Apr 18th, 2013


Yesterday we finally got a release date of August 4th for Pikmin 3, but it turns out the above memo that has been circulating around 4chan’s /v/ community was leaked before the Nintendo PR email that went out confirming the release date. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what’s on the docket for future release.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things on this sheet is the fact that Super Mario Galaxy 2 seems to have been in consideration as a port from Wii to Wii U. The release was supposed to include a soundtrack CD, but it looks as if this project has been put on hold. Moving on from there, we see several accessory releases scheduled and The Wonderful 101 set for some time in July.

Unfortunately release dates are pretty scarce, but under the release date “Fall” we have the following titles:

  • Bayonetta 2
  • Yarn Yoshi
  • Xenoblade Wii U
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  • Shen Megami Tensei & Fire Emblem Crossover
  • Mario Kart Wii U

Certainly not a bad start to the holiday season on Nintendo’s part. Given the accuracy of the document at predicting the Pikmin 3 and Legend of Zelda 3DS version, it seems these release dates could be accurate.

Other things to note are the release of Wii Fit U with Balance Board and Fit Meter, which could certainly appeal to those who purchased the original Wii Fit. What do you think of this release schedule? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Colin Kells-Murphy

    If smash bros. is actually coming out in the fall, that will be an immediate pre order.

    • Alienfish

      If Smash Bros. is actually coming this fall it will be the buggiest game on Wii U. Even if this is an accurate launch schedule I doubt Sakurai has had any input.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    “Super Secret” on a professional document… Seems legit.

    • I would question the validity myself, but this document was released before the confirmation of the August 4th release date of Pikmin 3 directly from Nintendo.

      • Christopher 並天道虫

        Yeah, that’s the only thing that is giving it credability was that it was right about Pikmin 3. If it is…then the Super Smash Bros…

        • Buzzeh

          Seriously… The game has only been in development for about a year.. expect early 2015!

          • Stephen

            Smash Bros started development in early-ish 2012. Preliminary stuff was almost certainly done before that. Iwata’s Q1 2014 goal… means I think we’ll be seeing more than we initially thought we would this year.

            I called it a few months ago in this tweet, just to document it somewhere: https://twitter.com/CaptainIcy/status/298134539769876480

        • Alienfish

          That’s what I don’t get is how they are almost ready to release Smash. Maybe that’s what Nintendo wants, but I don’t think Sakurai is going to let a game out just a year and a half into development. I don’t expect that game until fall 2014 at the earliest.

        • NintenLord

          If the Smash Bros is true, then every other console is screwed.

      • Jeffrey Debris

        Well not saying that this list isn’t real, but it kinda made me laugh seeing it at the top of the document. I hope that thing about Smash Bros is true… Then this will be a great year for Wii U! 🙂

        • Guest

          What thing about Smash Bros?

          • Wayne Beck

            Smash Bros. isn’t supposed to be out til next year. Doc says fall.

      • Haven’t read all comments yet so not sure if it has been said allready, but I have a few doubts about the list being valid, truth be said the release date for Pikmin is correct and I also read that game and wario will be available on june 23th for europe atleast, my doubts lay with Smash Brothers and Xenoblade U last I heard about Smash Brothers was also an early 2014 release, and as far as Xenoblade goes, I know for a fact that Xenoblade U has been in development since late 2010 early 2011 for the Wii U, well Xenoblade is not right tbh, I should say I know for a fact that Monolith has been working on a Wii U title since late 2010 early 2011, but we all know it’ll be Xenoblade now even this real or fake letter says it’s Xenoblade 😛

        The original Xenoblade was anounced e3 2009 but didn’t get released until 2011 atleast for the west. As we have seen the first gameplay last February I find it more likely that Xenoblade U will come halfway through 2014 (2 years after first footage). I hope it will be this year though, as between first announcement of the original and an actual release 2 years later it is possible, as we or atleast I knew Monoliths new game has been in development for well over 2 years now. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation soon (preferably before e3 😀 ) Then I know what I’ll buy in June when my vacation money comes in, Deluxe Wii U xD

      • No

        It says RVL that means Wii Galaxy 2 is not a port.

    • Jerry Garcia

      My weiner is enlarging as I read. (Whoops that was supposed to be super secret)

    • Onkeljan

      Its not like its the CIA, its Nintendo we are talking about here. It would not shock me if they do silly things like that.

