Jun 16th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:31 pm

Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U
The Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U version might not happen, according to Take Two CEO. Rockstar parent company and publisher Take Two Interactive will be bringing their sports and family titles to the Wii U, but probably not much more. Take Two subsidiary 2K Sports announced NBA 2K13 for the Wii U last month. However, when it comes to hardcore titles, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick isn’t optimistic, which could mean trouble for a possible Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U version.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Zelnick said regarding hardcore titles on the Wii U, “We haven’t announced anything”, adding, “I’m skeptical”. Zelnick points out that he’s excited over the upcoming next generation consoles and that now is a “terrific time” to launch a new gaming IP. He also said that take Two doesn’t want to “annualize” their franchises, because it will undervalue the IP.

But with regards to the Grand Theft Auto Wii U version, so far it’s looking less likely than last time we reported on GTA 5 for the Wii U. Back then, it was believed that Grand Theft Auto 5 would come out in early 2013 on all major platforms, including the Wii U. Hopefully Take Two and developer Rockstar will change their minds — the possibilities in a Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U version, with the new tablet controller, are practically limitless.

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  • insert name

    i love GTA chinatown wars in the DS , it has a lots of interaction with the game . if gta comes to the wii u il buy it if not i really dont care of it.

  • Chechen

    NO BF3 ? NO GTA 5?
    not INTERESTED in THIS FU C K I N G kiddy home console…

    • Guildoardo

      A redundant mindless shooter that’s already out, and a game that hasn’t been interesting since vice city. Yeah mindless violence is sooo “mature, and thought provoking”

    • swic11

      then get off the site, no reason for you to be here

      • Shadiczo

        Don’t feed the fanboy trolls, they just want to cause trouble.

        I’m a nintendo/sony fan, but mostly nintendo, so I only show respect to people who cares about games instead of causing violence which gets them nowhere.

    • AwayToHit

      Trolling much? D:

    • TheBoldman67

      Actually BF3 is rumored to be coming to Wii U, it’s just hasn’t been announced. Even if not BF3 there’s still a Battlefield coming to Wii U

    • PolarsPass

      BF3 is to old, thats why BF4 is in development for the wii u!! and other consoles…

    • Christopher

      You do know that the Wii U could be getting BF4, right? Which is the next best thing.

    • O.o

      dude its not even out yet and developers dont know what to expect from it yet remember its the successor to the wii the wii u should get less ports and more attention when it everyone see the sales and the performance of the wii u

      • O.o

        i realized that saints row 4 is in development and expected to come in q4/fall 2013 and thq will probably make it for the wii u also b/c there is time for them to see what the wii u has and what new features they can add to the game and if saints get better on multilayer they might murder gta

  • swic11

    I am curious to see if this comes out for the Wii U. Cell phone usage in the game can be used on the tablet, as well as an area map, or the tablet can be used as a GPS, I think it could work great. But I can’t blame them at the same time. After the Wii, Nintendo HAS gotten the reputation as a casual/kid gaming company, and I am sure it started before that. I would personally buy it on the Wii U as I am a big fan of the series.

  • Chupa-chup

    I won’t be buying GTA 5 if it doesn’t come to Wii U. That is one less sale for them.

    • Madara

      Their loss, not ours. All Wii U games don’t need to depend on the Wii U GamePad anyways.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t developers just be lazy and develop 3rd party titles like GTA V to use regular controls? All games don’t need major console-specific features. This would be a good game for the Wii U Pro controller. You’d be able to play the game either way.

      I wouldn’t feel like I was let down if a game or two every now and then didn’t make much use of the Wii U GamePad’s unique features, namely the touchscreen.

      • Chupa-chup

        You are correct. Developers can just use the Wii U pro controller. I think they are just biased because they didn’t like the Wii or Nintendo. Shame on them. They should act like smart businessmen and set aside their own personal feelings.

        • Joesatmoes

          Well the thing with that is, the Wii U’s main controller IS the Wii U GamwPad. They haven’t even talked about the Wii U Pro much (though it is gaining much more attention than the CCP ever did). Not many ppl would buy the game if they knew they HAD to buy a new controller. I the R* is making a big mistake, not making one of their biggest franchises appear on an entire portion of their possible consumers. But many ppl who are Ninty fans (especially the ones on this site) are not showing much support for the 3rd partry titles appearing on the Wii U- they only care for 1st party titles. But even if they dont do much with the touchscreen, i couldnt care less (of course I would not hope for everythig to be on the touchscreen). but even if the put a map, a menu to choose which weapons to use, a first person point of view, or even a frickin options menu, I WANT THIS F***ING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • markw1982

    Even if GTA 5 dont come to the wii u its not the end of the world and besides it could be released sometime later i think this developer along with others will probably watch how the wii u goes for a while and once it starts selling tons then all developers will jump onto the nintendo bandwagon like the good old days

    also games could not always be released multi platform due to the wii been underpowered but now the wii u is more than capable of excellent games i look forward to hopefully all the top games been multi platform to include the wii u

    • Chupa-chup

      I see this as an opportunity for Ubisoft. IF, and this is a big if, there is no competition for wii u titles for 3rd party titles, then everyone will be buying up games like AC and ZombiU.

