Dec 30th, 2013

FFVII on GamePad

A small team of hackers has figured out how to stream PC games to the Wii U GamePad, completely bypassing the Wii U itself. The hack was revealed for the first time earlier this week at the Chaos Communication Congress, where it was also shown how the hack was performed.

The hack is still in the proof of concept stage and very buggy, but it works. One of the games shown off on the GamePad was an emulated version of the GameCube’s Wind Waker. The PC version of Final Fantasy VII was also shown being played on the GamePad.

They’ve released their work as an open source project so that people can try it on their own. The group also claims to be planning develop tools for Windows and OSX to make it easier for others to perform the hack, along with an Android port, so that users can use tablets other than the Wii U GamePad.

This isn’t the first time hackers have found interesting uses for Nintendo’s unique hardware. The Wii remote has been used by hackers as everything from a mouse to an RC vehicle controller.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Are there any PC games you’d like to play see played on the GamePad? Let us know in the comments!

[via Engadget]

  • Christopher Link Nelson

    Derp! Thats been out sence last year you asshats! I have been doing that for my emulator ever sence the systems release!

    • Zorlac79

      Since the systems release? How have you been doing that?
      Unless you are talking about the hacked vWii. . . but I believe that doesn’t support the handheld remote.

    • Saul Rivera

      Yeah I think I remember seeing this when the Wii U was first released…people hacking the gamepad so it could stream off a PC

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    This has been going on for a while. I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this. I would be curious enough to see how well this works on PC.

  • Eduardo

    And everyone called it a gimmick…. now all of a sudden they want go use it on everything else.

    • Justin Carlson

      That sounds very familiar… like with the wii remotes.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      True! This will be great for running Dolphin emulators. Now we dont have to wait anymore for slow virtual console releases. Nintendo had their chance and blew it. Great that others take action where N. have failed us. Now its free classics on the pad. This is the best possible present for the new year.

  • wober2

    And it begins, i think the easily hacking of the wii seriously hurt its software sales… Also this is nintendo’s fault for not satisfying customers with easy access to games, especially VC games.

    • wober2

      oh well they do need more consoles sold and at times this is the same price as the nvidia shield.

  • The Clockwork Being

    You know this could actually boost sells…

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      If people are hacking them for their PC’s, I don’t think so too much. If they wanted to use the gamepad, they would just buy a Wii U. They hacked it for the benefit of using it on their PC rather than buying a whole new console. I could be wrong, but time will tell.

      • Assassinated23

        No, the only way to get a gamepad is by buying the WiiU. They did this so they can play non WiiU games on the gamepad, not so they can play WiiU games on the PC.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          What makes you think they can’t do this on the PC? If the Wiimote was hacked to use on the PC, so can the Wii U Gamepad. It’s only a matter of time.

          • Morits Lian

            “If the Wiimote was hacked to use on the PC”
            Oh, sorry there. That’s actually pretty wrong. Very, very wrong.
            A LOT of devices has Wiimote support, you just need a program that functions as a reciever. FYI.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Information that I was aware of. They also have third party sensors that plug into the PC to use the Wiimote. Also, the Wiimote has been hacked. So it’s not wrong at all. It’s been hacked to be used as a mouse for example. πŸ˜›

          • Christian Schoff

            They’re saying that the only way to keep doing this is to buy a Wii U because that’s the only way to get more Gamepads.

          • Morits Lian

            Don’t use the term “hacked” if you barely know what it actually means.

          • TaintedXGamer

            you mean bluetooth ryt? I can connect my wiimote to my laptop through the bluetooth.

          • Assassinated23

            Whether or not it is possible that someday the WiiU games might be hacked to use with PCs is irrelevant, as it has nothing to do with the article.Being able to connect WiiU gamepads to the PC could only hurt console sales if the gamepad was sold separately from the console. At least for the moment, buying the console is the only way to receive the gamepad. This hack cannot be used as a way to play WiiU without buying the console.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      I don’t know if it will actually help the WiiU if its hacked. I got a DS just for the reason it was hacked. I bought a specific SD card from the Interwebs preloaded with EVERY interesting DS game. Mariokart, Mario64, Marioand Luigi, Nintendogs, Brainage, Metroid Hunters, Metroid Pinball, Castlevania, ect.
      If anything, Nintendo lost money from me. Games I would have bought never got purchased. All for $27 dollars! If the WiiU gets hacked, I’ll be repeating myself and illegally download Every Major WiiU title

      • Dennis HΓ₯Γ₯g

        You do know that selling/buying pirated games is illegal in most countries right? Posting about it publicly on the internet with your own name is massively stupid.

