Nov 20th, 2013

Super Mario 3D World is due out in just two days and its getting rave reviews from sites all over the internet. One of the biggest surprises of last week’s Nintendo Direct was the reveal of Rosalina as a fifth unlockable character. The video above shows you how you get her so if you don’t want to know until you’ve tried it yourself, don’t watch.

It’s nice to see Nintendo including little secrets like this when most gaming companies are releasing extra characters as paid DLC.

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  • Rugmouse

    Now this is a video I will pass on. I know many people believe the game play trailers gave away too much as it is, but to me they just fueled my hype. I’ll be unlocking Rosalina the old fashioned way…by not being able to figure it out and looking this video up later.

  • Mr Waffles

    I just keep on spoiling it for myself… gotta stop when the new Zelda is on the horizon Q.Q

  • Simon Stevens


    • starwars360

      We getting marry in wedding place in Mushroom Kingdom!!!! Then I gave you big kisses so then you realize Super Mario 3D World is one of best games this year!!! Hottest game and hottest wedding!!!

      • Simon Stevens

        That sounds like a beautiful bromance ^.^ Luigi can be the caterer

  • lwlshintalwl

    So much spoilers… must… not… watch

  • Jack5221

    36 different well known websites reviewed the game. 34 of which gave the game a 9/10 or better. Only 2 websites rated it 8/10. Other than that no bad or mixed reviews. Everything has been extremely positive. Day 1 purchase for me!

  • thecoolmana777

    Yes the spoiler is in the title, something I had been avoiding since now, I’m a tad annoyed to be honest :/

    • Ducked

      You should be a toad annoyed

    • BIG Franky

      so then you generally stay off the internet and all gaming sites and podcasts (including Nintendo Directs) then? sorry but there is NO WAY that is believable that you didn’t know Rosalina was in SM3dW…

      • thecoolmana777

        Well most site I have been on have mentioned a new character but you would have to click on the article to see who it was, and if you wanted to know I skipped the 10 things to know part about SM3DW on the Nintendo direct, so yes I did not know she was the unlockable character… that was until I looked at the title of this article, which is annoyingly labelled spoiler. You may not believe it possible to try and stay away from game spoilers but if you try hard enough you can, and this was something I had been hoping to keep a surprise for actually playing the game- but alas the internet, i was always walking on the edge of a knife πŸ™

      • Guy

        Actually just about every other site has given a spoiler warning about who the secret character is.

  • BIG Franky

    I know people hate these spoilers and get mad about them…. but at the end of the day, in this era of social networks and blogs/sites we all like to visit… they are unavoidable… even if you intend to not watch it, you’ll be spoiled somehow, even if by accident, on twitter or in a comment section.

  • Keyser

    I kind of wish they didn’t tell us about her at all. It would have been that much more epic figuring it out myself :/
    (I’m still not watching this video)

    • Majora’s Mask

      the video doesnt show any ”REAL” spoilers just saying how to do it and by spoilers they mean a secret world SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA YOU GOT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING FOR 20 YEARS

  • Ducked

    Wish the game had even more playable characters

    • Jon

      And it starts

      • Ducked

        Weird how I just read that in Timon’s voice from the SNES Lion King game.

  • Schultz38

    Just don’t click the article/watch the video if you don’t want spoilers.

    Problem solved. ;_;

  • erich80

    Nintendo has been unveiling too much about this game… There is absolutely no need of doing that once there is enough hype around 3D World – right now it is the #1 best selling game on US Amazon.

  • A_7

    who would’ve thought we would ever see Rosalina in a cat suit! 😐

  • Andrew St. Clair

    Want to play the game as Rosalina? It’s simple. BEAT THE WHOLE GAME FIRST… then you can play as Rosalina… after you’ve already beaten the game….

    • BIG Franky

      the thing is, that isn’t how you do it…JUST GOTTA BEAT WORLD 1-1 IN CAT SUIT AND JUMP IN THE ROCKET! LOL

      • Andrew St. Clair

        The video is private for some reason, so I can’t watch it now, but I recall them saying, “the rocket will only appear once you’ve beaten the game.” The rocket leads to a secret world that only opens once you beat the game.

  • It says:”This video is private.” …Aw,come on.Well,I’m going to find it by myself.I don’t want to spoil myself.

  • C4

    Hopefully their will also be Galaxy stuff in MK8 πŸ™‚

    “It’s nice to see Nintendo including little secrets like this when most
    gaming companies are releasing extra characters as paid DLC.”

    Don’t give them ideas! πŸ˜‰

    • Josiah Parsons

      I really want to see the boomerang flower get into MK8.

  • Justagamer

    Video is gone and can’t watch …Good i love to find things like this for myself

  • wiiuboy

    Wait, I can’t see the video at all!

  • wiiuboy

    Ugh! I can’t watch this. @overlordror:disqus

  • ICHI

    Well I wanted to watch it as I have two young girls who are just nuts on Mario and princesses. I can’t even imagine what the conversation will be like when I have to explain only one can be a princess and the other can either be an Italian plumber or a mushroom! If I don’t get this unlocked before they see it, my life isn’t worth living πŸ™‚

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    This game gets better and better.

  • ufg

    Am I the only person kind of pissed at the inclusion of Rosalina? I feel using the character who, in Galaxy, had such a great backstory and personality, and putting her into a basically story-less game as the player’s puppet just cheapens the experience. It’s probably just me

  • Jonathan Hunt

    This was a spoiler before the word spoiler appeared. Thanks for nothing! Unlocking her would have been a nice surprise.