    • IntrepidEmu

      Maybe they did that so that people would question its validity if it got leaked O.o

      • Tobias Naustdal

        mind blow O_O

    • NkoSekirei

      i pretty much sure that monolith new game is xenoblade 2 so can t wait to get my hands on that game and others as well

    • SBisMeh

      It didn’t mention MH:3U on the same date as Lego City. Obv fake.

  • Nintedward

    Where’s my Windwaker remake release date ? Did they already announce a date for that ? I CANNOT wait to replay that game in all its new , remade glory. Gunna be epic. Interesting to see what new stuff they will add to the game. Maybe Gyroscope aiming for items like in OOT 3D.

    • No release date has been announced for it yet, but expect to hear more at E3.

      • Nintedward

        Didn’t they say it would be coming ”this fall” or in September or some stuff. That’s definitely a game I want sooner rather than late. One of my anticipated Wiiu games.
        Ocarina 3D remake is one of the best games I’ve ever played (definitve version of the best game ever)
        So I have high hopes Windwaker Wiiu will be a similar kind of remake.

        • Yes, it is expected to be out this fall.

        • Daniel Schwarz

          They said it will be released in the Fall. My money is on a November/December release.

      • howling_wolf1334:[

        No release date, huh??? Why, then, on walmart & gamestop sites we read the release date for this game??? December 31 2013??? If this is a tentative date and they can gives us a better release date, so be it… Hope so…

  • Lord Fuse

    “Super secret” “Thru on-line store only?” I’m sorry, but this doesn’t seem real at all.

  • Sdudyoy

    I highly doubt that this is real, But if you think otherwise you can tell me why!

    • Zombie_Andrew

      I’m on the fence of authenticity but it backs up Reggie’s quote on dramatic increase of releases after E3

    • Daniel Schwarz

      I can see this being real and inaccurate. NoA themselves probably don’t always have all the facts well in advance. It does say that dates are tentative. That may be all they need.

  • Martin

    Mario Kart <3

  • The most interesting thing to me about this is listing monoliths next game as Xenoblade wiiu. Looks like a sequel/prequel

  • Many games are coming out this fall…almost too many. Seems fishy to me. Not to say that it will be a bad thing if this list holds up true (which I doubt, even with the correct Pikmin 3 date). It just seems like an awful lot of games dropping from Nintendo all at once. Add in 3rd party Wii U offerings, games from other platforms, PS4 and Nextbox, and the fall/holiday release schedule is crowded for all gamers. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few of those fall titles get pushed to early 2014.

    Why is the Wii U battery pack “very confidential” compared to everything else on this list?

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Super Secret is a little can Imagine it almost being said in an Al Gore voice “Super Serial Wii U list” 😛

      BUT THRU makes sense if it’s a quick excel sheet.

      There’s plenty of unlisted titles for next year such as Retro’s IP for 2014

    • Daniel Schwarz

      Assuming this is real, those dates are probably very tentative. They may anticipate all of them to come out in the Fall when in reality only half of them do. A document like this from a year ago would probably have listed Pikmin 3 as a launch title.

  • Also: Official Nintendo battery packs for Wii remotes and gamepads confirmed? And a release for the bizarre Wii mini in the US?

  • Mitchell Plyler

    If Xenoblade Chronicles comes to Wii U I would buy it day one…This is probably the new game though.

    • Zuxs13

      Hence why it says xenoblade U.

    • Fred

      I wish they’d just plop it into either the Wii Shopping channel or the eShop I’d buy it (I”ve tried to buy it elsewhere and I’m not willing to pay $180)

      • Alienfish

        Huh, I just checked online prices for the original and, yeah, it’s up there. I would swear that I see copies of that around town for regular price.

    • NkoSekirei

      its probably a sequel not the first one

  • Knux03

    whats with the not yet announced im i the only one that noticed it

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    Must be fake! It say Smash Bros. U is due Autumn/Fall this year! It wish that was true but it’s hardly plausible.

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Really? Have you not noticed the game has been under development for frickin ages?

      • routerbad

        Ages and ages.

        • Zombie_Andrew

          and ages….Plus it’s been confirmed to be playable at E3 along with Mario 3D and Mario Kart U

          • Dylan

            No, they specifically avoided calling the next Smash Brothers game “playable.” Only the Mario games will be in playable form by E3.

