Mar 25th, 2012 publishUpdated   Mar 31st, 2012, 7:27 am

Wii U
Legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima, maker of Metal Gear Solid, recently commented on the Nintendo Wii U in an interview. Speaking at a press Q&A in Japan last week, Kojima said about the Wii U:

“Wii U is kind of a special case. The way the player interacts with the device is very different than any other device out there. So if I were to make a game for the Wii U, it would have to be a unique game.”

Kojima also commented on the new Fox Engine his studio is working on, and pointed out that it’s not tied to any specific hardware platforms, which would make way for its use on the Wii U.

He’s certainly right in that the Wii U console is a special case, as it has a controller unlike any other in console gaming today. However, judging by Kojima’s choice of words, he might have something in store for Nitendo’s new console. His current project, codenamed “Project Orge”, however, is unlikely to come to the Wii U, at least in the near future.

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  • John

    This is encouraging and discouraging news. On one hand, it creates the possibility of great new exclusive games, however if the games turn out bad or gimmicky, that will be no good. Also, I wouldn’t want all game devs to do this because I still want most if all games that other consoles get (which i’m sure wouldn’t necessarily happen because it’s much easier to slap tablet controls onto a game than make an entirely new game)