      • Kirbyomega

        You… You didn’t get squeak squad!?

      • R0D1MUSPRIME

        This is because you are a total asshole and should be in jail for theft. It is people like you that ruin things for others because you are too pathetic to work for what you get.

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          Stop acting Righteous. Everyone knows what Torrents are. When was the last time you got Music from an Android program? Or stream Copyrighted adult entertainment from Pornhub or the many other sites? Even the PS4 is receiving a Pornhub app. Get with the times

          • Michael Hancock

            R0D1MusPRIME must live in one of the “Bible Belt” states.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            Not too sure where those are but I’m an atheist living in Illinois, I just don’t steal from people. If I can’t afford I don’t need it. I guess my parents just taught me better than you.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You claim you don’t steal, but for all we know, you do and are not going to publicly say you do. Just like no one knows if I do or not. I do agree with you that it’s stupid to say you publicly do as that may bite you on the ass later on. No matter how good parents raise kids, it doesn’t mean they won’t do illegal things. πŸ˜›

          • heycheerilee

            It was never ‘stealing.’ Stealing is taking someone’s property that they no longer have possession of. If you have a friend that copied you a CD and handed it to you, he still has that original copy. Nothing was lost.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            You’d have trouble trying to make this sound good to any educated person.

          • heycheerilee

            I’d say it makes a lot of sense.

            Physical being different from digital. If I took your phone, that’d be stealing. If you made a copy of a DVD and gave it to me, that’d just be copying, because you still have the original copying. Tell me, in which law is it defined as stealing?

            Tell me, as you are so clearly educated.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            Jesus, your a fucking idiot. Who ever said it was stealing from your neighbor. Your stealing from the copyright holder you douche. Why don’t you try reading the copyright agreement when you buy a DVD. You wouldn’t though because you steal everything so you’ve never actually had a store bought copy to read it off of, just DVD rips from your dorm buddies.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            For it to be stealing, you’d have to actually profit from it. For instance, torrents are for file sharing. By US Law, it is against the law to share copyrighted material. However, Sweden’s copyright laws are far different, and don’t consider file sharing, stealing. It depends on where you live. Are you from the US?

            From my point of view, I don’t consider it stealing because those who upload copyrighted material aren’t making a profit off of this. They are sharing, and very few sites are actually trying to make money off of it and end up getting shut down anyways. I understand your concern about piracy and to be honest, I’m neutral on the subject, because what we consider stealing depends on our own morals and beliefs. When it comes to digital, I consider it sharing as long as the said person isn’t making money off it. Does piracy hurt sales?Somewhat, it does. However, most people buy their own copies of music, games, and movies than getting them through torrents.

            That’s about the best way to put it. I get that you will disagree with that, but that’s your own belief and I respect that. To each their own my friend.

          • darkcreap

            Actually, Daniel Gonzalez, while sharing music, movies and books in most European countries is permitted by the law (see Spain, for instance), doing that for software is a crime nonetheless. You cannot legally use software without a license. Actually, as far as I remember, even downloading software without a license is a minor crime too.

            I personally think that the problem with piracy is that there has to be a balance. There is going to be always someone who does not want to pay for content (be it books, series, movies, games, etc). The problem comes when a lot of people do not want to. Some times it is an economic problem (those people I understand up to a certain point). Other times it is simply they do not want to pay.

            Regarding games, it has been a while since I don’t get games without paying. One is my economy, the other is that I want to support the game creators. Another one is that I realised that it was useless for me: most of the games I pirated were games I did not like and never beat them. The few games I liked, I ended up buying because they became a loved item.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well, like I said, it varies for each country. Like I mentioned in an example. I don’t agree or disagree with piracy because it depends on a person’s beliefs in what is stealing and what is sharing. I’ve always bought my products that I own, but that’s not the case for everyone.

            What is comes down to, is that people get pirated products for different reasons. What those are we will never really know since each person is different.

            I do have a friend who pirated Rayman Legends for a time, because the demo he felt wasn’t enough for him to decide if it was worth it. He played it for an hour and he enjoyed it, and ended up buying it. So some people do pirate for some good reasons, but of course, my friend is one person, and not everyone will be that way.

