dexrobo

            Warriors usually does extremely well. Let me say this one more time. 57% of copies sold. I’m saying that it’s not as good as most people thought. I don’t know why you’re getting so defensive. Ooooohhh, I got schooled by some random guy on the internet who probably doesn’t major in marketing/sales. I understand if you think I’m wrong, but you sound ridiculous really. I’m done with this conversation, sticking with my opinion, and that’s it. Right? Lol

          • Rinslowe

            You’re not looking at the facts buddy. If you don’t get it now you never will.

            *Install base at the time of release being irrelevant – ridiculous.

            *Saying it’s not as good as Nintendo wanted/ to its not as good as you wanted/ to its not as good as “most” people wanted – pure specualtion.

            *Calling someone a fanboy for stating facts, while calling out your lack of “the facts” and labelling that defensive – is just you being defensive.

            *Questioning a persons professional credibility on the internet – plain silly.

            *Failing to realise “media create” does not include downloaded copies. Using a % to outline total sales without considering all avenues of sales – poorly informed oversight.

            *Refusing to acknowledge “media create” tracked only “3 days of data” not 7 – convenient.

            *Using Pirate Warriors from 2012 as an example of success, while failing to point out Pirate Warriors’ 2013 successor sold in total only the same amount in 17 months as the first achieved in one week. Completely overlooking the trend there – even more convenient.

            *But perhaps the most ridiculous – Saying something hasn’t sold well, but unable to articulate even once why the % given is relevant.

            Oh boy. Give yourself another upvote.

          • Dexrobo

            Give yourself another upvote? How come all yours have 1 too? Anywhoosies. It’s over, the fights over, stop, grow up. I’m done. If you wanna keep replying go ahead you marketing genius.

          • Rinslowe

            Hell, I’m not even saying Hyrule Warriors sold as a success. Personally I think the thing sold only OK, given the actual data. But at least I was able to articulate valid reasons as to why, while at the same time providing equally valid reasons why your reasoning was failing you. So stop acting upset, take your own advice and be more mature about it. Next time think for yourself, instead of blindly following every other website that’s covering this topic right now.

        • Rinslowe

          Actually, according to Wii U’s install base in Japan (the only market available to date) – clearing over half of all available stock in what was essentially 3 – 4 days worth of sales is not so shabby. Its not wise to compare a platform like PS3 and comparable titles in the series to Wii U at this point in time. Those no’s were only possible due to the install base “at the time” of release. It’s not like Hyrule Warriors equates to the same thing as say; Mario Kart 8. This is a single platform. And a single Nintendo platform…

        • ZZZ

          you are comparing the popularity between One Piece and Zelda in Japan?
          seriously? You call yourself a professional?

          • Rinslowe

            Come out of the shadows buddy and put your opinion to your usual account. That is no way to make a point…

          • ZZZ

            this is my account, and that was my first comment because I can’t bare the stupid reply

          • Rinslowe


      • Rinslowe

        Are you really arguing a game that sold in the later part of PS3’s lifespan to an install base of 10+ million *(Japan) *(5 times greater than Wii U)? Its all relative really. Of the 7m Wii U (global) console owners, less than a third *(roughly 1.9m) reside in Japan. How is Hyrule Warriors supposed to compete with those no’s – today?
        In other words, in order to support Pirate Warriors on PS3 *(10m/ Japan at the time of release), all people had to do was purchase the title. Is it logical to compare that to the investment of a platform to also enjoy Hyrule Warriors, at this point in Wii U’s early cycle? I think they’re not really the same thing.

      • FaTih

        But I think One Piece is WAY more famous than Zelda, or not ?!

  • CEObrainz

    70,000 units in the first week is still a decent number, especially when you compare it to the opening week of other Wii U titles. If only 80,000 units were shipped and we had 87.5% instead we’d be saying the game is doing perfectly fine (which is currently true). What we should be looking at is how consistent are these numbers from a week to week basis….

    • matthew garcia

      I agree but it helps to get that big sling shot of sales at the beginning so momentum can fade slowly further down the road. I’m not sure what the budget of the game was but it doesn’t look to expensive so maybe the low sales won’t effect it to badly

  • Jon Turner

    Only Koei-Tecmo or Nintendo can say whether these sales are good or not. The opening week sales, regardless of how much stock it cleared, is still solid. It’ll also be on the next Media Create charts.

    • Rinslowe

      I’d say its mostly only OK. But its far from bad.
      70k in the first *6 days is “OK”, for a platform of roughly 1.9m…

  • Michael DeVore

    Looking at the Wii TP JP to US week one sales was 1 to 2.5, SS was 1 to 3, and WW on the WiiU was 1 to 4.