      • Daniel Schwarz

        It has not been in development for ages. Development didn’t begin until after the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising at the end of March last year. That means it’s been in development for about one year. This would be pretty quick for a release, especially considering that they’re making two Smash Bros. games simultaneously. Speaking of which, if this list is legit, then where’s Super Smash Bros. 3DS which is supposed to be released alongside the Wii U version?

        • Zombie_Andrew

          Oh I’m sure it’s not legit, but it’s a good guess at “the flood of Wii U games coming after E3” but Smash Bros will be playable, and it’d really help Nintendo’s sales in competition with Sony and Microsoft this holiday if Smash Bros was released along with Mario Kart etc during the fall/holiday. Especially if the game will be in a playable state by E3

          • Dylan

            Nintendo said that Mario Kart and the next 3D Mario adventure will be playable at E3, not the next Smash Brothers game. They said they would show Smash Brothers in some capacity, but that it would not be in playable form.

      • Ace J

        it only been in development for 1 year. they start development after they released Kid Icarus: Uprising, which came out in March 2012

  • Steven Scott

    gamepad battery pack
    I will wait for this to be released

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Love how the “leak says” SUPER SECRET 😛

  • Too little, too late.

    • Nintedward

      Yes, you and your comment are too little to late.

      Wiiu is gunna go on a rampage when all these games are released , you know it , I know it , we all know it.

      • Save the rah-rah speech for your staff.

        • Nintedward

          I’m unemployed lol. Save your conspiracy theories for someone who gives a shit.

    • Daniel Schwarz

      Late? Sure. Little? I can see a case for that too. But not sure how it’s too little too late. A console cycle typically lasts for 6 years. Granted, the Wii U has not gotten off to a great start, but the console will be around for a long time. It’s way too early to write it off. You might have said the same thing about the 3DS at this point in its life and look at it now.

      • You guy always bring up that 3DS thing, as if anyone and everyone cares about handhelds. A typical Nintendo console cycle has 6 years, but that is only if it is successful, it is not the rule nor can you foolishly expect that each time a system is released. MS and SOny change the game on that. I’m not sure how you can claim that the console will be around for a long time when you just wrote that 6 years is it! It won’t even make the 6 though.

        • Daniel Schwarz

          You don’t like the 3DS example, fine. Look at how the PS3 performed in its first 6 months. You’re short sighted if you think it’s too late for Nintendo to turn around the Wii U’s fortunes. That’s not to say that the Wii U won’t fail, but it’s too early to pick out tombstones.

          • Why do you bother with him. You are not going to change his mind even though he is always wrong. Just let him say what he wants to say and ignore it and move on. I am sure he was trolling forums when the Wii came out and he will be doing the same when the Wii U successor comes out. He just wants his GTA5 so he can go play with himself and tell all of his imaginary friends how he is such a hardcore gamer.

          • The PS3 was $600 man!

          • Daniel Schwarz

            So? According to your logic, they should have thrown in the towel after 6 months.

        • jay

          “as if anyone and everyone cares about handhelds.”

          DS Has sold MORE than both ps3/360 COMBINED.


          • I guess you missed the part where I wrote that I don’t care about handhelds.

          • jay

            I guess you missed your hypocrisy. 🙁

    • Zuxs13

      How is it too late? Do you have statistical data proving this? Do you have ecconomic knowledge beyond everyone else? I doubt it. Stop trying to purposely be an ass hole ( well maybe you can’t help it you were just born that way)

    • uPadWatcher

      In this day and age, it’s never too late. Good things come to those who wait.

      • The problem is, any one can predict Nintendo’s moves and their titles. This is why they fail.

    • jay

      “Too little, Too Late.”

      This is what the haters said about Pokemon. Look where it is today…

  • Jeff

    Super Smash Bros U….. FALL????? This can’t mean this year right? It must mean next year.

    • Zombie_Andrew

      No SSB has been in development for ages.This list is believable

      • Daniel Schwarz

        Nope, 1 year, not ages.

        • Zombie_Andrew

          Nintendo need to Bring out Smash Bros by April 2014 at the LATEST, but It’d be the perfect Holiday system seller for 2013.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    ANYONE ELSE SEE THE ” BATTERY PACK FOR WIIU GAMEPAD” and then it says confidential? Extended Gamepad battery life??? 🙂

  • jjmesa14

    I guess Reggie was right when he said this, “But as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase”. Look there are 2 games that Nintendo is putting out this summer, Game & Wario and The Wonderful 101. That’s a pretty dramatic increase Reggie.

