Apr 29th, 2013


One of the things many game reviewers talk about today is the padding of games. Does a game reuse some of the same areas? Do you have to fight the same boss multiple times? Are there sections of the game that feel tacked on just to increase the hour count? Japanese developer Hideki Kamiya says he’s avoiding that with The Wonderful 101, instead focusing on what feels fun. In a recent tweet, the developer stated if you buy games and hate finishing them the next day, you shouldn’t buy The Wonderful 101.

No pricing information on The Wonderful 101 has been released yet, but the reason many people feel the need to focus on the length of the game is to justify the price. Most gamers feel a game that lasts 4 to 8 hours isn’t worth the money if you’re paying $60 to get your hands on it. What do you think? If The Wonderful 101 turns out to be a truly short game for a premium price, will you be disappointed?

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    Now people have another reson to hate on Nintendo and say there weak.

    • Nintendofan

      you’re weak, and who cares anyway?

    • DK_Hadouken

      Umm… Why?

      Nintendo is not developing the game. We all clearly know that Platinum is developing it. So if anything, people will be upset with Platinum.

    • [000]

      What are resons? And why do they make people hate Nintendo and say gibberish?

    • Someone must not have played Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance…

      • THIZZLER209

        I want to play vanquish…but I not hating though….

        • Then why state that people will hate on Nintendo for issues unrelated to them? All platforms have short games.

  • Nintedward

    I finished Metal gear Rising in about 5 Hours , but it was immense fun whilst it lasted. I hope Wonderfull 101 is a bit longer than 5 Hours , I really do.

    • $43770222

      Same here friend.. Wouldn’t pay $60/£40 for a game that doesn’t last 5 hours or more. If this is 5hours+ i’ll definitely be picking it up day one. I remember getting Xenoblade for about £15/$23 and we both know how long that game is. 😛

      • aldo2410

        Then whe are going to sit here and wait for another Xenoblade and the wait will worth it even if that means 3 years

        • $43770222

          Read my comment again, I said i’ll buy it if it’s 5hours+ If it is, it’s definitely worth it. Btw, 3 years? Have you not seen X?

          • aldo2410

            That’s what I say but how many time we waited for a god J-RPG for the wii, also if they took more time to make it the most awosome the whole game will be, I also seen Monolith’s X video but in 2011 I also seen an TLOZ technical demo and we still havent a whole new TLOZ ready for this year maybe Monolith’s video is also a technical demo and whe’re going to waith at least a year, wathever the longer the game is, less money I would spend on other games

          • $43770222

            I’d rather wait 3 years and play an awesome game rather than wait a year and it’s complete trash.

  • Jack5221

    Honestly… This game never appealed to me. Seeing that it can be finished it a couple of hours makes it less appealing.

    • We’re not entirely sure how long it will take to finish it, as Kamiya hasn’t stated that, just that he’s focused on making fun games, not padded ones.

  • Michael Ngo

    I hope it’s not $60 at least.

  • A short, but fun and entertaining game that you can play again and again is better than a long, boring, slogfest of a game that you never want to touch again.

    If length and price is an issue for you, wait til the price drops or buy a pre-owned copy.

    • dubYA

      Star Fox 64 comes to mind. Short and sweet with lots of replay value!

      • Adrian

        Haha, I probably played through SF64 like 20 times. And I loved the multiplayer mode!

    • Super Buu

      Well, there are some fantastic lengthy games such as Zelda that have enormous replay value. But yes, as long as the replay value is extremely high, a short game can be great.

  • Nintendofan

    It depends on replayability and expectations. My girlfriend is often disappointed in bed, since I reach goal after two and half minutes. But hey, I don’t care cuz I got what I wanted. Short bursts of fun are always good, that way your are more inclined to return.

    • DK_Hadouken

      This is hilarious. Way to position it.

    • The only downside is that girlfriends can leave you whenever they want. Video games never leave you unless you decide to get rid of them.