            All in all, it’s a tough subject for most, and the truth is, it’s more than likely never going to end. Piracy has been around for hundreds of years. It’s not dying down anytime soon.

          • Rinslowe

            “I personally think that the problem with piracy is that there has to be a balance.”
            This is true.

          • You do not have to profit from it to be considered stealing. Of course making a copy for someone else resulting in them not having to pay for it can be considered profiting can it not?

            You may not consider it stealing but it is.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            My belief is, if you didn’t profit from it, it isn’t stealing. A company only loses a potential sale, no one snatched it away from them.

            Anyways, like I said Bob, it depends on your beliefs. If you feel it is stealing, then you’re entitled to your opinion on it. I’m good with that.

          • I respect your opinion but the law and facts still say differently. Also like I said a potential sale loss on something you should buy is profiting.

            Profit – verb – obtain a financial advantage or benefit

            You gain/benefit financially buy not having to pay.

            The definition of the word contradicts your opinion

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            The law only matters to those who believe in it. This all comes down to your beliefs. Laws matter little in that retrospect. As for profiting, if no money is gained, then it isn’t stealing in my book. Besides, I think that’s the bigger issue with here. A potential sale loss is money that the copyright holder didn’t receive. He didn’t have anything stolen. You do make a point that a said person did get a profit from getting a free copy to a product, but the profit didn’t lead to money. Which from where I sit, isn’t a big deal to me. Definitions mean little as well, since they don’t define who we are and what we decide to do. They are just there to tell us what we as a society should follow or are expected to.

            In the US Law, this is a big deal, but in other countries, they tend to be a lot different. It really depends on where you live in this case. For the record, I don’t pirate, but I do live around people that do on occasion. No matter what I’ll more than likely remain neutral on both ends of it. In the end, it’s not really going to matter too much, as piracy isn’t going to stop anyway. The best copyright holders can do is find better ways to reduce it and hope for the best for their sake.

          • Profit means more than just money. Law is not religion so you do not have to believe in it to make it so.. Not believing in it does not change the fact that it is law. You may not agree with it but saying you do not believe in something that is clearly defined and written into law that you can read and hold is silly. So I think you mean you do not agree with it which you are entitled to do so. Of course that will not hold up in the court of law either.

            I also do not pirate and still buy my music and movies the old fashioned way (On Disc) but I do convert my purchased music and movies to digital myself. Working in I.T. I constantly get asked for free music and movies from friends and family and I will not do that for them. I will let them borrow my movies and music if they wish and what they do with it is on them but most of them could not convert it to digital if they tried.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Beliefs aren’t a religion either. Religion is something that is made up by the people to follow in their beliefs or shared in this case. If anything, it’s practically a law. Laws are the same thing, they are made up by us to try to govern the people, or in real terms, force us to live a certain way to take away certain
            freedoms. I agree with laws up to a point, but most are basically questionable.

            I don’t share as well, but I don’t mind people who do that sort of thing since it doesn’t concern me and it’s their choice to choose the way they live. In truth, most people get away with it since most companies aren’t going to sue each individual who does. SOPA was the answer to that I believe, but it had too many flaws that it was scrapped. It’s our governments job to make sure people obey it and try to bring piracy down and the whole nine yards, but it’s a battle that no government will win. Too many people are born to rebel. πŸ˜›

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            Seems like people that steal are just going to say whatever they can to try to make it sound ok.

          • You want the law that states duplicating copyrighted material to give away or sell is stealing? It is called the COPYRIGHT LAW. Look it up. You can make a backup for YOURSELF but not for other people. Digital copy or not it IS stealing.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That doesn’t apply to all countries though, Bob. If he lives in the US or any country with similar laws, then you are correct.

          • That is why I suggested he look up and understand his local copyright law. Just keep in mind that international copyright laws often trump local copyright laws even with movies, music, video games and books especially if they are the more restrictive version of the law. Meaning it may be legal in some countries to copy music, Video games, books, or movies but the international law that governs certain media overrides the local law. Much of this media is released around the world and protected by international law over the local laws

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I guess someone should tell Piratebay that. Swedish laws don’t seem to care about international law too much. I get what you’re saying about international laws, but it doesn’t apply to all. Just most. In the US, yes, it is very true.

          • Believe me they know which is why they are under constant attack of trying to be shut down all the time and have been hopping server locations for their site on a regular basis.

            Also by having links to torrents means they are NOT hosting anything on their site and is just a site where people can link the stuff they have on their home servers or computers.