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Then you notice Fall comes after E3

      • jjmesa14

        Prepare usually means before. But no games are coming out before E3. So we have 1 game in June, which most people aren’t interested in, 1 in July, 1 in August, and the worthwhile games are coming in between September 21st and December 21st. That’s a possible 3 months with no exciting games except for Pikmin 3 and maybe The Wonderful 101. It’s going to be a tough few months for Wii U.

        • routerbad

          Remember this is just 1st party games and Nintendo collaborations (3rd party but Nintendo published in the case of LEGO City)

          • jjmesa14

            But 1st party games are why everyone buys a Nintendo console. They want Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, etc. People don’t buy Nintendo consoles because of 3rd party games such as LEGO City (I have nothing against LEGO City, I think its a great game, I just don’t think its a system seller). One exception to that might be Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

          • D.M.T

            I don’t mean to attack you or your opinions but you need to speak for yourself. I don’t buy Nintendo consoles for 1st party games, I buy Nintendo consoles to play all types of games available for them. I support devs who support Nintendo consoles. You and other Nintendo fans should be ashamed of yourselves, you have no right to complain when 3rd party devs are skipping the Wii U.

          • routerbad

            That isn’t true of everyone. I bought the console for Nintendo games and third party games that come to the system. It’s high time multiple consoles sitting on a shelf is no longer necessary to have great gaming experiences.

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            I bought Ninja Gaiden 3 just to “support” 3rd party dev. I also bought Trine 2, Little Inferno and Puddle for indie…plus their good games 😉

        • D.M.T

          So…you’re ignoring 3rd party games coming to Wii U and we’re supposed to believe everything you just said?

          – Injustice Gods Among Us was released a few days ago

          – Resident Evil Revelations is releasing in May

          – Deus Ex Director’s Cut is releasing in May as well

          Good job ignoring 3rd party games on Wii U dude, you’re one of the reasons why 3rd party games don’t sell on Nintendo systems. I’m assuming you have a Wii U but if you dont than you’re still stupid for ignoring 3rd party games.

          • Guest

            I agree these are great games but aren’t Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut (Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in February 2012) and Resident Evil Revelations (April 2012 for other systems) old games that are made for the Wii U. I know that 3rd party developers are only trying to help the Wii U but people have already played these games on other systems.

          • Revelation was a 3DS only game when it first came out. The only time it has touched any other console will be in May

          • routerbad

            RE:R released in April 2012 for 3DS ONLY. It is only now making it to other systems. As long as the experience changes enough to warrant a purchase why not go for it? Many Nintendo fans have never played Deus Ex at all, so this is actually a very poignant release strategy. Also, ZombiU is exclusive 3rd party, W101 will be an exclusive, Bayonetta is exclusive, Rayman Legends will have exclusive content. There are plenty of third party exclusives out and coming to the Wii U that are not ports or re-releases. As it is Deus Ex has some very snazzy enhancements for the Wii U version that should buy square time to get some other projects for Wii U off the ground.

    • routerbad

      Also Pikmin and whatever Nex P SW /stand means. SW refers to software, not sure what the rest of it means.

      • jjmesa14

        That is interesting. I wonder what it could be?

        • Rafael Palomares Quiroz


          • routerbad

            Hmmm. Could they go with selling that at retail? That would be an interesting strategy, and it would highlight something about the Wii U that really sets it apart. Also, they should put this on the display kiosks immediately.

          • jjmesa14

            They could be selling it at retail but isn’t it supposed to come out next week? and what does the stand part mean? It would be interesting if they do sell it at retail but I’m not sure if they would do that.

            I agree they should put this in stores to display some of the features of the Wii U.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    This looks fake lol why would they put SUPER SECRET at the top? Haha trolling us

  • crocodileman94

    I doubt Smash Bros is going to be released this year

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Why not? It’s been in development for ages and is a mediocre game enough to pull in some people, but not enough to be classed a huge megaton system seller. But certainly perfect for Holiday season

      • routerbad

        Are you serious?! Smash Bros is ALWAYS a system seller.