    • AAAkabob

      Yea, but it’s not like you can take the money you’re spending on her on another girl to get longer pleasure…really bad comparison on your part lol

    • Nintendofreak


    • Adrian

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      • Adrian

        Whoever downvoted me needs to learn how to treat a girl.

      • Nintendofan

        … girls don’t need to climax, it’s an evil rumor to spread, sir. All women want is to be complimented and listened to, and I’m really got at that. “You have a really hot mother! Tell me more about her” and then you have all the time in the world to play video games. Sure, you have to say “Yes”, “No” and “Sure thing, honey” at the right time. But it gets increasingly easy as you learn to base your respond to her intonation only. So you freeing a lot of mental capacity to focus on your games. Pretty smart, huh? 🙂

        • Adrian

          Haha, I’m going to take that as a joke.

        • aldo2410

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      • tronic307

        Yep, make her finish over and over until she’s completely exhausted. If she’s out cold, she can’t interrupt your game!

        • Adrian


    • D.M.T

      Change your ways or she will leave you or cheat on you

      • Nintendofan

        Well, I amend by showing her my affection 🙂 I usually complete the love transaction by high fiving her, do a few dance moves and as the grand finale I shout “Victory is mine!!!”. She is going nowhere, my friend.

        Besides, she is tied to her wheelchair, cuz she is handicapped and unable to spin the wheels herself.

  • DK_Hadouken

    I have no problem. I beat Viewtiful Joe in a few hours and replayed that sucker too many times to count because it was FUN. If The Wonderful 101 is anything like V-Joe -which I get the big feeling it is- then I’m sold!

    • AAAkabob

      I was a younger lad, and if I remember correctly that game felt like it was fairly long…but then again I never beat it

      • DK_Hadouken

        It also depends on how fast you play and for how long. V-Joe had a decent length to it, but I finished it in one day simply because I wouldn’t stop playing it, even after getting everything.

  • [000]

    I like fun games, but if it’s really short, then you could technically call it an arcade game. And by that logic, it’s not worth as much as a normal length console game. It’s only worth about $30. It’s just unfair to charge $60 for an arcade game.

  • Bloop

    As long as the game is super fun, than I’m fine with one playthrough only being a few hours. Look at Dishonored. It can be super short, but its a ton of fun and I want to and have replayed it multiple times. If this game is fun enough (which it really looks it) than that is most important. I just want a release date so I can say “Shut up and take my money”. So Platinum, announce a release date and take my money!

  • Fred

    As long as it’s really fun, who cares. If it’s really fun then you’ll play it multiple times. If it’s really fun you’ll pull it out when friends come over. If it’s really fun I’ll buy it and I won’t regret it. With that in mind, do we know if it’s multiplayer? I hope so.

    • Elem187

      Bingo… Multiplayer games add TONS of replay value…. i’m bored to tears playing Blops2 online, but I haven’t traded it in yet because when I have people over, its fun to play local multiplayer.

  • JeanPaul

    Guess I won’t be getting it. WHy not make it long and fun. If a game focuses on single player than it should be fun and have a lot of stuff to do in it. If it’s only single player I shouldn’t be able to only beat it in a day.

  • Look at how short portal was and how awesome that game was. i’m not worried at all

    • Still; this game can’t be put at a premium pricepoint if there isn’t much replay value, or it is going to not do so well at all.

      • oh I know. but hopefully he’ll realize that, while it can be crazy fun, it isnt a full length game, and shouldn’t be priced as one

  • david jarman

    A polish games is all that matters. I love games that make me want more cause it was that fun then games that have spurts of fun moments that drag on.

    • Adrian

      Games from Poland can be pretty fun ;).

  • Jeffrey Debris

    If by short he means like Luigi’s Mansion short, then I’m okay with it. But if it means I can finish the game in less than 6 hours, without a good replay-ability factor, then I’ll be disappointed.

