Jul 22nd, 2014

One of the new weapons revealed from Famitsu scans earlier this month showcased the deadly ball and chain, which is a weapon available to players. We also saw environments from Skyward Sword, so it’s no surprise that in the newest trailer for the game, Link wields the ball and chain and faces off against the Imprisoned from Skyward Sword.

What do you think of this latest trailer? Are you interested in who is left to reveal? The game will release on September 26, so we’ve still got plenty of time for Koei Tecmo to surprise us with new announcements.

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  • RockieOllie

    Don’t forget about Sheik, Princess Ruto and Darunia

  • Christian Schoff

    Hmm…I don’t like it much.

    • Mayoo

      And that’s the whole beauty of it! Different play style!

      • Christian Schoff

        I know. Lol I was just saying that of the ones I’ve seen I don’t think I will use it much or at all. So far my favorite has been Lana and those cubical magic attacks

  • ActivesiN

    still more interested in playing with Zelda, Windwaker FTW!

  • Jeffery02

    Did Link just throw the entire freakin’ WORLD!?!?! I think he swung the freakin’ planet around @ 0:53!

    • iamserious

      Lol maybe you’re right!

    • majora :D

      My exact thoughts, this thing redefines OP, even for a Warriors game

  • iamserious

    This game looks like so much fun! I haven’t played a dynasty warriors game in a very long time. I just hope the textures look a little better than what I’m seeing now.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    I really like how just…In this trailer alone, Link has so much character.

  • LordiMcKill

    I didn’t know Link could use Zelda as a weapon…

  • Arkamarky

    This weapon is even MORE then OP

  • brian

    Looks great, my only complaint is that the animation for enemies being hit is a little… gentle. It doesn’t look like they’ve been hit. No jarring, no feel of you just hit something.

    • brian

      Sound effect needs to have more impact. Special effect for damage needs to be slightly bigger. Enemies should blink red for one or two frames of animation when being struck.

  • “The Power Glove, it’s so bad”

  • Rinslowe

    Yep. That’s got me written all over it! SOLD. I love the subtle aspects with that ball n chain.

  • Epicstuf

    We need the Power Glove as a easter egg weapon.

  • steveb944

    Why can’t we run that fast when we have the ball and chain, in hand , in the Zelda series?