        • Zombie_Andrew

          It’s a system seller, but not as much of a system seller as a megaton new IP that attracts a non-nintendo audience.

          • routerbad

            It doesn’t have to be a new IP to sell systems. Most manufacturers create first party games based on previously used IP’s. Hopefully they have a new IP to show off, but I doubt something that is completely unannounced would be listed on a document like this, because not everyone working for Nintendo is clued in on what’s being worked on. Again Retro’s game is missing from this list, which is most likely a Metroid title, which should be a major system seller.

          • Zombie_Andrew

            Exactly what I’m trying to get at, SSB isn’t the best Nintendo IP that everyone is making it out to be, there are other different Nintendo IPs that will attract people. I’m just sick of everyone thinking Smash Bros is the best Nintendo IP on earth. It’s decent, I like it, but I don’t drool over it.

          • NkoSekirei

            ur an idiot

          • routerbad

            Its just one killer IP in a very healthy stable.

          • jay

            It’s the greatest game I’ve ever played in my life. And trust me I’ve been gaming since the 80’s.

          • Tecpedz94

            Just stop talking….. -_-

          • Revolution5268


          • D.M.T

            Lol you’re on drugs

          • jjmesa14
          • uPadWatcher

            Your trolling skills are failing, Zombie Andrew House. Go back and play Wonderbook: Book of Spells!

          • Zombie_Andrew

            uPadWatcher you think anyone saying anything negative about the Wii U is a troll. i own a Wii U, I love SSB, but for crying out loud out of all the Nintendo IPs it’s evolved the least. It’s not going to attract new audiances, it’s going to attract millions of just one section of gamers Nintendo also need fresh new blood too you know?

            I’m tired of fellow Nintendo fans being so thickle as to just love everything Nintendo do, If Iwata walked on stage, farted and sold it die hard fanboys would buy it.

            The Wii U is a great console, it has great games but it doesn’t mean I can’t be critical about the games, company and the console too.

          • howling_wolf1334:[

            Well, well, being a criticizer of games like SSBB would be like criticize CoD… they can sometimes fail in bringing to the gamers a PERFECT GAME… but at the end the GAMER AND ONLY THE GAMER is responsible of the failure or success of one IP like SSBB… This game have so many fans, that, like you said, if Iwata(or Nintendo) fart or sh!t himself(Shart) and they start to selling it, they will sold out very quickly… I’m a fan of this series and I like very much the first of this games, but, as the games are going evolved, this has lost a lot of his essence, that the first one has(SSBB 64)…

          • NkoSekirei

            wat a troll gtfo ding bat super smash bros is on the top of best fighting games ever

          • super smash is one of the biggest system sellers there is..

          • Nintedward

            You are an idiot sir. Smash bros is a bigger system seller than any ”new IP”. Smash bros brawl on Wii is the highest selling fighting game ever made. You explain that one. 10 Million copies sold.

          • atl hawks

            Dafaq are you talking about, SSBU is is not just for Nintendo fans.My cousin is a die-hard playstation fan from the beginning, but he’ll quickly put away the dualshock to play smash bros.

      • Revolution5268

        no it started in march after kid icarus 3ds.

        • Ace J

          yeah its only been out for a year and 1 month lol

          • Revolution5268

            smash bros takes a while to make, and if sakurai does not feel like the game is complete, he push back the release date.

          • Ace J

            i was agreeing with you lol. i accidentally replied to your post and not zombie andrews lol

      • sdmac200600

        they started development after kid icarus was finished being developed. its just been a year. get facts straight

    • routerbad

      Looks like they expect it to. Keep in mind this is only first party.

  • jcnba28

    Damn Wii U will have a lot of great games coming this fall/winter!

  • WarioForever

    Ok? So, Smash bros is coming this year or I didn’t understand that part?

  • jjmesa14

    Most of this is info we already knew except for some of the Wii U accessories, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and the mini red Wii (who could have predicted that). It would be great to see Super Smash Bros. come out this year even though Sakurai is injured. This should be a great fall, assuming Nintendo sticks to this calendar.

  • MetroidZero

    Bring a role of toilet paper when you watch E3.

  • Daniel Schwarz

    What could”Nex P” SW w/stand be? SW could stand for software.

  • routerbad

    Is it Just me or does WUP seem like it should apply only to Wii U except for LOZ and Mario & Luigi Dream Team?

