Jul 9th, 2014

If you love watching competitive Super Smash Bros. every year but have little interest in the other games that Evo 2014 will be showcasing, you’re in luck my friend. Evo has just released the full schedule for its Evo 2014 tournament, showcasing when the games will be played over a period of three days. For those who like to tune in only for specific games, refer to the chart to see when you should watch.


As you can see the activities are being divided up between three streams, with the two important channels being SRKEvo1 and SRKEvo2. The times listed in this schedule are Pacific Standard Time, so EST will add three hours. Our European friends will want to add nine hours.

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  • SmashFinale

    Looks interesting… i might check it out. Might.

  • Fred

    I might have to watch some as I loved SSB 64 and didn’t like Melee at all. Maybe I’m missing something and watching it will help me like it more

    • smbmaster99

      Same here. I much prefer Smash 64 and Brawl over Melee. I still enjoy it, but I have never had as much fun with Melee as I have with 64 and Brawl.

      • Clel

        Though I have never played 64, I’ve always found Melee far more interesting to watch (at a very high level) than actually playing it. On the contrary, I find Brawl to be much more fun to play than to watch (whether at a high level or not).

    • nigeriangamer

      i liked ssb64 and brawl for their pace melee was too fast but still an awesome game

      • Fred

        Yes it was a little too fast for me

  • companyoflosers

    If it werent for people having no opportunity to get used to the new smash game, i would have been surprised that nintendo didnt offer to provide early copies of it. Guess they could always hand out limited versions to evo participants or enable the temporary download of a tournament version but practicing against npcs isnt really good preparation.

  • FutureFox

    May watch a few.

  • Carlos Valentino

    Mi might watch a few.
    Do anybody knows where ?