    I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I played the demo on a game convention. It was a lot of fun and I really want the full game. I just hope it’ll last long enough to satisfy. Kind of in the same sense as Poul put it 😛

  • Nintendofreak

    well the good thing is that people are gonna buy it, people are gonna hate it for being to short, they will return it or something, then i will wait a month or two go to gamestop getting preowned n pay 45 bucks or less, the perfect plan

  • Ony

    Well, Starfox 64 could be beaten in one hour, and it was an amazing game.

  • Arvind Kannan

    I just have one question, if the game is short, why did it take so long to make this game?
    it was supposed to be a launch title.

    • RyuNoHadouken


    • Elem187

      A good publisher picks and chooses the best possible time to release a game.

      By timing the release of the game at the right time you can maximize sales…. W101 probably has been ready for quite some time, and Nintendo wants to hold on to releasing it to time it just perfect to increase sales… but I don’t think the game is still sitting on a shelf, they are probably still polishing it until its scheduled release (of course we don’t know that date yet, but Nintendo does)

      • Frankie

        The release date was revealed to be in July. They could have had a small group working on it, that would explain the delay.

    • I agree, & if the game is not out how does anyone know its even short?…

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Oh dear, this better not be a £50 angry birds game because that’s short and fun, but all in all isn’t woth any of my money – it’s a great free to play game!

    Just hope it’s got replayability, I was expecting large open and interesting levels, unique boss fights and a game that would at least take me three days or more to complete.

    I get bored easily so if it’s repetative and short I may give it a miss unless it’s free to play! Gotta see what reviews it gets first though…

  • Johny

    I hope its like “monster-hunter-short-and-fun” and not like… “angry-birds-short-and-fun”

  • Adrian

    I’m totally not an advocate of expensive games, but when you think about it all games are a GREAT value. Compare gaming to so many other recreational acitivities. You go to the Museum, you pay like $15 per person and stay there for 2 or so hours. You go to a movie you pay $15 per person (ticket and a snack) for less than 2 hours. You go to an arcade, you get a 2 hour unlimited playing card for $20. You go to the fair, you wll probably spend $50+ per person for a day there.

    A game for $60, even if it only provides 10 hours of fun, is still only $6 per hour enjoyed (and that’s NOT even per person). Not a bad deal, in comparison to other (non-free) alternatives.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    I think for a $60 game, it should be at least have 12 hrs of gameplay. Any less than that should be in the range of $40. I was super disappointed with Call of Duty BO2, because the campaign was like 5 hrs long. I’m not a big online player I’m more campaign/story mode guy.

  • JB

    Sounds like my kind of game. Especially if it’s as fun as it looks. I don’t have 40-60 hours invest in a game anymore. It takes me considerably longer than average to beat a game of that length nowadays. Not all games should follow the 101s model, but I wish there were a few more that did.

  • greengecko007

    It’s not how long the campaign of a game is, but how long you can have fun with it. There are plenty of great games that are short in length, but are very fun and have great replay value. You can still put many hours into a short game, and feel that you have gotten your money’s worth.

  • D.M.T

    If the game is short then why is there no release date yet? I want a release date. I never cared about how long or short a game is, just as long as I’m having fun with it.

    • David Tims

      To be fair, being short doesn’t mean they are spending any less time developing it. And that it can be shipped out any sooner. Like he said, he’s working on making it “fun”. That translates to me as awesome integration with wii U gamepad, miiverse, fluid game mechanics and well above par polish.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Short games can be a little disappointing but if they’re really fun & highly re-playable then then it doesn’t matter much. Take Pikmin for example, it wasn’t that short but not that long either but it was really fun and addictive and as soon as you finished you wanted to play through again to beat your time. If W101 has a high score/time record/something similar when you finish the game then that should take the edge of the short length & make an awesome game 🙂

  • Adam Porter

    fair enough a game doesn’t have to be long to be great, but to be epic a long story helps, just look at ffX. it was monster long and had massive replay value.

