Aug 5th, 2014


This week is pretty light in terms of games that are releasing, so perhaps you’re in the market for a good game deal? Well then look no further, as we have a few on offer that could get you to open your wallet. First up is a GoHastings deal for Darksiders 2 at only $10, as well as several other games, including:

Groupon Deals


Groupon has several deals on accessories for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but they’re pretty slim on Wii U deals at the moment. The Pro Commander controller is probably the best deal and there’s free shipping for any order over $25, so if you buy two you get your shipping for free.

Amazon Deals

Amazon frequently has deals on Wii U games thanks to low sales of these games. If you want to add one of these to your collection, Amazon is often the best place to shop since they’re discounted frequently to try and get rid of stock. All four of these are excellent games and worth adding to your collection if you enjoy the genre of game they fall into. Remember, Amazon is also having a big sale on external hard drives right now, making the perfect time to pick up a new drive for your Wii U.

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  • Josiah Parsons

    Is Batman: Arkham Origins any good?

    • JB

      Honestly, I really enjoyed it a lot. It got glitchy in a few places where it totally locked up on me and I had to reset my Wii U, but overall it’s not as disappointing a title as some reviews make it out to be. I’d even venture to say that story was a little more focused and stronger in parts than the other two Arkham games.

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      Yes it is a very good game. Like JB said, if youre a fan of the Arkham games you will really like this one as well. The story is great and so is the gameplay. The gadgets arnt the most unique, but its still a great game and worth the price. I have it on the Xbox, so I got the multiplayer, and although it can be fun, you’re not missing much so go ahead and get it on Wii U. Yes there is another DLC story missing from the Wii U version as well but I havnt bought it and I dont think youll really miss that much.

    • JudgeMethos

      I havie it onWii U. I loved it. My son would sit and watch me play (sort of a thing we do). He loved it and so did I. Cool game.

  • Josh

    CoD: Ghosts is also only 11.24 right now on Amazon.

    • steveb944

      Thanks for getting me overly excited for nothing. It’s $11.24+3.99 ship = $15.23

      • Josh

        My bad. I actually saw it this morning for 15.60 so it went down and I posted my comment, I just didn’t see that it wasn’t via amazon.

  • JB

    Thanks for the post! I missed out on getting Darksiders II when it was on a digital sale for $20, so it looks like this is one of the very few physical games I’ll get!

    • JB

      Damn, it’s out of stock… My soul is crushed :'(

      • ChallengerUPC

        That’s dark man

  • kleeborg

    Darksiders 2 for $10 is out of stock. What was the point of this article?

  • Wooopigsooie

    Does anyone have the Nyko Commander? I just would use it for MK8 and Smash w/ friends as I already own one Pro controller, and for some the more traditional R & L stick arrangement is preferred, though I like the Pro Controller’s arrangement just fine.

    • Bob Charlie

      It’s a great secondary pro controller. I just picked up my second one today and it works just as well as my first one. The d-pad is okay, not great but better than most third party controller’s d-pads. The ZR and ZL trigger pulls are a little long, but not bad. Those are my only complaints with the controller, but they are not that big.
      The same cord that recharges your Wii U Pro Controller will charge the Nyko one, too, which is nice.

      • Wooopigsooie

        Thanks for the reply! Too bad when I clicked on the link the Groupon was already over… but I’ll definitely consider it next time they’re on sale.

  • Lusunup

    Injustice Gods Amoung Us is 20 @ Walmart

  • Bob Charlie

    Pick up the Nyko Wii U Pro Controller if you have a chance! It is the best third party controller I have ever used. The D-pad is a little iffy, but the analog sticks and buttons are solid.

  • Ducked

    If you haven’t played ZombiU yet, then nows the time to pick it up

    • Scott Truitt

      Truly a diamond in the ruff. Great Game!

  • Prizm

    Lego Marvel is $30 at Amazon.

  • DJKeens

    Darksiders 2 is an exceptional game. Batman is better than some make it out to be. DLC would be better but they stand well enough on their own. Especially Darksiders and that includes some DLC.

  • gamingpalooza

    out of stock… -_-

  • Goldzzz

    y all us? no uk bitch gimmie some deals