            Technically that is NOT illegal because they are not providing the digital data to be pirated directly. It is the same if someone wants to watch a movie online but uses their own method to rip the movie off the internet themselves. Meaning that the individual is initiating the pirating and not the site itself.

            Get it. πŸ™‚

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’ve known this for a long time now. Thanks for the info nonetheless. I’m detecting a little annoyance in your words. πŸ˜›

          • I’m not being calm? Here I thought we were just having a polite discussion with no name calling, no hate, and just trying to show both sides of the coin on the views of piracy and copyright laws. I guess I was wrong.

          • heycheerilee

            Pretty much

          • peter griffin

            hey moron, his point wasnt that no one does illegal things, his point were that hes not stupid enough to post it in public admitting that he does these things. hes saying you are mentally retarded for publicly posting it, not for actually doing it.. dumbass.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            That last time was never. I don’t use torrents but yes I do know what they are and I buy my songs off of iTunes. I don’t stream porn from porn hub either, I’m sorry the “times” these days makes you a pathetic porn junkie. Pirating software is illegal and makes you a douche and that is what hurts game development and sales. Look what happened to the Dreamcast. Oh yeah and your a total fucking idiot for admitting it on a public forum.

          • readypembroke

            Same here!

          • heycheerilee

            Pirating software may be illegal. Though, the fact remains, that it will always remain a thing. And for the record, I prefer Bandcamp as an alternative to iTunes so I don’t have to worry about Apple’s poorly implemented DRM.

            “Porn junkie?” Hardly. People just want free stuff sometime, and if they can figure out a way to get it, they will do it. And who the fuck pays for porn, anyways?

            Pirating isn’t stealing per say, it’s moreso copying something that was already there. It doesn’t hurt the developers financially in the sense that pirating makes them LOSE money, it’s just money they COULD have gained. That’s the way I see it anyways.

            You can go around parading your ‘good guy’ act by stating to everyone you buy music on iTunes, but at the end of the day it is never going to be enough to make up “lost sales.” In other words, it means absolutely nothing, especially to those big artists that already have fat paychecks anyways.

            I pirate my stuff very often, especially music, but I also support more independent artists via Bandcamp because they get more money, and in return I don’t have to deal with BS DRM.

            And unlike some, I am not afraid to admit that I do. My ISP doesn’t give a shit, and neither do I. Don’t be afraid to challenge a questionable law and give it the middle finger.

            Just know when to draw the line. But in this case, companies just want your money. That’s literally it. They want your money for what many shall deem free.

            Oh, and the piratable material wasn’t the only reason why the Dreamcast lost the console race; Microsoft and Sony had DVD storage and Sega was still on CD-ROM.

            In other words, what my wall of text basically says is “stop being a corporate tool.”

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            Music on iTunes has been drm free since 2009. Good guy act or whatever you want to call it stealing is stealing. Just because someone else pirates doesn’t mean it’s ok for everyone else to do it like you seem to claim it is. Money someone could have gotten is simply money lost. So don’t try to make any of it sound good. Your just as bad as someone who walks into Walmart and steals off of their shelves. It doesn’t matter how you try to rationalize it. Remember it’s only money they COULD have had if you paid for it. Right?

          • Matt Elgie

            I think you meant to say that more people need to go steal from walmart because it is an evil corporation. Yea I said that.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            More likely your writing says your a tool because you steal. You should wear that shirt. If an artist gives their music away for free then feel free not to pay, if they want to sell it you have no right to take it. Oh yeah and Dreamcast was GD-Rom. It died because people pirated and everyone knows that. You probably had a hand in that I’d guess because of the way you talk. You sound like someone who thinks they are owed something probably someone that is getting government aide and walking around with an iPhone because your ok with me paying your way while you still get to enjoy the things that I work hard for.

          • heycheerilee

            “More likely your writing says your a tool because you steal. You should wear that shirt.”

            I would wear a shirt that would say I support the sharing of music and multimedia. That’s the risk the artists and developers take when they go into the industry. That’s the shit they have to deal with.

            “It died because people pirated and everyone knows that. You probably had a hand in that I’d guess because of the way you talk.” Like I said, it wasn’t the ONLY reason it failed. And I never had a Dreamcast nor do I care to own one; the only games I am interested in for it were ported to other consoles, ex. sonic adventure.

            ” You sound like someone who thinks they are owed something probably someone that is getting government aide and walking around with an iPhone because your ok with me paying your way while you still get to enjoy the things that I work hard for.”

