Dec 24th, 2012

Dear readers, it’s been one heck of a year for the Wii U and us here at Wii U Daily. We’d like to take this short opportunity to thank all of you for your help and support, and wish you Happy Holidays! We’ll still be posting news over the Holidays and the rest of this year, so drop by while you’re feasting and drinking (and playing Wii U games)!

We have a lot of interesting stuff lined up for 2013, which is going to be a huge year for the Wii U console and Nintendo.


Wii U Holiday

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  • Happy holidays everyone! 

  • Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your WiiU gifts, in the meanwhile I’ll enjoy my personal 3DS+Kid Icarus: uprising gift. Next year WiiU will arrive in my house as well.

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Merry Christmas to everyone. It’s a Fantastic Site and I see you are moving in a new direction eith new writers , Keep it up WiiUDaily. 

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Wiiiiiiu daily!!!!! OP OP OP OP OP  Wiiudaily style!!! 

    • Ale Murra


      • ipaxton

        Was that necessary?

      • Genesect4ssb4


      • Jerkface

      • WarioForever

        You are asshole, cause he wishes you good and then you tell him something bad.

        • what Miguel implied I didnt know that a student can profit $8628 in 4 weeks on the network.

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        • Ale Murra

          asshole you too. merry christmas

      • HvemFormetMeningeneDine

        Someone didn`t get there Wii U on christmas day did they?

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Merry ChristmasRamahanukwanuka everyone! U Guys better not steal my username Genesect4ssb4! I will be receiving a Wii U 2MORROW!

  • Johny

    thanks =) wish the same for all of you… and happy gaming year for nintendo ^^

  • TheDetonator

    thanks john. happy holidays to all of you:D

  • Purple3DSXL

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Thanks for giving me something to read to pass the time. Hope everyone has a good holiday!

  • ConCity Soldier

    Merry Christmas everybody!!

  • Merry Christmas everyone 

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Happy Holidays to all! I hope to find a Wii U under my tree tomorrow morning!

  • Merry Hanikwanzzi!

  • El_CaRaS1

    Feliz navidad to all merry christmas!!!!!

  • As Walter once said…. Screw you, its Merry Christmas

  • sexigarro collective

    Thanks, the same for everyone in this site

  • Pameliza

    I just opened mine. Now I’m wating for it to update.

    • Pameliza

       Sorry. I meant I’m waiting for it to update.

  • sdmac200600

    cant wait to unwrap my wii u 😀

  • DarkYoshi

    Didn’t get a Wii U for Christmas, but my cousin did, so I’m still gonna play some…

  • WarioForever

    Merry Christmas everybody!!! Wish you good gaming…

  • Edgars Treimanis

    i got my super mario bros and sonic all star racing! good job!

  • Fistbiscuit2000

    Merry christmas everyone!

  • Merry Christmas!!

  •    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Got my Wii U with New Super Mario Bros U!  8GB White model but that’s okay since I have a 640GB hard drive sitting here doing nothing! :)..that big update didn’t take too long…ate Christmas breakfast while it downloaded and installed

  • Linskarmo

    Merry Christmas Wii U Daily staff and commenters! I got a Wii U for Christmas. 😀

  • ConCity Soldier

    ~~~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’s!!~~~

  • darkstar18

    Want Naruto on the WII U?

  • I got a Wii U for Christmas :D. It is sooo good! 

  • I read Wii U daily…
    merry christmas!

  • Revolution5268

    HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!

  • I got a Wii U!! I’m going to get Mario Bros’ U,Darksiders ll and the Sonic racing game. I would get AC3 instead of of Sonic race,but my bro will probably get it for the 360,so I can just play his>:)