  • BAMM

    I think the main thing to take away from what’s happened here today is that A NEW LEGEND OF ZELDA IS COMING THIS FALL

    • Zombie_Andrew

      Nope, that’s Wind Waker, as that’s been confirmed for the fall

      • BAMM

        Ahhh…well this is awkward now

  • Hey look, a gamepad battery pack! Now everyone can stop bitching about the battery life that never even bothered me!

    • D.M.T

      You gotta admit that the battery life is a complete joke. Most people don’t want to charge their controllers so often. The Pro Controller’s battery life is impressive, I’ve only charged that controller once since i bought it in December last year

      • -shrugs- if the battery light turns on. I plug it in. the battery life is low, but it’s not as big a problem as everyone’s flipping tits about

      • Fred

        I have the cradle next to my TV and I just keep the gamepad on the cradle. With charging it inbetween I’ve only killed the battery ONCE.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      I agree. I plug it in if the light goes on—no big deal. I must say though, the Pro Controller’s battery life is impressive.

    • Ben Kapferer

      It never bothered you, so it shouldn’t bother anybody?

      • its not that it shouldnt bother people, its that its not that big of a problem as people are making it out to be

  • Mickey Mouse

    The list doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know.

  • Ben English

    Lessee, doesn’t have names for any of the Fall releases, doesn’t include Wind Waker… And Smash Bros, Xenoblade, and Bayonetta all hitting this year seems like a pipedream.

    A gambling man would wager this is fake.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Awww, just cut off of that picture, on the bottom of that document it says “not yet announced” I bet there’s a list below that stating details on Mario Kart, Metroid, 3D Mario etc. Whoever leaked this “super secret” didn’t mind leaking release dates and other details but made sure we’d be kept in suspense until E3 – not sure if I should be happy that E3 is gonna blow me away or disappointed that we came so close to new [unofficial] game reveals. Still it’s encouraging to see a number of games will be here in Q3 if this is accurate but Smash Bros before holiday 2014? I doubt it.

  • tronic307

    They’ve got Mario & Luigi: Dream Team listed as a Wii U title. The improved GamePad battery is “Very Confidential”, only sold at Nintendo’s online store, and we have to wait until August?!? Nyko, here I come.
    Plus there isn’t much chance for those games towards the bottom to go to retail in 2013. Oh, and must we endure the Wii mini in the US?
    If this document is real, they should’ve burned it.

  • Adrian

    No comment on whether or not this is fake. But I must say, anything labeled as SUPER SECRET, probably wasn’t meant to actually be kept as a SUPER SECRET. This could very well be an intentional leak (assuming it is real).

  • Zuxs13

    Here’s something interesting. Pikmin 3 and animal crossing both have valid UPC numbers that will link you to retailers including target. But non of the others items on here that haven’t released yet exist ( that I could find) . But that could just mean they haven’t been put into the systems yet and no orders were placed by retailers yet.

  • discuss

    That’s it? If the E3 isn’t going to give anything more then this simple list I will consider selling my Wii U.

    • D.M.T

      Go ahead and sell the Wii U but I’m pretty sure that you’ll buy it again later on and if you don’t than it’s not a big loss because someone else will buy the Wii U that you sold because of your lack of patience.

      • discuss

        Where are the proper nintendo action games like Zelda and Metroid? Super Smash Bros. Wii U is the only thing decent on that list. However if that’s all whats in store for 2013 then then anyone slightly mature will probably be disappointed.

    • Fred

      Really that’s not enough for you? What are you hoping for? It’s got me excited that’s way more than I have time to play!!!

  • Revolution5268

    smash bros part i don’t believe it.

  • Nathan

    Classified documents usually have the classification at the top in bold, it’s all part of an information security program for a company/government.

  • ReckoningReckoner

    Mos def a fake.

    “Super Secret”
    “Thru online store only”

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    as soon as I saw “yarn Yoshi” all validation flew out the window, the game has already been titled yoshi’s epic yarn as of that nintendo direct not to mention “super secret” and it came from 4chan… really guys?

  • AAAkabob

    Ehh too good to be true. Plus it’s missing way too many major 3DS games.

  • Jon

    love how is says do not duplicate and distribute and yet. here it is 😀

  • uPadWatcher

    My body is beyond ready!