            I don’t even have an iPhone. I’m about to graduate and make something of myself, so go fuck yourself. That’s a completely unrelated issue. I don’t think I am owed anything. I work for what I want. If there is a way to easily obtain entertainment that I desire, I will do it.

            Why don’t you go report me to the internet police then, since you feel so obliged to tell me that what I’m doing is considered stealing?

            You’re nothing but a fucking tool that believes just because the government makes something illegal must mean that it’s right.


          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            You just said “I work for what I want” then you say you steal. I think that makes you the fucking tool. Your about to graduate means you have no idea what the real world is like. I’d like to be there when you experience it for the first time it would be quite funny. Mommy and daddy are still paying your way. I should have realized I was speaking to a child. At this point continuing a conversation with you quite pointless.

          • UltimateKai453

            ” I think that makes you the fucking tool.”

          • Rich Garriques

            k your going to far bro , dont start speaking about his personal life. that just made you a certified tool.

          • Laud

            You know, even if we did torrent things and download music illegally, we aren’t stupid enough to announce to everyone on a forum. Especially when the whole NSA thing is going on. >_>

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            It’s stupid to say you do no matter what the situation really.

          • Didn’t realize following the law was being righteous. I hope your ISP and the authorities come down on you. People like you is the reason the government wants to spy on us and what we do on the internet.

          • Jonathan George Anaya

            Following Laws written by Lobbyists of Major Corporations is Counter Productive to a Free Market, wouldn’t you say? Is this a Govt for the people, by the people? I don’t see the word Monopoly or Corporation ANYWHERE in the Constitution, Sir

          • Then forget about the laws. How about if someone puts time, effort, and work into creating something that they should be paid for what they do and in order to do that they need to sell that product or creation. Unless you think they should work for free. I mean if you create something or do work you expect to be paid for it do you not?

            This has less to do with the law and more to do with doing the right thing and your commentary shows that you are just an ignorant ass.

          • Christian Schoff

            I buy all my music from Amazon. Dick.

        • Rich Garriques

          your a fool if you think these entertainment outlets are doing you a favor. stealing from them would be the tip of the ice berg they deserve it. about 80% of our hard earn cash goes into these lazy devs who do nothing but release unfinished games and charge dlc when they could of just added them like they use do do back in the day ( this is called playing a game and unlocking content) and no im not speaking about nintendo. but lets just admit a lot of them really do deserve what they get when it comes to pirating i would say the people pirating are doing THEM a favor.because people should be suing them for every penny dlc , garbage movies and music that does nothing but dumb down the masses are 3 of the worse things to happen to today’s society notice how that’s the devils magical number?

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            If you don’t want to see a bad movie don’t pay to see it or buy it. If you don’t want to play games from a studio that makes bad games then don’t buy them. If you don’t want to listen to music from a band you don’t think is good, then don’t buy their music. If you don’t want to play games from a studio like EA who routinely charge for DLC or charge 59.99 for the next madden that is basically a roster update, then don’t. You can’t rationalize stealing because you don’t like the way they do things. Your a tool if you think you can sue someone for making a movie you don’t like and paid for. Get a life and do a little research before you spend your hard earned money. The way to make these companies hurt is by not buying their bad product, not stealing it. Stealing it will make everyone not want to make anything, not buying bad products forces companies to make better products. Why not talk about Nintendo? They basically did what you are talking about with New Super Luigi U. Are you are just jointing an argument for the sake of arguing or are you going to actually believe what you preach. how about the DLC with New Super Mario Bros. 2? Are you ok with that DLC??? You don’t have to buy DLC but you seem be a fool that pays for everything offered by any company that offers it. It is people like you that probably buy everything wether it’s good or not and that enables bad development. Why should they put the time into developing good products when people will buy the bad stuff.

      • Shota

        not wii u system hack. it’s streaming via pc

      • Andrew Clear

        No, they just hacked the gamepad so they can stream from PC, which doesn’t mean you can play pirated wiiU games.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          True. Though, I think playing pirated Wii U games is next in the cards anyway. That’s pirates for you.

      • Stuart Thomas

        You are the absolute antichrist of gaming for doing this. Pay for your games or prices will keep climbing and developers will stop developing.

      • You and the seller should go to jail and be heavily fined. People like you are the reason these gaming companies are so quick to put DRM, Microtransactions, and locks into their games and consoles. The people like you ruin it for everyone else.

