Jan 11th, 2013

Nintendo has been incredibly resistant to making a mainstream Pokemon game for home consoles, insisting that the formula works best for handheld devices like the Gameboy and Nintendo DS. That hasn’t stopped environmental artist Evan Liaw from creating his own idea of what Pokemon could look like on the Wii U. The following shots are renders created by Liaw in UDK of the Pokemon Center, a staple of the games since the original Red and Blue.

What do you think of the shots? Are they too hyper-realistic for you or would you love to see a Pokemon game in this style? Purely speaking of the monsters, the realistic style might be able to be pulled off if the Pokemon were rendered similar to the baddies we saw in Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma. Check out the rest of the shots of the PokeCenter render below.

[via Evan Liaw]

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  • Weird… I’m still trying to adjust to it not being sprite based. It’s all I’ve played them as, so a change like going 3D, even on a handheld, is a big shift. Let’s take things one step at a time before going hyper real.

  • Neofire4

    they’d need to make the pokemon look more realistic if they made a game that looked like that.
    But it’d still be awesome to see it with those graphics!

  • rfisher1228

    Love it, beautiful work. I would be all over a “hyper real” Pokemon adventure, my kids would love it.

  • Wayne Beck

    If they made Pokemon look like that, I can’t think of a single person I know who could resist playing it.¬†

    The Gameboy versions of Pokemon were not all to unrealistic. Not any more unrealistic than say Final Fantasy, which started out with less realism than Pokemon and is now one of the most realistic, albeit fantasy, looking games on the market.

    Honestly, all I think they would need to do is make sure the fur/scales/feathers of the Pokemon don’t look to cartoony and I think their basic forms would fit in quite easily. Character models could easily be rendered based off the in battle character images rather than the sprites themselves.

  • Snake_Boss22

    I don’t think will look like that Pokemon is a anime

  • GTMacc

    Not played pokemon it ages (out grown it a little) but i reckon a release on the wii u would get me back into the series ūüôā

    • Paquito19962


  • Gilbert Nicks

    well this wouldnt be the first move¬† into the 3d pokemon direction…¬† i loved the n64 games¬† i never got the play the gamecube games… ¬† but I would LOVE to see¬† Stadium¬† or¬† even a FULL fledged pokemon game¬† come out on the Wii-U¬† that looks like this.

  • Chris C

    Those shots look really cool regardless, very good design work.

  • uPadWatcher

    Looks more like a Pokemon game developed by Retro Studios.  Liaw have done an outstanding job on these renditions!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Great work. As the article said, a hyper-realistic style might not suit Pokemon (especially the monsters themselves) but this is very good nonetheless.
    I’d love to see a mainstream Pokemon game for Wii U (or a Pokemon Snap sequel) and I really don’t understand Nintendo’s thinking in limiting the best Pokemon games to handheld only ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† – Wii U’s graphics, online, features etc would help make an excellent Pokemon title and even if they’re unsure whether Pokemon needs a Wii U game or not, you could say Wii U NEEDS a Pokemon game! The popularity of the franchise would draw a lot of attention to Wii U and the graphics and new gameplay ideas could brave new territory for the franchise and offer an excellent game to us all.

    Also is that Zelda writing in the second picture?

  • Clem

    I could be wrong but I think that the rights to Pok√©mon actually belong to Game Freak, and they’re the one insisting the main Pok√©mon games belong exclusively on handhelds. Which is a shame.

    • Spencer Campbell

      Nintendo lords over gamefreak if nintendo wanted a mainstream pokemon on the console there wold be one

    • I wonder if their insistence is because XD and Coliseum were flops…?

      • I Can’t Think of a Name

        i loved them! watchutalkingaboutwillis

    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†good to see them try and learn from mistakes but a main series game would be great for a home console. they should make a 3D sandbox main series RPG, that would epic. Come on Game Freak, you can’t just hide away, be brave, make the franchise enter [sort of] new territory! loads of people are asking for it and we’ve established a formula thta works just do it already:)

  • Megan Allen

    that first one would be a good smashbros stage

    • Iceman

      There’s a new Pokemon game in legit 3D coming out for the 3DS. The moves actually look good, the battles are in 3D, and the world isn’t in top-down view anymore!

  • GeDDeN

    Nintendo wont make a Poke game for Wii U or any home console because its a business decision. If start doing that they prob think that their hand held sales would dip a bit or lose some of their magic…. IDK your guess is as good as mine at this point..