  • Martin Kearney

    Super Smash bros 4 in Fall? No way possible. Late 2014 or early 2015 is what I’m thinking. I can understand Yarn Yoshi and Mario Kart Wii U in Fall, but Super Smash Bros 4? That’s not possible.

    • Stephen

      Yes it is. It’ll be here late 2013/early 2014.

  • uPadWatcher

    Looks 99.9999% legit to me.

  • disqus_jQ3uLcRbw4

    I smell bullshit.

  • Squid

    OHJFJEMCJRNNCJOHMYOHMY! Smash Bros! fall? I thought it was coming out next year!

    • Johny

      its obviously fake… smash bros has basicly JUST started with development after the release of kid icarus uprising.. there’s no way its coming out this year already
      sorry dude..alot of bullshit :/

  • Guhtere

    This doesn’t seem legit. What is this, elementary school? THIS IS SUPER SECRET AND YOU CAN’T TELL ANYONE GUYS, ALRIGHT? They might as well have put down “If you find this, you have to pinkie swear not to tell anyone.”

  • FlyingBoat

    hey, i want to see that mario galaxy 2 + cd released. thatd be cool

    • FlyingBoat

      sorry i always complain about delayed releases, but still

  • I thought this was year was “the year of Luigi”? Why is there only one game with Luigi’s name? Poor Luigi…anyway lets just wait a month and a half to see what E3 brings.

  • ps4ultimania

    ok you can tell this is easily a rip off who in the hell titles a freakin official document 22013 SUPER SECRET luanch schedule itd be much more confusing then that this is worthless crap

  • sdmac200600

    This isn’t legit. Smash bros pretty much just started development. They aren’t even gonna have gameplay ready to show the game off at E3 so it damn sure ain’t coming out this fall

    • Johny

      indeed. its impossible for ssb game to come THIS freaking year… not even the next year fall… and likely not even the year after that.

  • Will Carpenter

    certainly not a bad start. Are you kidding that’s freaking fantastic.

  • Kyle Berger

    I don’t think this is real it wouldn’t say SUPER SECRET on top.

  • Tom Holmes

    I don’t think the SMG2 would be a Wii U port, since the item number says RVL which is for Wii. Instead it’d probably be a rerelease.

    • jay

      Beat me to it. You’re right.

      Only Wii products are coded “RVL”

  • Nintenjoe82

    I smell delays

  • Quick question — why aren’t any of the UPC’s recorded in the UPC databast?

    The “U” stands for “Universal”…

  • lumpy182

    Zelda – subtitle tbd? It’s been known to be WW though right?


    Yeah no.

  • Miguel Garcia

    No FIFA 14 -_- ( i’m selling my Wii U )

  • Johny

    wait wait… WHOAH…. did i read that right ?? Super smash bros. game… coming out THIS YEAR ???? thats gotta be fake as balls. the obvious troll is obvious

  • DemonRoach

    That’ is a super sad schedule for Wii U owners…………………… What I really want to see is the Not Yet Announced area.

  • Byaaah31

    i really wish this included 3rd party games so that we would kno what retro studios is working on

    • jay

      Retro is not 3rd party.

      • Byaaah31

        sorry non first party titles

        • Link

          Retro is a first party developer. Look at the bottom of the picture at the “Not Yet Announced” header. If this document is real it probably means it’ll be on the second page.

  • Gauru Shiro

    This sounds fake, Sakurai said it would take years fo ssb4 to come out

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Hmm, I really can’t see those titles that say “Fall” coming out this year
    if anything, fall of 2014… btw anyone else notice the “Wii U battery pack?”

  • ExtremeAzure98

    The title of that document + this article = One of the most biggest secrecy breaches I’ve ever seen.

    Even so; Thanks.

  • Deviljho

    There’s no way Smash Bros 4 is coming out this year. Masahiro Sakurai said development didn’t start until after Kid Icarus was released, and that was around Spring 2013 for pre-production. Smash Bros 4 has barely been in development for a year at most. To compare, Smash Bros Brawl was in development for 2 years and 5 months before it come out in North America. It’s development officially started in October 2005, first trailer then came out in May 2006 at E3, but the game didn’t come out until March 2008 after being initially planned for a holiday 2007 release.

    I remain skeptical about Xenoblade 2’s chance of coming out this year as well. I think it will slip into 2014, hopefully within the first quarter. If the game is near the same scale as the first Xenoblade, then it will probably take closer to 3 years to develop.