      • Madmagican

        I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do the exact same thing with my DS
        Coincidentally, this is why I can honestly say I’ve playing nearly every worthwhile game the system has to offer; I’m still occasionally finding new games that have cult followings that I never knew about or ones I simply couldn’t find in stores despite how hard I looked like the Retro Game Challenge games or Solotorobo or Contra 4

    • UltimateKai453


  • jjbredesen

    Here is a exsclusive demo video (demo at the end):

  • Nintenjoe82

    I can already do this with my PC TV card and a gamegear πŸ™‚

    • Mr. Berzerk

      Your using the gamegear for streaming? What is that like 2fps? The gamegear has the worst refresh rate of any portable gaming system ever made. Not to mention the 6 double As it takes to power. What tv tuner you using that has a vhf transmitter built in it?

      • Mr. Berzerk

        I would actually be impressed if you did that, not because it is usefull, but because it would be difficult to do.

      • Nintenjoe82

        I have an ancient PC card that has an old school RF antenna out which can be plugged into a short range VHF transmitter. I don’t use it but would definitely keep the gamegear plugged in if I ever tried to stream video to it. I haven’t used it or the TV tuner in years so can’t remember what the refresh rate isl Thought it was 24fps but that is my nostalgic brain remembering the Game Gear sceen to look like the Vita does

  • tronic307

    DS emulator!!!

  • Sdudyoy

    Even though I don’t hack, I have to admit this is pretty darn awesome!

    Edit: Although when I think about it this could also help with Wii U emulating, It’s cool when it comes to PC gaming just don’t use this to emulate.

  • Kev

    Funny enough I’m playing FFVII on Steam right now.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Great buy.

  • Logic

    Generally speaking, hackers don’t reveal a hack at an event (assuming Chaos Communication Congress is an event ) unless they wanted a potential lawsuit to be filed against them. The only reason why they would reveal this kind of thing online and allow for it to spread quickly is to gain Nintendo’s attention. From that, they hope Nintendo will hire them to exploit future software bugs. Hundreds of unemployed hackers have been hired by companies due to exploiting some of their skills online. The Clockwork Being also mentioned the possibility of an increase in Wii U sales, yeah…NO.

  • LoBo_UK

    Please don’t hack games , the wii was great fun especially Mario Kart wii , but then the hacking took hold and completely ruined my fun .

    • Shota

      it’s not HACKED. just a tweak with wii u gamepad videostream with pc

      • Phillip Fauble

        I hate that the word hack is so miss used. … and so closely associated with piracy. …

  • NintendoNoob

    Cheaper Nvidia Shield lol

  • Javier Smith

    Hm… very interesting. As much as I am against piracy, I’m totally ok with hacks like this one.

    Here’s hoping they can one day emulate a drawing pad for Photoshop. Art Academy is fun but too limited at the moment in my opinion.

    • Zuxs13

      This isn’t piracy. They haven’t done anything illegal. Well as far the gamepad goes.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Everybody says Wii U is not powerful enough as next generation and can do many things as much as a regular PC. The first time I saw the Wii U I really liked the console and so does my friends who bought at launch.

  • lonewolf88

    why is there always a fight in the comment sections?
    i might make a gif out of this.

  • NkoSekirei

    the only time i hate hackers were on the cod on the wii especially mw3 that went into a complete $hit fest were everyone got demoted,their accounts hopped,god mode,invisible hack.throwing people into the air hack,teleport hack were they shoot in the ground and kill u that was so annoying.Thankfully we dont have to deal with that $hit on the wii u.

    • oontz

      did you even read the article?

      • NkoSekirei

        yes and im talking about the hated ones that plague the wii

        • oontz

          This article is not talking about those types of hackers. This is equivalent to having your wiimotes work with your computer as a mouse, not the hacking of online multiplayer games.

  • Justin Carlson

    I’m all for this. I might actually get some games for my PC if I could play them on my Wii U gamepad.

  • YayGs

    Nice, this was something I wanted to explore, the furthest I got was trying a screen stream program that outputted to a local webpage and then visiting that page via the gamepad but it wasn’t able to render it, plus it would have been really slow. I look forward to the source code.

