Dec 16th, 2013


Publisher 505 Games’ zombie apocalypse survival game, How to Survive, was announced at E3 confirmed for Wii U back in August. In October the game released on Steam, Xbox 360, and PS3. Despite this it still hasn’t yet made it’s way to the Wii U.

According to Nintendo Everything, publisher 505 Games has confirmed that How to Survive is still in the works for Wii U and should release on the console’s eShop next year. The Wii U version will not have online multiplayer, much like the release of Sniper Elite v2 earlier this year.

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  • 505 Games is one of Nintendo’s much valued allies.

    • The Clockwork Being


      • No, I wasn’t aware of the apparent anti-sentiment towards these guys on this website. Does it not count if they still see the Wii U as a viable platform, though?

        • The Clockwork Being

          Oh people hate here. Well almost every nintendo fan on the web hate them. After what they did with Sniper V2 Elite, the definitive version they said and what they are doing with how to survive people are bound to hate them.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Lack of features, lack of sales. Plain and simple

    • Matt Elgie

      I agree. Why buy a inferior copy. It is kind of a joke and a slap in the face to wii u owners all at the same time.

      • Andrew Clear

        Cause some developers are lazy. It doesn’t cost that much to port a game over to another system, especially when you don’t have to create new assets for that system.

        I would just think that they see Wii U owners as a means to pad the bottom line, and by creating the port with less features, they will save on the cost.

        Another theory is that they just don’t want to deal with the API Nintendo has created for the Wii U, and instead of challenging themselves as developers, they just decide to skip it. A reason for skipping it, would be that they want to work on something new, and would rather not spend that time on porting muliplayer.

        Either way, multiplayer can extend a titles life, and create more value for the title. I believe that the developers who don’t port it over, are losing sales because of it.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Third Party Companies: Mhm that equations seems to hard to comprehend. Better take off more features.

      Honestly 3rd party companies don’t get anything these days.

  • Saul Rivera

    I don’t get it…I play multiplayer all the time online on the Wii U with games like MH3U and CoD…and yes it does have less people than on other consoles but there are still hundreds to play with why do they think Wii U owners don’t touch online multiplayer? =_=

    • Squid

      I feel it’s because people don’t think about Wii U when it comes to those games, they feel like it’s better to get it on Ps4 or Xbone. In my honest opinion if these third party developers took more time to make something truly innovative they’d make great sales.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    What is the problem that they will make a lacking port. I mean is it nintendo that makes them not put online features in their game or is it the devs that dont wont to do it. Someone please explain!

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      It’s 505 games. Their other game on the Wii U, Sniper Elite V2, is lacking tons of features that are on all the other platforms. Shame because it’s a fun game

    • Shota

      its the devs. nintendo doesn’t ask dev to take things out.

  • Petri


  • uPadWatcher

    Nintendo needs to fire 505 Games!

    • uPadWatcher

      And I know that someone is is a fan of 505 Games… but not on NIntendo systems.

  • BarbieOnWeed

    Why the fuck don´t it have online feature as the ps3 and 360?

  • D.M.T

    I’m really not a fan of eShop-only games. It’s not because they are inferior to retail games but because people who don’t own a Wii U don’t know that these games exist. People who are shopping in the city will only see the retail games, they don’t sell eShop games at the stores.

  • TheGamerGeek128

    Boy o boy! Another Wii U game coming months later than the other platforms that’s been stripped of features. When it does come out, no one will buy it because everyone who wanted it already bought on another platform and then 505 will blame the Wii U and stop supporting it.

    • It does seem like they’re trying to have the Nintendo version fail. And this does happen sadly often.

    • Guest

      Oh no…

  • Sorry 505 Games you lost me when you said you stripped out a feature like online multiplayer. Release the game later and take out features = Bad Developer!!

    Seriously it is like they do not want their games to sell.

  • wober2

    i wonder if nintendo makes it hard to support online play, so many dev’s strip this game type out.

    • Squid

      I don’t think that’s the case. Miiverse wouldn’t exist if Nintendo wasn’t into online play.

      • wober2

        miiverse is not really online play though. I like miiverse but it does not really add to multiplayer yet.

  • Googs

    Why even bother releasing it at all if you’re gonna take absolute ages on bringing it to the console and even taking out features from it? That’s just stupid.

  • hahahero

    Can anyone on here actually EXPLAIN why the WiiU gets these stripped
    down ports? Is it that the devs don’t want to pay for extra servers? Is it
    exclusively the low install base? Is developing for the WiiU simply too
    difficult to justify investing resources in creating a full port? I feel like we keep hearing this same story over and over again with no satisfying explanation. Maybe I missed them?

    • jjbredesen

      Well there are a couple of reasons… 1) The install base is to small for devs to make a profit 2) the wii u can’t handle as much detail as the ps4 and xbone so they must remove some graphical stuff and 3) the devs are to lazy, to make a full port.

