Jul 21st, 2014


According to a recent tweet from the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account, a new unannounced playable character will be revealed. The tweet specifically mentions the ground, leading many to believe that a playable Goron will top the announcement. The game is scheduled to launch in August in Japan, with the rest of the world getting it in September.

Would you be excited to play as a Goron in the upcoming game? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Gabe Hoffman


  • Phoenix Maybe

    As long as they don’t bring someone as lame as Agatha then I don’t mind who they announce.

  • Will447

    Yeah of course! Playing as a goron would be awesome! Imagine just rolling over and crushing everything!


    *fingers crossed eyes closed*Groose,Groose,Groose,Groose……

  • TheBrainJemin

    Please be King Harkinian, Morshu, or Gwonam……..

  • Epicstuf

    Please put Groose, the douche.

    • Jared Garcia

      the groose, the groose, the groose is on fire!

  • Virus6

    They really need a Goron and a Zora rep. It’s a missing opportunity if they don’t…

  • HungryMetroid

    no one’s going to complain about how the texture of the pillar zant is standing on looks like it came straight out of twilight princess?

    • kevin nun—-

      looks like a block with a green skin added to it. The developers on this game really don’t care in making this game look nice, the gameplay better be awesome.

    • Aaron K Stone

      Well they had to make some sacrifices for the large numbers of enemies.

      • HungryMetroid

        I’m sure the wii u is powerful enough to have both modern textures and a ton of enemies on screen. it’s not like it’s a character or anything but the laziness bothers me.

        • Aaron K Stone

          I doubt it at least so far as Tecmo’s game engine could allow. From what I saw of some previous DW games on the Wii U they looked pretty similar.

  • bistricky

    With 30 playable characters …. they better not miss ….. Beedle
    …. just ….. just …. think …… um …… action …… and cries of “Ooooooooooo”

    • Yeah, Metroid totally needs to be playable, gotta love jellyfish, you know.

      • bistricky

        Maybe I should have said Samus Aran but I meant more about characters in the Metroid franchise …. I wonder how Metroid Warriors would look (lol).

        • Okay, I was gonna say, hahaha. Yeah that game would be OUT OF THIS WORLD. ha.

  • Michael Hancock


  • Lusunup

    it’s going to be another girl character just you wait.

  • CydeFxt

    I’ve just about had enough of female characters being announced for this game

  • David Horowitz

    Oh, just have us wait until the game comes out.

  • Maikeru Shinigami

    If only it could happen to be Skull Kid.

  • Kobe

    Don’t they reveal one almost every week?

    • darkcreap

      Yep, I guess they are trying to create hype.

  • Rinslowe


  • darkcreap

    Interesting. Great, great. I think this game is gonna be great.

  • Dark Link

    Young Link. With the ability to use his masks as his weapons.

    • MagcargoMan

      Happy Mask Salesman would be more unique at that gimmick.

      • Dark Link

        I don’t think so. His masks were there for show and did not have life in them like the masks Young Link got in MM. Also, he is not an iconic enough character. But, you never know, I mean they put Ruto and Darunia in it. I don’t see it happening but doesn’t mean it can’t 🙂

        • MagcargoMan

          If Agitha of all people is playable, then they can certainly make the Happy Mask Salesman work.

  • disqus_sgtob6da3X

    Toon link! Then it will be a must buy for me.

    • MagcargoMan

      As much as I want that, I think he’s pretty much didconfirmed since Zelda has the Wind Waker as one of her movesets.

      • disqus_sgtob6da3X

        Guess we’ll wait and see.

  • Eli Lauver

    This was added in majora’s mask which doeesnt surprise me to be added afterwards but they should’ve made it a boss you could be many of them would’ve been great but if you could’ve been a skull child it would’ve been wonderful wondering through the woods achieving new ways to return to your old self but once again we got let down by the ledgend of zelda series ext game should be what I based my theory for them to do would’ve been a wonderful idea after majora’s mask and ocarina of time

  • Arkamarky

    I’m just hoping it’s not another female character.

  • Jeremy Baker

    As much hype they are giving thus game I better see some Damn tv ads

  • In Treehouse Live a character named “Goron Captain” spoke. Maybe he’s playable 😀

    • MagcargoMan

      I think they’d choose an actual Goron character rather an a regular goron.

  • MagcargoMan

    Medli and Salvatore from Wind Waker please!

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Looking Forward

  • Matthew

    Darunia has already been announced is that the Goron they are talking about or will there be another Goron?

  • Gabe Hoffman
    • Kirbyomega

      Yesss Darunia’s finishing move will be to play Saria’s Song and make everyone DANCE

  • Zach Cruz

    Yess! i been hoping and telling my friends they should put a playable goron in here!

  • darkmitar

    chocobo 🙂