Aug 12th, 2013


One of our loyal Wii U Daily readers was kind enough to send us photographs of the current Wii U Summer Tour going on in Hollywood right now. This is similar to the tour we saw in Disneyland, featuring many of the same playable games and booths. It’s nice to see Nintendo getting out and advertising and it looks like everyone is having fun.

There’s even a great shot on the side of one of the booths showing all the upcoming games, which is great for those who might not know that a full catalog of amazing releases is just around the corner. Have you seen the Wii U Summer Tour in your town? Send us pictures so we can share!

Thanks, Eduardo!

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  • Tim Chaten

    Very cool – I recognize this shopping center – right across the street from the old Kodak Theater if I’m not mistaken – used to live down the street from this place

  • Rugmouse

    Seems like a cool little tour – hopefully it gets a lot of traffic. The console sure could use a bit of quality advertising. Is this tour a nation-wide thing? I haven’t heard anything about it.

    This is completely off-topic but I wanted to get this in front of everyone – The wonderful 101 demo has a ton of secrets…including the ability to play as Wonder Pink (Whip) and Wonder Yellow (Hammer) in Mission mode (draw a recruitment circle in the starting area – the characters are invisible in there)

    • Elem187

      Woah, really?
      I’m goign to try that… whats the exact spot? that starting area is pretty large.
      i cannot wait for this game to launch… well i can wait because Pikmin 3 is simply amazing even after the campaign ends because of the mission modes

      • Rugmouse

        Wonder Pink is in the ‘upper left’ pie shape and Wonder Yellow is in the ‘upper right’

        Just draw your recruitment circle and walk around. Your circle will go all crazy rainbow colors when the character is in the radius.

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          The Hammer’s Kind of stupid to use as main Unite Morph, isn’t it?
          I always go with Whip as main Thing and then spam either Sword or Hammer (sometimes both, but I still don’t get it done fast enough :D) as secendary Thing for Combos…

          BUT! You said “a ton of secrets”? :3

          • Rugmouse

            Okay, maybe a ton isn’t the right word…haha

            It does have 3 wonder heroes to find in the campaign, hidden items stashed throughout the areas (behind the boxes you pull out to get to the roof, there’s a large battery for example), recruiting enemies (when they glow, you can draw a circle around them to recruit them), reportedly two of those secret coins, etc.

            For a demo – I feel like there is a lot to explore.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            ah :/
            Nothing new besides Pink and Yellow (and I actually got that from Miiverse 😀 love the guys on my friendlist ^.^)

            Still thanks for the answer 🙂

      • Forbsz

        I played the demo of wonderful 101 yesterday arvo and the GAME SUCKS!

  • Alma Angel-Lomelin

    Hey I was there! Very cool pictures. Thank’s for sharing 🙂

  • Zuxs13

    Oh that makes me want to buy a wii u! oh wait I already own one, just give me games.

    • Clel

      It makes me want to steal that Yoshi plushie.

  • jrob23

    I still have no idea why those kiosks in Best Buy/Targets don’t have a playable level of every game they can muster. Put a stage from the upcoming MarioKart, one fighting stage from Smash Brothers. demos of DKCTF, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, MarioWorld 3d. They need to generate some buzz. I know these games are coming, you may, but does junior? His mom? The casual fan? Why have these set up if you have two games to play? Every time I go into Target I see a kid or guy playing NBA2k13 on the Xbox or someone playing on the 3ds. But rarely do I see anyone on the Wii U.

    • Jake

      thats true, but they should put zombiu, monster hunter, zelda, rayman, sonic and eshop. they should also have miiverse. just have a wii u or 2 with all these games. but just saying smash isnt ready for a demo yet.

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        ZombiU is NOT a good example for what Wii U could do…I know the Gamepad implementation is awesome and everything, but the game itself was really bad :/

        • jrob23

          Yeah. Not so much. Great game. Though due to its content maybe not the best choice for kids to play

          • Jake

            Shouldn’t just be for kids

          • jrob23

            we are talking about a horror game at a kiosk in the middle of major retailers.

          • Jake

            They sell those games at stores. They have a picture of the game, it’s not like they would play it unless of bad parenting

          • crocodileman94

            Good, ’cause the WiiU needs a non-kids exclusive.

          • jrob23

            but not on display at major retailers.