    If the tend holds then the US sales of HW should be anywhere form 140k on the low end to 280k on the high end. I’m not sure how much I’d bet that the tend holds. It isn’t exactly a main stream zelda title, and could end up selling like Dynasty Warriors in the us. Basically worst of both possibilities.

    I hope it does better, and sells like a traditional Zelda title, and breaks the 1 to 4 ratio.

  • D Moness

    Only 7 other games in the whole wii U library had a better japanese opening week. What do people mean with only.

    • 7 other games? At times when the installed base was far smaller than it is now? While we still are talking about a game somehow belonging to a signature franchise here?
      While I agree that 70k isn’t soo-oo bad at all I understand that it’s allowed to expect more.

  • FutureFox

    Reads like a john Kinsley article but I was shocked it was Ashley. *tsk tsk* Since when is selling 70k in week’s time a bad thing? Report back if the numbers are bad in a month or two.

  • Kuhang Menyangbo

    Not bad at all.

  • dazco4

    70k in three days is really good!! It will probably sell 200k within a month in Japan. With the west, we could be sniffing at 1 million in not too much time. Donkey kong tropical freeze was considered a success and that’s sold about 600k.

  • Rich Garriques

    thats not bad at all , it will sell very well once it reaches the west

  • Saul Rivera

    Funny how we quickly make and article to say Hyrule Warriors is a hit to make another article a few days later to say it wasn’t…..

    • matthew garcia

      Yeah that was kinda bi polar

      • FutureFox

        Just like Ubisoft. Must be a media virus floating around.

      • Rinslowe

        Haha, for once I agree. With humour of course…

  • Ultrasyd

    I’m fed up with numbers 😀 Back in the days who cared about sells the first 3 days ?
    Well, that’s gaming today : )

  • Agent721

    It would help put this in perspective as to what a typical percent of the 1st shipment sells out the first week…do all games typically sell out?

    • oontz

      I wouldn’t think all games sell out of their initial shipment in an entire region the size of Japan. But it could happen.

  • dcj91x

    #2 best selling game and that’s supposed to be a bad thing?… Why is it every time a game on the wiiu does well someone makes it look like it didn’t?

    • CapnCrumbles436

      A supposed WiiU fan site shouldn’t be pushing these kind of crap articles. Its the same sort of rubbish the cable news cycles run. Sensationalized nonsense, doom and gloom at every turn.

  • FutureFox

    In that case even 100% a sell through rate would be considered terrible given that they (Japan) only had 140k in stock to begin with for the week to sell to customers.

  • oontz

    “It should also be taken into consideration that the current market for the game is only about 1.8 million, as that is the number of consoles sold in the country at the time.”

    Wouldn’t the current market by definition be anyone in Japan that is interested in this game and has the capital to buy the game and a wiiu to play it? It’s obvious Japanese gamers bought a wiiu to play this as sales spiked during its release.

  • Divaitiie!

    See ? What did i just said ? It’s gonna be a flop fo sho!
    I LOVE Legend of Zelda but Hyrule Warriors disgust me … probably because I dislike Tecmo Koei ( popular for bouncing boobies ) or Warriors franchise is among my dislike lists. Yeah, probably that’s it XD.
    Oh and Lana, I fucking hate that anime idol girl …. disgusting …

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Hmmm..decent. It’s too premature to say if the game is failing or not.

  • masterjedi

    I feel like that’s a good start. Nearly 60% of your shipped inventory gone in one week? If someone stole that much inventory it’d be a catastrophe. I find it interesting that WiiU sales went up to 18k with the release of this game. That’s basically exactly what Reggie Fils Aime said was gonna happen at E3 this year. Nintendo has a lot of games coming out this that they think are going to push console sales.

  • InterTriplete

    Ahahah “only”… It had to do 2M copies for haters, more than Mario Kart 8, more than the install base, itself! XD For this game, it will be the “zelda factor” that will have more importance in its sells, not its “musou” nature, very secundary in this tribute to the best videogame saga ever. In this sense, it was more than evident right at first sight that this title would have had more appeal on us, Western people, than on Japanese. And however, 70K copies in 4 days (not 1 week…) is more than WW HD numbers, so people, don’t tell stories, always the sames stories, about Wii U, also when we are speaking about a not bad performance. Not excellent, but neigher tragic as always the same people love to comment about Nintendo… 😉

  • iamserious

    The only complaint I have on this game is that there is no voice acting in the cut scenes.

  • CapnCrumbles436