Oct 10th, 2013

The official high-capacity battery pack for the Wii U GamePad that debuted in Japan is now available in the UK and Germany. There’s no word on when this battery pack will be released in North America, but if you’re eager to see how big the battery pack is and how its installed, you can watch the above video.

It’s a quick glance at the battery for those of you in Europe who may be considering getting this for your GamePad. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  • Jack5221

    Im curious, since the new battery is bigger does it weigh more?

    • I’m sure it does, but I’m not sure how much more it weighs than the standard battery that comes in the thing. According to the Amazon UK listing, the battery itself weighs 136g, or 4.7oz. That’s about the same weight as a deck of cards.

  • old_skool

    Interesting that the new battery fills the entire compartment perfectly and the old battery has space either side of it. Almost as if this was a planned upgrade?

    • rp17

      It’s like selling a computer with a small hard drive to keep costs down. Then the consumer can upgrade if they want to.

    • Nicolas Eddowes

      I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw that space

    • The_Colourful_Jester

      Is it also so suspicious that it’s so easy to remove? I’m kinda wondering about the original 3DS now too.

    • Dell Goodman

      It’s Nintendo, they do this type of thing all the time.

      Wii remote. Games need a Wii plus sensor to use. The original remote had this attachment ready designed into it, so the remote plus could be fitted on at a later date.

      N64, had an expansion bit pack, that could be fitted into the console. The console was designed with that upgrade in mind.

      It’s nothing new.

    • garf02

      Same as with HDD, this is just an optional for those that want a longer gamining sesion, and keep price lower for the overall console for those that not.

      Is like asking why all cars dont come with turbo.

  • ~30€, not too bad, I think I’ll get one. More battery life is a must since I’m giving more and more use to my WiiU

  • Sdudyoy

    I think it’s a bit odd that they didn’t release this at launch, I guess if they had people would have complained about a 20-30$ battery that could have come out with the Wii U.

  • GonΓ§alo Fernandes
  • Felix

    basically, the space was there for a bigger battery, they just released the gamepad with a small one, to sell a bigger lately.

    im not gonna say that its bad, its ok, but… looks like games that are released with a blocked DLC inside the disk from day 1

    • Michael Ocampo

      felix they probably just made the gamepad with a smaller battery just to keep costs down. I mean they already said that the gamepad costs them a lot so this was actually kinda smart

      • Andrew Chambers

        Seeing as the extra battery is almost $40 extra I agree with the argument on price. Also, in the video it mentions that the extended battery makes the controller heavier. With the default battery it’s about the same as a 360 controller. I think that’s what Nintendo was aiming for.

        • Michael Ocampo

          Now that I think about it, does the new battery actually make the wii u gamepad that much heavier? ‘Course I wouldn’t want to be shaking a brick in wii party U XD

          • Andrew Chambers

            I wouldn’t think it’d make a huge difference. It states in the video that it’s slightly heavier in the middle.

            Of course, for an 8-year-old that could be a huge difference. The way I see it, the original was meant for more casual players. I’m fine with this seeing as the majority of all consoles (except the Vita) are bought by casual players.If 80% of all users don’t play their Wii U for more then 3 hours then why should they pay an extra $20 for the feature?

          • Michael Ocampo

            So in this case its better for the consumers (for the casuals) and for the company… cool πŸ˜€ btw, how’s the wonderful 101/wind waker HD πŸ˜€

          • Andrew Chambers

            Sadly I don’t have to funds to pick up either of those. I have played the shit out of the original WW, so I guarantee that game is awesome. Sorry, I had to make sure to pay off Pokemon X.

            I am really looking forward to Watchdogs too.

          • Michael Ocampo

            :/….. well enjoy x then πŸ˜€

    • garf02

      Why dont all cars come with Turbo?

      Cause no everybody wants to go at over 150 Miles/H or pay a higher cost and never use it.

      same here, you get a basic WiiU that works, if you want to go further you can buy the upgrade. instead of charge a higher base price and some people might never use the gamepad that long in just 1 sesion

  • Ony

    I’m too lazy to get up to the charge cable. This is for me o/

  • John Andalora

    I’ll consider getting one when:
    A) It comes to the US of A.
    B) There are more games that I want to play.

  • Jamal Brown

    i like tha 2nd music playing

  • Michael Jurado

    going to need one for the new zelda I hope

  • Felix

    btw why this news is so uncomplete? you dont say how many maH have the new battery, or prices, etc

  • Elitepwnsface

    I am going to wait for a good third party one. i know nyko is working on one(they released it but had issues and going back to drawing board.) I just can’t see myself spending $40 on one.

  • Chronic Gang

    Never had problems with wii u battery

    • Joey

      Neither do i had any problems but i could use more longer battery times sorry to vote down for that one πŸ™‚

      • Chronic Gang

        Ill buy the new battry when ssv wii u comes out next year

    • I am Error.

      Same here, though I did kill it during a few early Lego City sessions.

  • MetroidZero

    Since the Off-TV Wii Play, I tend to use up my battery life. But still, I usually keep the gamepad plugged in.

  • Kiefer Wickham

    if you actually look the old one was 1500mAH and the new one was 2550mAH

  • Cyberus

    I’m not mad that they put a small battery knowing they could get money out of a bigger one lately



    That makes sense now why the battery spot is wide! But when is it coming to the United States? I WANT ONE!

  • Rinslowe

    This is a must

  • I am Error.

    Great vid, looks super easy to install. I’m in the US and I’d buy one for sure. If it does not see a US release is this voltage incompatible? Thanks!

  • Pete

    Wouldn’t it be a smart idea for Nintendo to ask people who buy these to send their original, smaller batteries back to Nintendo – possibly for a small rebate (eShop points etc.).

    How eco-responsible…

  • linxz

    Looks like they planned the upgrade all along. LAME Nintendo VERY LAME

    • devmiles

      fully agree on this…they should compensate in some way towards their consumers

    • garf02

      yeah .. why pay 300$ for a WiiU with an small batery and then 30$ for a big one,
      instead just selling a 330$ with the big battery already!

      Is not like there is people out there that dont have game sessions longer than 5 hours son those they could have saved those 30$ from the extra big battery nintendo made mandatory

  • devmiles

    i already opened my gamepad, too bad that this is such another money maker for nintendo…so all wii-u owners will buy a better battery ofcourse, what will be the price? but on the positive note…a good thing after all πŸ™‚

  • CrabSpy

    Does anybody know how long this takes to charge compared to the original battery?