Aug 29th, 2014


Today Nintendo launched the english language version of its Hyrule Warriors website, which features several of the dozens of trailers that have been released over the past few months. The hype surrounding the release of Hyrule Warriors on September 26 is very real, so if you’re interested in seeing all the relevant information about the game, be sure and check it out.

The site also includes the Hyrule Warriors Direct that we saw at the beginning of this month, in addition to more details on the Ganondorf costume that’s available through Club Nintendo. The site also features player profiles for all thirteen playable characters, so be sure and check that out if you’re having trouble deciding who you should play once the game is released.

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  • PS4WiiURocks

    I want this game right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • Darius

      i understand you completely! and whats the deal with that pic? just curious

      • PS4WiiURocks

        what pic

      • PS4WiiURocks

        If you mean my profile pic ..i like both flags

        • BrBa

          Yeah, now that he mention about it, what’s with the flags ?

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Just flags man..Nothing more

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well, that’s how you see it, which is fine. Though, for others, it represents a dark part of American history. Which I’m sure you know what I mean. I don’t care if you use it personally, but there will be people who might be sensitive to seeing it.

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Agreed but i use that for other sites i will just change the one for Disqus..It was time to change it anyways

          • LOL. there’s no ‘just flags’. It’s not funny sticker or spraypaint that looks cool. A flag is always standing for something. If that’s not your intention, then you might still think about how other people perceive stuff like that. A flag is a symbol, carrying histories, nationalities, ideologies and whatever. If I’d use something like the german cross, claiming something like ‘I just like black’ then people might think I don’t read too many books.

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Well i like the USA flag and the Rebel Flag. No hate there just something i like

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          The confederate flag isn’t exactly a good symbol.

          • marloc_x

            Looks great on an orange Dodge Charger..

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Well i love both flags both that’s just me

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well I have no clue on why you love it, but that’s another story. To each their own.

  • HavokPants


    • eclectic*raptor

      hahahaha wtf?

  • Nintendope

    The fact that there is only 5 comments in this article shows the interest from the people to this game.. It’s so sad but only the loud minority wants this game really bad making it look like it will do great but the reality is different 🙁 I hope I’m wrong though.

    • Ghazbaran

      I’m having my doubts about this game. I mean, sure having characters from the LoZ universe beating up a bunch of bad guys looks awesome, but I’m not the biggest fan of the Dynasty Warriors series, so I can’t say how much would I enjoy this game, I’ll have to wait and see if it’s as good as they say it is in Japan.

    • BrBa

      I like Zelda but this game is so horrible!
      It’s basically a dynasty warriors with the skin of Zelda. And Yes, I didn’t play the game, but I watched, all episodes (On gamexplain). The only things great about the game are the soundtracks and be able to play ganondorf and that it -__- …

    • I might get it. Not sure if I’ll just buy it when it launches or wait for a discount but, as long as the reviews manage to come up with a decent rating, I’ll pick it up sooner or later. And I guess that’s how quite some players might do it. It just isn’t a real Zelda game so the hype isn’t as big. It still looks fun, so I guess people might buy it, maybe just becasue it’s Zelda-branded.

  • anthony optimo

    I hope this game is more challenging than what the trailers portray.

    • Dallas Gooch

      The trailers portray easy mode. Universally in the Warriors series, easy mode means the enemies rarely attack besides the officers and bosses. Harder difficulty modes become much harder. To the point where a few hits from the grunts can kill you. And obviously they get more aggressive as well. They set the trailers at easy mode so it’s easier to showcase the game.

  • Christian Schoff

    I can not wait to play this. My first Warriors game.

    • discuss

      I would wait for the reviews. Just because they borrowed Zelda skins doesn’t mean it will be a good game.

      • Christian Schoff

        You’re right it doesn’t. But I don’t ever buy a game based on reviews. I’m not everyone else. Just because someone else doesn’t like something doesn’t mean I won’t as well. Heck I like Batman and Robin.

        • Dallas Gooch

          They have gameplay of the Japanese version. This one guy beat the whole game and adventure mode and posted it on youtube. He couldn’t read anything on the game though lol.

  • Sean Miller

    I just hope it’d actually a challenge & fun

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I continue to take the stance of checking the reviews and fan feedback first to know if one should place priority on Hyrule Warriors or not. Time will tell. Interest remains atm.

  • jediric

    The moment I feel really happy having the japanese Wii U and a japanese wife to translate that game for me XD
    I’m going to play it a bit now ^^

  • masterjedi

    I played Dynasty Warriors 2 back in the day and I thought it was a pretty cool concept. I like the fact that this game has objectives instead of just being a glorified beat’em up. And I haven’t played a DW game since DW 2 so I don’t have the franchise fatigue that some others may have. Hyrule Warriors is a buy for me for sure.

  • SegaKing

    Hyrule Warriors is playable at Best Buy. I played it.

    • Nickos Foivos

      How was it?! SPEAK!!!!

    • Marioman21

      Yes how was it.

  • bistricky

    Hyrule Warriors …. my son pre-ordered it, for my birthday. Can’t wait until it arrives in North America. Cheers, to my son Brandon. 😀

  • Nickos Foivos


  • this will be one of the better console games for the end of the year. Ofcource the WIi u can use it missing out on some third party games, but deffenitely looking forward to playing this!

  • Fboogey

    Ready for this!

  • SnappyJon

    Interesting website. The full motion background is a bit OTT.

  • LinkTHEbest

    So maybe this is old news. But I’ve heard you can play the game at best buy stores. I don’t know about any demo at best buy stores, but I was at Target on Friday and while I was waiting for my prescription I wandered over to the wiiu game station. There to my surprise was a playable demo for hyrule warriors. It let you play the first level as either link, zelda, or midna. I wasn’t too sure if I would buy the game, but after playing the demo I think I will. The game isn’t as deep as a zelda game, but it was awesome just performing tons of combos and whooping up on tons of bad guys. The music was also fantastic and there was loads of zelda nostalgia everywhere. So overall, it won’t be as good as a zelda game…but it will still be a pretty awesome game to hold me over till smash bros comes out.

  • great deku tree

    hmmm I’m still not sure whether or not to buy this game. even with all of the Zelda characters, music and landscapes (big Zelda fan here) I’m still not convinced. I’ve never played a dynasty warriors game in my life but still to me the game just seems way too repetitive. performing big combos and killing hundreds of minions without any difficulty just doesn’t seem like my kinda game.

    Even if it was difficult it looks like the kind of game that would entertain me for about an hour max. by that time I will have grown bored of the repetitiveness of the game and probably put it away to gather dust for a while. I don’t know maybe I’m just overthinking about this. that’s just the way that the game has appeared to me so far you know? I’ll maybe wait until the English version is released and watch a let’s play to see if I’ll change my mind. until then I probably won’t be picking up a copy.