Jun 26th, 2011

Hitman Wii U
The Hitman series started in 2000 and has so far spanned 4 games, with the last one being released back in 2006. Now developer IO Interactive is working on a fifth installment called Hitman Absolution, and according to rumors, the game is scheduled to appear on the Nintendo Wii U.

According to a tip WiiUDaily obtained from source close to publisher Square Enix, the parent company of Hitman developer IO Interactive, they’re looking into bringing several of their properties to the Wii U, either as launch titles or as releases down the line. One of those titles is supposedly Hitman Absolution, which would use the new Wii U controller to display additional mission information, use the accelerometer during melee combat, and more. So far Hitman Absolution has only been confirmed for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and will be released sometime in 2012.

Hitman Absolution has been five years in the making at Danish developer IO Interactive, and uses the developer’s new Glacier 2 engine. The game will be set in the United States nad will introduce several new gameplay features, including the ability to set traps for enemies, a “tag and kill” mechanism, among other things.

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  • SteveDOF

    Makes sense that Square enix would bring their product to this console, but I hope we are not limited in our controller options. I know many like the Xbox, PS3 type controller, which can be replicated pretty much with Nintendo’s own classic controller and CCpro, but I happen to like the Wiimote and nunuchuck, especially for FPS games. Devs really have a chance with this machine to allow players the choice to play a game with the type of controller that suits each individual.

  • Ness

    the game looks awesome cant wait to see what the Wii U version looks like.

  • Captain N

    Hey, everyday more and more 3rd party’s are jumping on….. no one wants to miss this boat this time around. You bet against Nintendo…..You lose.

  • matt

    WiiU version will look amazing with Valve saying its alot more powerful than ps3,Epic games saying its very powerful,Virgil in ONM say in 2 weeks we had graphics matching top spec PC,Gearbox making Aliens say higher resolution textures,AMD saying the custom gpu will support there most powerful graphics engine it will look amazing.

    • Slacker

      Just can’t wait for WiiU and battelfild3 on WiiU Maden Hitman i will be bying this at lounch

  • crackkat

    yes yes yes!! this is awesome 🙂 still waiting for bethesda, everyone else is on board, i dont know what theyre waiting for

  • Nintendero


  • Dantheman

    Bethesda will most probably bring their properties to wii u. I have a friend who develops Bethesda games and my friend told me that he said that they will try to get the most out of the wii u aka they will bring a lot of their titles to wii u. And I have another friend who interviewed a guy from rockstar games and he said that there is a strong possibility that they will bring gta 5 to wii u. Oh and ubisoft said that they will bring FC3 to wii after a week when the wii u hits the shelves