Apr 25th, 2014

Graphite Lab recently confirmed via Twitter that their upcoming 2D shooter Hive Jump will be heading to Wii U as well as PC. The game features a story where man has managed to colonize the stars by the 24th century. Alien creatures have been discovered and the Human Systems Alliance is the force designated to stop the aliens from advancing. The gameplay itself looks like it will be similar to Contra, so if you’re interested in that type of game, keep your eye on this one.

Currently there’s no release date set for the Wii U version, but the game does have an official page and a Steam Greenlight page if you want to help the developers eventually release the game on the Steam platform.

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  • Josiah Parsons

    Looks like crazy, multiplayer, mission-based, Super Metroid-like action! Count me in (if I can find other players!)

    • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernĂ¡nde

      dont worry youll find me in there too!

  • darkcreap

    I hope the multiplayer is online and it includes voice chat. I love playing with friends and family through the Internet. I would do it locally, but sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to have those people with you.

    I enjoyed like hell Trine 2’s online on WiiU. Voice chat incorporation was one of the best decissions for online play.

    EDIT: I enjoyed it a lot playing online with a relative of mine to beat the game. I hope we will see more from Frozen Byte at the WiiU.

  • …….great, another pixelated, indie-inspired game on Wii U. This console will ultimately be known as Indie World, with only 1 or 2 high-profile game per year if we’re lucky.

  • FIreproof_actual
  • Sdudyoy

    Lovely, another generic looking indie game, I don’t see why people get so worked up over these games, I love indie developer support, but now every indie developer knows they can make generic games like this, and make some money, instead of putting originality in there games, yes there are alot of original indie games, more than not, but this game just looks like the tonnes of other indie 2D shooters, honestly there are tons of these games online that play just like this one, some even put more time in there art style.

  • this has to be a joke.

  • Ducked

    I’m glad I’ll have a PS4 soon so I can buy real third party games. Nothing against indies, but that’s all Wii U is getting.

    • uPadWatcher

      We beg to disagree with you, Fucked. The words “real third party games” do not exist. Since you’re nothing but a no-life Sony pony scumbag, stay the fuck out of this Nintendo themed blog.

      • Ducked

        Lol don’t be such a fangirl. Do you really think your gonna move someone off a website because you have a different opinion. I own a Wii U, based on your knowledge you don’t.

      • people like you definitely are the worst thing to happen to this community.

      • Ace J

        wow! your butt hurts huh?

  • I like the design of the logo, although story seems to be really cheap and based upon Starship Troopers. Gameplay looks like Probotector/Contra and pretty funny multiplayer. Yet not what I’m looking for, in gameplay like this just get us a real new Life Force, Probotector or Contra instead, do it Konami… do it…

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    i got this

  • Archiq09

    I will buy it!

  • Christian Schoff

    Sounds pretty cool.

  • devmiles

    looks very much like turrican, too bad it doesn’t even look like gunlord for neo-geo and dreamcast (2012 ng devteam release) i fully support indie games but use the friggin’ potential of the system, it’s 2014 man.

  • steveb944

    Why does this even deserve an article? You guys should be using your time showing Project Cars, a REAL game, over this.