Dec 16th, 2016


Super Mario Run debuted on iOS yesterday and it’s best described as an easy to play, hard to master game. If you’re just chasing after the golden coins in each level you’re going to come away from the game thinking it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever touched. However, if you chase those colored coins that bring up different coins in different patterns, then you’ve got a real challenge going.

While playing as Mario is fun, did you know you can unlock Toad as a playable character? All you need to do is head over to your My Nintendo account and claim him as a reward.


The rest of the items that are available for purchase are pretty standard, including items to make your virtual Kingdom a little prettier and new Toad Rally tickets. There’s also a gigantic golden Mario statue that you can earn, so be sure to head over to your My Nintendo account to check it out and download Toad for free.

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