        • Clel

          Hey Budew, can I add you on Miiverse? My tag is Gandalfo

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            Just to make it clear: I didn’t downvote this 😉

            You’ll get the invitation later this day ^^

          • Clel

            Lol, I don’t mind downvotes so even if it was you I wouldn’t care.
            Oh and I didn’t downvote yours either XD

        • Yerba_Sutra

          Just got that game on sale, waiting to finish Pikmin 3 and Arkham City before I jump in. From what I’ve heard it’s not actually bad, but people just don’t understand the nuances of true survival horror games anymore.

          • Baum 「ツリー」

            There were TONS of bugs for some people, the game was a rushed low budget project, just to release it at launch and some of the gamepad functions felt like Ubisoft forced the devs to put them in the game.

            The idea of ZombiU is awesome…but they kind of failed to utilize the concept’s full potential :/

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      I don’t know how big your General Best Buy is, but it’s pretty stupid to have more than one MAYBE two demo Stations in a shop unless it’s like some of the really huge ones here in Germany (we’ve got several electronics shops with 3 or more stories, sometimes a single one of those crammed with just games *__* )

      • jrob23

        What’s wrong with you? There’s one kiosk that can have different game demos to choose from. Currently it has just one or two but my thought is they should expand that. Nobody said multiple kiosks. Try to keep up

        • Yerba_Sutra

          I agree with you. I work at Walmart and the demo kiosk in our store has a NSMBU demo, a Rayman Legends demo, and a handful of (last I checked, lackluster) trailers. People play the demos for a bit but eventually move on to the XBOX 360 and PS3 stations. I mean… the PS3 kiosk has Bit.Trip Runner 2. The FULL game.
          If Nintendo updated these kiosks to AT LEAST have the E3 demos…. we’d see more interest in the Wii U.

    • jay

      The Kiosks I’ve seen are TERRIBLE. All they had were SCREENSHOTS and ONE playable game last time I’ve checked.

      I don’t even play with them anymore. I remember the Gamecube kiosks being MUCH much better.

  • Eduardo

    your welcome wiiudaily

    • Clel

      Must… not… correct…

  • Jake

    i think nintendo needs more of these. or just put them in wal-mart or target or another big retail giant.

  • rcprieto06

    Hey wii u daily moderators, there’s this shinen tweet on a second generation wii u engine, could you make an article

  • that guy

    Advertisement!?!!? What is this madness!

    • lukas

      no this is sparta

      • lonewolf88

        i’m batman.

  • Fred

    Does anyone else wonder if the lack of Wii Fit U on the coming soon board mean that Wii Fit U actually isn’t coming this year?

    • Will.F. Martinez

      Just noticed that. I don’t think it’s releasing this year

      • Fred

        It’s slatted to release in December of this year
        Also didn’t Wii Party sell well? Wii Party U is coming for $40 in October.

        • Will.F. Martinez

          Thanks for clearing that up. Looking forward for those two games

  • Andrew Chambers

    I think this link give a good example of how Shin’en feels about the Wii U.

  • Clel


  • MujuraNoKamen

    Good Good. But one thing, why the hell does that booth publicise Planes and Just Dance but not Splinter Cell, AC4, Watch Dogs or Bayonetta 2? Nothing wrong with those games but letting gamers know that there’s mature and more “hardcore” games coming would have been a boost I’m sure.

  • LopsidedPasta

    This should be only be the beginning. I want more than one of these booths in every major city in the U.S. Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, LA, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia… The list goes on and on. BE HEARD NINTENDO! THESE BOOTHS DON”T SEEM TO BE VERY HARD TO SET UP! COME ON!

  • Mochlum

    They need to take all the games from that “Coming Soon to the Wii U” poster and make a commercial showing all of them on big channels, or send them to Best Buys or Gamestops. That would help a lot. Or take the Best Buy E3 demos from a while back and but them in all stores at the demo kiosks. (at the very least put them on the Nintendo eShop so word of mouth can help…)

    Also, I can’t help but feel jealous that they got a much better Wii U display then Florida did a few months back. Oh well….

  • Jack5221

    Boy do I miss L.A… Home sweet home, wont be back for another 3 – 4 years 🙁 GIVE US SOME CENTRAL AMERICA TOURS NINTENDO <3