    • Adrian

      FFX wasn’t monster long. FFX first time playthrough wiithout maxing your characters or filling the monster arena is less than 50 hours. If you do all the sidequests and get all the extra aeons and fight NEMESIS then yeah probably 100-200 hours.

      • Adam Porter

        for it’s day it was monster long

        • Adrian

          DId you know PS3 will be releasing an HD remaster of FFX and FFX-2 soon?

          • Adam Porter

            yea it makes me want to get a ps3 again 🙁

          • Adrian

            My PS3 (fat backwards compatible) got the YLOD late 2012. I had it fixed about 2 months ago, but i still am going to buy another one as a backup. Rumor has it that 250 GB, 1 year PSPlus, PS3 bundle will be coming out right before E3 for $250. I will probably get that.

  • David Tims

    It can take me weeks to finish a 10 hour game as I never have any time and so I usually end up losing interest in games. This works for me.

    • Andrew Forza

      agreed. i prefer them to be short rather than run around doing the same shit over and over just to drag it out like assasin’s creed and skyrim. although with skyrim i brought it on myself accepting way way way too many sidequests that i could never hope to complete haha

  • Jake

    well wonderful 101 will be demoted from AAA game to AA. We need a long game to last till holiday season. Not just Pikmin. if its long. (Thats what she said if you r thinking it)

  • Wayne Beck

    Length of the game doesn’t mean much of anything to me. The only thing I care about it is feeling like I don’t want to put it down..

    With the Wii U’s track record, I have a lot of faith. Have about 18 games now and I’ve only come across two that didn’t keep me hooked for days.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    game length does matter if its a 1 player game, if its a 2player fun to play game then lenght doesnt matter, take tales of syphonia for instance, a 1 player game wich hour count was enormus (it did have multiplayer but not that great), in the other side is super smash brawl, strory really short but what keeps u playing is multiplayer matches and unlockables

    • discuss

      Exactly my thought.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    ill wait till it drops to $20

  • Dorfdad

    I dont mind a shorter game 6-8 hours but if they are going to retail it at a premium price which I am sure they will it has to have the ability for multiple playthroughs. If 101 doesnt have this, than it’s a bargin bin title and another one of their “Launch Window” titles will have been a flop. Lets hope it’s got some replay value.

  • Im getting this day 1 , i have been wanting this game since i first learned of it, if it’s that short ill just beat it twice in a row!

  • I won’t be disappointed if it is short so long as it has good gameplay/replay-ability. The only time I don’t like it if a game is short is if it is not fun/feels slapped together or if it has no replay-ability(hidden Items, unlockable quests, different ways of finishing a each level etc.)

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Hell, you can beat Starfox 64 in under an hour and a lot of those great indie games (like Journey) were pretty short too
    short games can be great games just as well as longer games just as long as the gameplay is amazing enough

  • Henry Hotspur

    As long as it proves to be a great game oozing with reasons to replay the adventure it provides. That’s where games like Bioshock Infinite succeeded and Dishonored failed.

  • The games not even out yet , or have a release date, so how does anyone know its short?..

  • Levi Johansen

    Are there any difficulty settings? Collectables? Hidden areas? Online or offline multiplayer?

    If no to all of these, then I will not buy!

  • Frankie

    It is funny how another coworker stated that the game is not short and everyone mistook the tweet. I guess WiiUDaily should do some research before posting articles that turn out to be false.

  • Demonguardian

    Oy and I totally agree that this HAS to have a smashing 1-4 player multiplayer mode! I mean, where did those go? Died off with Super smash bros brawl?!

  • Andrew Forza

    get the feeling i will still play it over a hundred times just like viewtiful joe and bayonetta. platinum seems to make games with amazing replayability.

  • Kirbyomega

    Well No. After I beat a game I never touch it again unless I wanna reminisce or it’s a game like smash bros which you can play forever.