    By the way, Iwata did say that there’s other unannounced games for Wii U that have been planned for a late 2013 release. We’ll probably hear about it in a Nintendo Direct video or just wait until E3. One of those titles might be a game based on Wii U’s Near-Field Communication feature.

    • Link

      You have to remember though the development team for Smash Bros 4 is much much bigger this time. Before it was simply just Sakurai’s team working on it this time its Sakurai’s team + Several development teams from Namco Bandai. You got the Tekken Team, the Soul Caliber Team, Tales Team all with people working on this game alongside Sakurai and his team.

  • Xenoblade Wii U? There is no such game.

    • Yoshiwhirlwind

      It was announced with a video.

      • No. The name of announced game is X, not Xenoblade 2.

  • Fuzunga

    I believe Yarn Yoshi is a possibility, and I think Mario Kart was already confirmed. The rest? Very, very unlikely.

  • Link Slayer

    Does anyone else notice there is no WindWaker HD on this list!?

  • Ben Newcomb

    Xenoblade Wii U. Day=made!

  • Silent

    Oh God, Super Smash Bros U on FALL? WAT? Please dont rush the game.

  • Wiiluigi

    Is that the wii mini coming in October????

  • Wiiluigi

    Balance board for wii fit u? Is that gonna be reworked to work with the wii u? How will it work if it is a wii peripheral?

    • Arthur Jarret

      Just like the wii-motes work. Home menu, sync, press controller sync button, play

      • Wiiluigi

        Ah got it. How could that have slipped my mind? Thx

  • Wiiluigi

    Super mario galaxy 2 remake?vwii u extended battery getting pushed back again? Wth is going on here? NEW games please! Stop it with the remakes. I already have all the games.!!!!!!

  • Ive been going to this web site for wii u news since e3 2012 and from past articles they would definatly say if it was rumoured or not

  • Arthur Jarret

    I think it’s unlikely they would mark an official internal document ‘super secret launch schedule’

    it’s kind of like the army marking a document ‘super secret invasion plans’

  • If I had seen this document before the pikmin3 confirmation date then it would have more credibility …seeing it a week after the fact 🙁

  • Saul Rivera

    So the Wario game may be only downloadable…interesting…hopefully this mean real cheap

  • Seth S. Scott

    BS….yeah, SUPER SECRET is totally what Nintendo would write.

  • Seth S. Scott

    Smash bros, Zelda, Xenoblade, Yoshi, Mario Kart ALL THIS YEAR?!? Yeah right.

  • Tecpedz94

    I woudl love a xenoblade remake of the original on the Wii U in HD i want to play it on the wii but didnt buy it cuz i was hopping they woudl remake it i hope so.

  • If SSBU comes out on Fall then that just means that Nintendo has been able to keep thier shut about the game. And this year is going to be an exciting E3 for Nintendo.


    wii fit u HOLIDAY!?!?!?!? also, ssb 4 in 2013? hell yeah!

  • Logan Tawse

    Well Smash Bros. is definitely not coming out in Fall (way too soon) but what I find interesting is that Mario Galaxy 2 listing. That’s something I’ve never heard about. Also, where’s Wind Waker HD on this thing? That’s the one game I want to know the release date of!


    I am convinced this is fabricated more than anything else. The only thing that is handing this any credibility is the presence of the Pikmin 3 release date before the official announcement.
    There are a few ways this could have happened to support it being fraudulent. The YouTube video it was announced in could have been leaked somehow, being some exploit that allowed a user to see it when it was unlisted to just having access to the file itself. Then there is the more plausable idea of (just that) information just being leaked out onto the internet and landing into the hands of 4Chan, where the rest is made up as a joke.

  • Chris Raybell

    Ashley, I’d make note that you missed another main franchise titled that slated for Fall as well, and for Wii U; it clearly says The Legend or Zelda: subtitle tbd – Fall. User the WUP category as well; must be Wind Waker HD, this fall :). At least they’re finally puttin the games out. About time, just gotta wait 🙁

  • Ibi Salmon

    If this is indeed true, then I don’t think Wii U owners need to worry about not getting games this year.

  • Thelostrune

    Let’s not forget this was PROBABLY made BEFORE 2013 to begin with.