      I don’t know how hard it is to develop for wii u, but there is one major problem with porting and that is that the Wii U uses power pc architecture and the ps4 and xbone uses x86 architecture, that means that a simple port is not possible, the devs cant port the code, they must reright huge amounts of it.

      • ElCharlo

        Yes but its am easy port from the 360 version so there is no excuse.

        Plus the multiplayer games of the past generation use a player as the server, the server side of the company is just for match making so there isnt a real load or cost on their side.

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah thats true guess it just means that devs are getting lazy 🙁

          • ElCharlo

            The only real caveat on the WIIU its that the clock speed is slower than the 360 so you wont have a 15% free resources for hosting the game without some kind of optimization for the more advance CPU.

            You just can´t expect to run the same code faster on the WIIU without optimization on raw CPU as the speed is slower.

            About Power PC architecture vs x86 that shouldn’t be an issue for most developers as they use some kind of canned middleware and don´t write their games “to the metal” to have those kind of developer problems.

            Seems to me that the problems on the WIIU are in the middleware (AKA game engines) haven’t been optimized for the system.

          • jjbredesen

            True, but the Wii U’s CPU is more powerfull than the 360’s its the GPU thats weaker so the only thing that would be cut down on is graphics, but then again the Wii U’s graphics are better. You also have more ram and ram is important for server hosting.

          • ElCharlo

            No, the GPU is much better, the CPU its a more modern Power PC architecture but running on lower speed than 360. It´s better and efficient than the 360 but slower if you just port things over by just raw power.

          • Laud

            Incorrect, sir.

            The CPU provides more power per clock than the 360/One/PS4. The problem is that last generation games are optimized to focus heavily on the CPU where as newer architecture CPUs are designed to help the GPU instead of doing the work themselves. It isn’t that anything is slower or not as good, it’s just a different way of doing things than in the past.

            It’s more efficient, and it’s stronger than previous consoles in every way. There is no debating this.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah just read up on it and what you say is true, but for the sake of it here is a article worth reading:

            Hacker Marcan is known for being a part of Team Twiizers, a group that revealed exploits for the original Wii, and he’s also a member of Fail0verflow, the team that revealed the PlayStation 3′s root key. Now, he’ll be known for releasing the Wii U’s CPU and GPU clock speeds, numbers that Nintendo either didn’t want or care to reveal.

            Marcan states the Wii U’s tri-core PowerPC 750-alike CPU clocks in at exactly 1.243125GHz. For comparison, the CPUs of the Xbox 360 (also tri-core) and PlayStation 3 run at around 3.0GHz each. The Wii U’s GPU core clocks in at 549.999755MHz, compared to the Xbox 360′s 550MHz GPU. He noted that the CPU was similar to the Wii’s Broadway, but with more cache. Unfortunately, Marcan didn’t provide specifics as to how he obtained the numbers, saying that he’d rather not talk about his methods as of yet. However, he did say that it involved hacks as opposed to leaked information.

            Here’s where it may get a little depressing, depending on what you’ve come to expect from Nintendo nowadays. The original Wii’s PowerPC-based Broadway CPU was clocked at 729MHz, and the GPU at 243MHz. Like with the Wii U, Nintendo didn’t release these numbers themselves. So, the Wii U’s CPU clock speed increased by less than double, whereas the GPU increased by a little more than double — numbers that some gamers might not be too thrilled about when they’re packed into what is supposed to be a “next-gen” system. There are three cores in the Wii U CPU, though, as opposed to the single core in the original Wii.

            Marcan suggests there’s hope for Nintendo fans salivating for a bigger upgrade in their new console, though. While the Wii U’s CPU clocks in at 1.24GHz and only has one hardware thread per core, he says the console’s power, if used efficiently, could be better than the number suggests. He likened the situation to Intel’s Pentium 4, a powerful though inefficiently designed CPU, which was later phased out with the more efficient Core processors.

            He notes that the CPU is an “out of order design,” a more efficient processing method in which the processor can execute instructions based upon available input data, rather than waiting around to complete executions in a specific order. He says the design should “win big” on instructions per cycle, though has “weak” SIMD, which is when multiple processing elements work on different pieces of data at the same time.

            Marcan says that though the Wii U’s CPU is “nothing to write home about,” you can’t fairly compare its clock speeds to that of the Xbox 360. Clock speed isn’t everything, and sometimes power is a matter of efficiency, not pure numbers.

          • ElCharlo

            So in what way Im incorrect? thats what I have been saying

            Its better and more efficient but running on a lower clock speed. So code written and optimized for the older architecture suffer from a performance drop if it isn´t optimized for the new API.

