Oct 9th, 2013


The newest issue of Famitsu has revealed that a new Harvest Moon title is headed to Japan. The game is called Bokujo Monogatari: Tsunagari Shintenchi, which roughly translates to Harvest Moon: Connecting New Lands. According to series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, the use of the word connecting has two meanings. This game will support both StreetPass and WiFi, trading data with friends and even visiting their farms. Global trading will also be possible through a trading station.

Importing and exporting goods from foreign lands and obtaining cash for your crops across borders are all new features to the Harvest Moon series. According to Hashimoto, trade starts out relatively small, but countries are particular about what they want from you.

“You’re able to purchase unique goods from the world’s nations, as well as send products out to them. At the start you can only trade with one nation, but as you ship more product, you’ll gain access to more and more countries. Each nation will react to your goods differently depending on their preferences, with some enjoying them but others giving more of a neutral reaction.”

Another new feature of the game is a safari zone that you can fill with animals. According to Hashimoto, this Harvest Moon game features twice the animals that previous games had. This puts a spotlight on the livestock in the game, while the safari zone caters more to the wild animals that are found throughout the game.

Currently there’s no word on when this game will be released to the rest of the world.

[via Polygon]

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  • AAAkabob


    • I can feel your excitement. I’m excited too. 🙂

  • Elitepwnsface

    it is cool how long this game series has been around and i have yet to play it.

    • Jon

      1997 for the Gameboy and 1996 for the famicon. It’s an old yet awesome game series.

  • Jon

    I wish they’d make one for the Wii U, I have new beginning for the 3DS which is tons of fun but Animal Parade and Harvest Moon 64 still has my heart.

  • jreed3842

    Hey guys. I heard a rumor today that that GameFreak may have been behind the leaks of Pokemon X and Y… I came here to this website (because it’s my main source of information!) But I haven’t seen anything. Does anyone know anything about that?

    • Jon

      so…. where did you hear this rumor? or is this right here the first time and this is the start of the rumor because I cannot find anything anywhere about gamefreak being responsible.

      • jreed3842

        Well I heard it in person from a friend of mine. But that’s just it, it’s a rumor. I didn’t know if anyone else knew anything about it. I figured this would be the best place to ask such a question.

  • Michael Jurado

    omg something that will actually take me away from new leaf lmao!!!

  • Toadlord

    I desperately want a Harvest Moon for Wii U. A Wonderful Life was so good on Gamecube.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      We’ll get one eventually. Every Nintendo console has at least one Harvest Moon. And, you know…maybe we can get a Rune factory game for Wii U too?Frontier is amazing 😀

  • Ryebread

    Must buy 3DS Q.Q