    • uPadWatcher

      There’s a possibility that there will be a Pokemon game for Wii U… just like they had with Pokemon¬†Coliseum for the Nintendo 64. ¬†If they do make a U game, imagine the possibilities of using Pokemon cards by using NFC technology on the Game Pad.

      • Surely you mean Stadium and Stadium 2? Coliseum was definitely a Gamecube game

  • Roel Schuring

    As pokemon is core is based on trading with friends (in physical form, not online) I dont see a console version apart from Colosseum and stadium type games.

  • dillontm

    This has been a dream for me. Really think about this. Start off with the kanto region for the first installment. A free roam HD pokemon universe with the world being vast and hd graphics with pokemon just roaming the corresponding habitats they live in. And make characteristics of pokemon realistic like lets say youre trying to catch a Grimer, its said in the pokedex that its toxins kill any plant life when came in contact, so if youre hunting down a grimer youd see a trail of dead vegetation up to where youll find it. Surfing on a Gyrados’ head or flying on the back of a pidgeot in a HD free roam environment. The wii u finally is the console fully able to achieve this revolutionary pokemon game. The gamepad can act as all your inventory (backpack) with the touch of the screen youll have all your items ready for adventure or battle. Online capabilities an DLC availability will only strengthen this game as well. Motion control with catching pokemon and fishing for that rare water type can also give a crazy feel for a pokemon game. I think this would boost sales dramatically for nintendo and bring back so many older fans to the series. I hope nintendo really does this in the future, reinventing the pokemon world for the better and for the future.

    • C√©sar Antonio Arias Velarde

      The gamepad could be the pokedex also, dont forget the pokedex! xD

    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†A 3D Pokemon game is high up on my wishlist too. How amazing would it be to have a massive sandbox setting with wild Pokemon visibly roaming around in ti – This way you could simply walk away from wild Pokemon battles you don’t want (none of that “Can’t escape” crap) Flying a Pidgeot around the would be amazing. for the most part the game should play like a normal main-series game (with exp points level up, learn new moves evolve etc) only in a 3D open world. battles could be done like Pokemon Stadium and the gamepad could be used to manage items and select moves etc as well as a Pokedex (like Cesar Antonio Arias Velarde said)
      I wish Nintendo would make a game like that but for some reason they keep the best games on handhelds, a game like this would be great for the Pokemon franchise and the Wii U. Make it happen, please Nintendo.

      • Genesect4ssb4

        a combat system like in the anime.

        Trainer 1Lucario uses aura sphere followed by dashing jump and unleashes an Aura boosted Close Combat!

        Trainer 2 Pikachu jumps over the Aura Sphere but is hit hard by CC. 

        Pikachu uses Volt Switch! Switches to Gengar, 

        A full combat system with dodging, running (base speed stuff like Deoxys and Ninjask) and infusing moves with other moves like Counter Shield (works with poison gases, bubble beam, flare blitz, thunder bolt (multiple come down), Thunder Armor, Volt Tail (uses Volt Tackle but hits with iron tail but electrified

        stil basic pokemon (turn based RPG, four moves, status, boosting, stat droppers etc) but u can dodge moves on opponents turn and certain moves have great accuracy and some hit without fail, others are powerful with shaky accuracy.

        • only 3 dodges and 5 second timer to pick a counter attack

          • Genesect4ssb4

            OH GOD YES PLEASE! 

    • Paquito19962

      No, thanks.

  • dillontm

    And to add thoughts for online, the online or ability can make it so your friend can connect to your or his server and catch, battle others, or trade pokemon with your friend directly. Just imagine the possibilities and think for yourself if this would not be the perfect pokemon game. Just my ideas of what nintendo an game freak should create.

  • “This is how a Pokemon¬†game could look like on the wiiu” I would love to see any game look like this on WiiU then it truly does show the potential graphically on the wiiu’s gpu, but I sadly¬†doubt we’ll see any game look¬†like that anytime soon. We know wiiu can handle that, but we won’t be seeing it anytime soon I fear.

    Fact is though that there are many MANY people who want to see a full fledged pokemon RPG on a home console (myself included) I’m looking forward to Pokemon X and Y on 3DS, but a game on WiiU would be more then welcome, especially if it indeed looks like these¬†fan made screenshots. Impressive, very impressive job indeed.

  • Mickey Mouse

    The Pokemon Company have gone on record saying there will never be a home console version of a main Pokemon game.

  • Death47

    Kinda reminds me of portal

  • Zach Albright

    This would be awsome!

