Jun 2nd, 2015


Today Natsume announced that the long-running Harvest Moon series is heading to the Wii U, as well as PC and mobile. This will also be the first Harvest Moon title to be announced for PC, iOS, and Android. Harvest Moon: Seed of Memories is supposedly inspired the old-school gameplay of the very first games that appeared on SNES and Nintendo 64.

The standard barnyard full of commitment will return, with cows, sheep, and chickens. However, players will be able to ride and care for a horse and have a dog as a pet. If the dog doesn’t suit you, Seed of Memories is adding a bobcat that you can tame over time for those who are more feline-inclined. So what’s the premise this time around?

Tasked with the job of revitalizing a farm, players will need to befriend the villagers in town to unlock the titular “Seeds of Memories”! Seeds can be unlocked in many ways, such as giving a villager their favorite item, catching a giant fish, or by raising their first cow. Players will need to be up to the challenge of collecting all of the Seeds of Memories!

In perhaps a nod to the Rune Factory series, Seeds of Memories will also feature cooking, fishing, foraging, and mining to upgrade their tools and use the highest quality items. Yearly contests and festivals are available and you have the option of ten marriage partners.

Are you happy to see Harvest Moon’s return to the Wii U?

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