Jun 21st, 2017

Earlier this month HORI revealed a headset for the Nintendo Switch, and now they’ve revealed a new one, and it looks way more sophisticated (and expensive) than the previous one.

The new headset, called Air Stereo Headset, features a larger and more futuristic design, and from what we can tell, offers better audio than the other one.

HORI has been on a Switch accessory spree, recently revealing the Nintendo Switch keyboard accessory, and a fight stick as well.

The headset launches in Japan next month and will retail for 3,500 Yen, or about $30. No word on when the headset will be released in the rest of the world.

And just like the other headset, you’ll need to use your smartphone and Nintendo’s app to actually use the microphone for voice chat. Here’s how the setup looks on the new headset:

HORI reveals new Switch gaming headset

Hopefully Nintendo can come up with a more elegant solution in the future.

Here’s a few more looks at the new HORI Switch headset:

Switch headset

Nintendo Switch headset

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