  • Jay Doe

    All that stuff and all we would do is go to the nurse and get out pokemon healed in 10 seconds

    • I Can’t Think of a Name

      nuh uh if I were playing this game I’d screw around with the PokeCenter admiring its every inch

  • RoadyMike

    This may sound silly,but when I saw this,I couldn’t help but shed a tear.To see my favorite game series of all time look at least somewhat like this has been my,and millions of other Pokemon fans,dream for many years now.The possibilities that the Wii U offers.All the things GameFreak and Nintendo could get right with this…Shit I’m gonna tear up again…
    But as much as most Pokemon fans want it,we probably won’t get a main game on a home console,let alone it looking as realistic as this anytime soon.The cost to make a game like this would be at least a few millions(billions if it were an MMO)If we’re lucky,we’ll at least get a Pokemon Snap 2.I myself am still enjoying Pokemon Black 2 and soon Pokemon X and Y this fall
    But still,the things Nintendo and Gamefreak could do with this

  • yamiryuu_zero

    Nintendo, please, use Wii U’s internet capability and Miiverse to create a MMORPG Pokemon game! That would be a dream coming true!

    • Daniel

      That would also be a huge system seller.

  • Brad BoZ

    On the 4th photo… Is that Hatsune Miku?!

  • If they went the console route I’d rather see something cel-shaded/anime-esque. ¬†Hyper-realism isn’t for me, especially for this series…

    • MujuraNoKamen

      ¬†I think they’ll find a style that works for it. Look at Smash bros Brawl, all the characters (Pokemon included) kept their old school cartoony appearances but they also got new levels of detail at the same pleasing everyone – check out the Textures on Mario’s clothes, but he still looks like Mario, or how about Lucario’s fur? very well detailed but he still looks like a Pokemon. – I think a more detailed and somewhat realistic look will be OK for a Pokemon game, just as long as the characters look like they’re from the Anime, and they don’t alter the Pokemon to look hyper-realistic.

  • TheDetonator

    that is NOT pokemon!

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    As much as I love the thought of a real pokemon game on consoles, I really can’t see an end-product that’s worthy of the title “first pokemon game for consoles”

  • Vakua Dorn

    Rather then that they should make ‘paper Pokemon’ for the Wii U!

  • Daniel

    These graphics, NFC support for cards for special events, full player customization, great wii u controller support but having support for just playing on the tablet if people want and they have the win next gen. That will be the biggest system seller nintendo could make. 
    This plus Smash Bros, Majoras Mask HD, an FPS by Miyamoto, and a 1st party racing sim and they will have the best of most genres. 
    I am very excited to see what comes from the Namco Smash Bros…¬†
    All in all even if the console HD pokemon game never sees light of day I will still be happy I bought a Wii U

  • WarioForever

    Wow, I would then definitely buy this game! It has graphics for Wii U in HD!!!
    Finnaly they will try something different with this game. Looking foward to the pokemon game for console, I don’t want just colosseum, give me the real Pokemon.
    And again, this looks sooo gooood!!! ¬† ūüėÄ

  • Jonas

    would be so amazing.
    they could also combine the pokedéx from the NDS or 3ds with the wiiU one and switch over pokémon and stuff. 
    they could also do some additional regions as dlcs. 
    hopefully nintendo listens to our prayers.

  • i would buy a wiiu for this game. i love pokemon.

  • i would buy a wiiu for this game. i love pokemon.¬†

  • Wing Zero

    I wish they used Cell Shade graphics to make it anime like low cost and huge world instead of high cost good graphics and small world  

    • TaintedXGamer

      that would be ideal, like the upcoming pokemon 3D game, but more bettter that than or better yet, like pokedex pro 3D

  • Pokemon Online MMORPG! no cash shop! create your own character and pokemon! HUGE WORLD, hardcore fighting! make the best game of all time!

  • Graham Gillman


  • brandon braun

    highly doubt that and besides it migh be a gamewe travel around all the regions

  • brandon braun

    one more thing hallelujah

  • I hope it wouldn’t look this realistic.

  • jonnathan rivas

    God how I like pokemon wii u graphics engine

  • Paquito19962

    No, thanks.

    This is not Pokemon style.


  • Night0fCore

    I’d love a 3D, console Pokemon game, and this looks absolutely fabulous. But, what about when you’re walking through tall grass, how do you make it so that the Pokemon jumping out at you from nowhere, looks legit?

  • devmiles

    could look like doesn’t make me any wiser. besides… i’d be more happy with more serious announcements than something pokemon

  • Bravyoura

    The visuals are a bit ambitious for the wii u just like the fake majora’s mask video.