            CPU on WiiU runs at 1.24GHz when 360 runs at 3Ghz. The instructions per clock are higher and there is were the WiiU has more raw power but means that you can´t just port the 360 code. Resources must be relocated and optimized for the new architecture

            If the CPU speed.was equal or greater than the 360 developers could force 360 unoptimized code (well not entirely true because on 360 its all running under direct X but you get the picture) without relocating resources.

          • Laud

            You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

          • Laud

            You’ve no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

          • Laud


      • Laud


        • jjbredesen

          Um, yes porting from x86 to power pc is not done in 2 seconds it is a lot harder than it sounds, porting the 360 version of the game to Wii U is a lot easier. So now that devs are starting to move away from PS3 and the 360 it will be harder for them to make games for Wii U, and they will not waist resources on it unless the installbase is big enough for them to make a profit out of.

          EA will not make games because they will not make loads of money, Ubisoft does not care and they are not all in it for the money so they suport the wii u,

          • Laud

            It is difficult, but think about the PS3 and the 360.

            That was the most difficult it would ever get. They are using PC architecture now so regardless of the hardware it is much easier than it used to be.

            The fact is that people would rather not port to the Wii U because they don’t see it as a worthy investment, however, they have more of an install base than the PS4 and XBONE put together right now so it really has more to do with laziness than anything else.

            Install base also isn’t everything as the Wii has over 100million sold and they still got all the shovelware.

            Nintendo has given 3rd parties what they’ve asked for, a powerful system and something new to work with. But now that they have it, the developers and publishers don’t care because the cost of creating HD games is ever increasing and will eventually reach a point where it no longer matters.

            If you’re going to blame anyone then you should place the blame entirely on Publishers since the Wii U has obtained phenomenal Indie support even though it’s only recently been released. (A year ago.)

          • jjbredesen

            Yes 100% true what you say your reasoning is very good, i guess devs are just to lazy and let me just quote Iwata: “We dont pay 3rd paties do develop for us.”

            I am sure Microsoft and Sony try to shove as much cash up devs asses (looking at you EA) to get them to suport there systems more.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    In other words who cares

  • wiimenonowiiu

    No online play and i did not get it for my ps3 its just a dust collector since i got my wii u was hoping to get a hard copy of this game but not going to happen if i was nes i would stop theses half games

  • Squid

    Maybe if developers added more wanted features (even if these aren’t the multiplayer games I want) maybe they’d get more sales.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Bring on the multiplayer for this platform opps not this game NEXT

  • Squid

    We can all expect Nintendo to update their social interactivity with Miiverse and such and expand it to a great extent (Though it’ll probably end up in us paying month/yearly) But it won’t happen sooner if these devs don’t support online into their games.

  • Donaald

    They should just cancel it, nobody wants a gimped game that comes months after the other platforms.

  • starwars360

    I hope game going be good. This game is medicore and poor mix reviews for Xbox Live and PSN.
    So hopeful they made this game better for Wii U. 🙂

  • The Clockwork Being

    Maybe they could just quit on it. People are saying that the online is biggest feature for this. So this game minus the online isn’t much I guess.

  • Justagamer

    I could careless for the online so will the game be cheaper than since it has no online?


    I guess i’ll just buy the steam version now, for less, and with all features. ; /

  • Marcus Larsson

    Fuck my wii u!
    Sick of this shit, I’ll buy the Nintendo exclusives and get me a ps4 for the third partys

  • bugart19

    Another game coming out for Nintendo with no online multi player, does this surprise anyone? Are you not tired of feeling like Nintendo and everyone who supports Nintendo gets stepchild treatment and respect from 3rd party developers. Nintendo needs to buy more software companies for more mature themed exclusives to make up for the never ending lack of 3rd party support.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    The game is crap anyway but I really dislike these developers being so lazy towards the Wii U. To be honest they’re asking for the game to be a failure.

  • Ducked

    I played the game on the PS3, it’s an arcade game for sure. So, don’t be to excited..

  • Carl Fin

    Yeah a smelly port of a mediocre game. With Project CARS, bayo 2, smash bros, Human element, watch dogs etc coming up, games like this are just irrelevant.

  • Nathan

    I just bought Splinter Cell: Conviction, and I have always loved Spies vs. Mercs, but they cut out the local multiplayer on the Wii U. Come on, Ubisoft! Also, all versions need Merc bots.

  • Andrew

    Nintendo needs online. To be a gamer brings in the will to be competitive. While couch coop playing is great, Im more inclined to play a game more knowing I can whoop people across the world.

    COD? yea right im not a teenager, and I have better FPS games that are worth my time. They need online for Dk, NSMB, 3D world, Rayman enough said…i bet if Nintendo embraced this they would win some more hardcore fans due to nostalgia.
    Not to mention setting the bar for third parties. HELL i played wii sports for a short time last gen enjoyed put it away, all of the sudden with the online support im having a blast with tennis.

    Nintendo I love you but hate you at the same time.