  • Mr. Berzerk

    Forget streaming from pc, (although nice,) I want a range booster. It is really dumb that I can’t go into the next room with the gamepad and play. (When Nintendo’s commercial shoew the kid going upstairs into his bedroom. WOULD NOT HAPPEN)
    Give a range hack. THEN I will be impressed. πŸ˜‰

    • Mr. Berzerk

      Heck, if I could get the gamepad to work anywhere in the house, then I would chuck that useless piece of plastic called an ipad. (Wii U browser works nicer than safari, and doesn’t get me sent to ‘protable’ sites.)

      • oontz

        If you consider the ipad useless than you’re using it wrong.

        • Mr. Berzerk

          The IPAD’s browser crashes 20-30% of the time, and kicks you back to the home screen. Ya, it is a first gen, but that is still bad.

          • oontz

            like I said

            “than you’re using it wrong”

            You can’t expect to use the latest firmware (optimized for the newest/fastest ipads) on a first generation machine and expect it to perform the same. Apple even warns that users may experience performance issues when using new firmware on older devices. If you choose to update the latest firmware and as a result your ipad resources are used up… crashing your browser on a first gen ipad. This is again because you used it wrong πŸ˜‰

          • Mr. Berzerk

            No, releasing a firmware update, for a piece of hard ware, that does not work with that piece of hardware…is well, stupid. If their firmware update is not compatible with that hardware, then it SHOULD NOT WORK ON THAT HARDWARE! Also, I didn’t say I updated the firmware. You just assumed that.

          • oontz

            LOL, okay then. I made an assumption based on the facts you provided. I stand by my point. “If you consider the ipad useless than you’re using it wrong.”

    • InsaneZucchini

      I can get the gamepad to work in other rooms. It’d be nice to get a larger range for it to work in more rooms, but what happened in the commercial is totally possible, assuming his bedroom is above the room with the Wii U in it.

  • heycheerilee

    I like how this is just a neat little hack for the gamepad to stream from PC and people are mis-reading this and touting it like someone just got the Wii U’s common key and tons of piracy would ensue.

    It has nothing to do with piracy. While I’m all for piracy, it’s irrelevant. I wish they could possibly increase the range of the gamepad.

  • Rinslowe

    My best of both Worlds just got better?

  • Rodger Jamjet

    So why waste their time on a so called “gimmick” the WiiU gamepad is all mighty and rules the roost. The fact that PC gaming freaks even thought of doing this has huge merit and indicates that Nintendo has once again changed the gaming scene. Even sony’s ps4+vita combo has nothing on the WiiU and it’s gamepad. These PC hackers could also benefit the WiiU and it’s potential.

    • Because it is only a Gimmick because Nintendo did it basically first (Starting with the DS or GBA/GC before it) but if others do it after or use a Nintendo Gimmick for other purposes it is called innovation

  • Madmagican

    That’s fucking awesome… now I wanna know the full process behind how they did it πŸ™‚

  • Your money

    Though (in my thinking) this might cause problems, I would love to stream games from steam on a wii u gamepad.

  • HypocritesRROD

    The GamePad is great. This is proof of it.

    Nintendo’s inovations are always great. Evidence: Microsoft and Sony are very quick to Copy / Imitate.

  • Stefanos Lais

    “They’ve released their work as an open source project so that people can try it on their own.” So you can literally play any Pc games to your Wii U

  • Stefanos Lais

    So, by downloading the application given throught the link, I can actually do that ?

  • Robin Wolf

    Driver San Fransisco
    Mafia 2

  • gamesplayswill

    I bet you that someone in this comment section will say Minecraft. They always say Minecraft…

  • old_skool

    I feel the need to clarify what Pierre and Shuffle2 have achieved with the Wii U GamePad. This has absolutely nothing to do with piracy. They have successfully reverse engineered the controller to receive streams from your PC to play games OTHER than Wii U. Brilliant!

  • Krzysztof

    For me it’s a good news. Officially Nintendo doesn’t sell gamepads. So if you want to play your PC games off TV/Monitor at this point, you need to purchase Wii U. And once you’ve got the Wii U why not to try some excellent Wii U games. I do realize that many people will disagree, but personally I think it can do no harm to Nintendo as such, but certainly it can popularize Wii U.

  • Qerite

    So now my wiiu is useless :

  • Tom

    Wow. Now *this* is a retrogamer’s wet dream. Imagine someday being able to chill on your sofa playing 4D Sports Boxing (assuming you’ll be able to map the controls) or all the old Sierra and LucasArts adventure games using the touchscreen.

  • bizzy gie

    I’m getting a USB charger for my GamePad soon. Maybe I can do this if they release a “How to” video.