  • Chupa-chup

    I would even appreciate a simple port that just uses the wii u pro controller.

    • Joesatmoes

      Yeah, but they’d have to incorporate the Wii U GamePad someway or other- its the main controller (though i must say, Nitendo has been puttin ga surprisingly good suppot of the Pro Controller, compared to that of the CCP for the Wii)

  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    Doesnt really matter (although now i wont be buying GTA5 ,nice move rockstar you lost a lot of potential buyers.) I still have hope for the Wii U!

    • Braulio

      I would REALLY like to see a Super Monkey Ball for Wii U! =D

  • infamous77

    Meh I don’t care about GTA V it’s a horrible game , I don’t see nothing fun running over people and causing destruction. It’s my opinion so don’t hate.

    • Alienfish

      Not hating, just wondering where you played GTA V to say that it’s a horrible game.

      • infamous77

        I didn’t say I’ve played GTA V I meant that all GTA’s are the same, and I don’t like them That’s all.

        • Alienfish

          Yeah, okay, judge a baby before it’s born then.

          • infamous77

            Yeah just like all the people that play COD always judging the game before it come’s out because they know it’s going to be the same I’m done talking with you, Have a good day to you sir.

  • Pache

    This is bad news for me. I was really wanting this game on the WiiU.
    I hate to say this but i don’t think i will survive another generation like this, seeing the other systems getting all the “hardcore” games i want to play. I mean, i love the good and old nintendo titles but i’m getting tired of the bad third parties support. Since E3 things are getting worse for me everyday, most news are about weak hardware, social crap, games that in the end are only bad ports of old systems and now even one of those going away.
    This is disappointing.

    • Matt

      And this is why I plan to buy a PS3 / PSOrbis (when it releases). So many great games come out on other consoles and not Nintendo’s, but why does that need to mean you can’t play them. If enough good games that you really want come out for a console that you don’t have, then it IS worth buying that other console.

      • Steventelation

        Then micro/Sony have won using their evil marketing schemes

  • Hafid

    Dont give a shit about this dumb game !
    I dont Like the Spirit of this game …
    Too violent too much vulgarity and So much violence for nothing …
    If i want That i just have to watch Tv news !!!

    • Chupa-chup

      But other people do. More choice is never a bad thing because it allows you to chose what is best for you and allows other people to chose what is best for them.

      • Hafid

        All right !
        But I had talk for me personnaly …
        So its good for Nintendo to change there kiddy image !

        • SanPharaoh

          I personally don’t see a “kiddy” image with Nintendo. But then again, I’m 30 and have been playing games on Nintendo since I was about 8 or so.

          Trust me. The Wii console and DS were marketing strategies that Nintendo used to sink their teeth into a new generation.

          I’ve seen this all before. I’m sure the Wii U was in the blueprints as soon as the original Wii hit the shelves.

          It just sucks that most developers were too high on their horse most of the time to create more hardcore titles with scaled down graphics (based on PS360)…I can think of a few who did and I thank them.

          • The Tramp

            In a way, it almost seems like Nintendo used the Wii as a way to make money to fund the development of the Wii U. I’m almost positive that all of the money made off of Wii sales went straight to the research and development of the Wii U…

  • iprino

    This guy is short-sighted imo. The system is more powerful than what is out and nintendo has a ton of fans that will buy wii u. That equals more money to me. I really enjoy their games but i dont c the logic. I think they will change their minds shortly after the launch of the system as i think it is going to sell pretty well.

    • swic11

      but the problem is (iprino) that they want a powerful nex gen system. Sure the Wii U is more powerful than current gen hardware…. but it needs to be on par with the Xbox720/PS4…. I can understand them not coming to the Wii U if rumored specs are close to true… But I wish it was coming here.. that way I dont have to buy it on the Next xbox

      • Alienfish

        Even if GTA VI doesn’t come to WiiU, GTA V should. They won’t be making V for the next gen, it will be for current gen, making this a missed opportunity if they don’t put it on every console possible.

        • Chupa-chup

          Agreed. It is a missed opportunity, but I am not going to sweat it. I’ll just buy other games. There are plenty of other companies who are willing to take my money.

  • infamous77

    Meh I don’t care about GTA V it’s a horrible game , I don’t see nothing fun running over people and causing destruction. It’s my opinion so don’t hate.

    • Hafid

      thats What I said !
      Think the same thing about this game …

      • Alienfish

        I don’t know what either of you are doing posting comments on an article you shouldn’t even care about. Who are you trying to convince? No one is going to change their minds on your account.

        • infamous77

          I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind. It’s my opinion stop over reacting and I can post a comment anywhere I want.

      • Joesatmoes

        Both of u STFU! Please! People like u are the reason developers dont want to spend money making great games for Nintendo. We (meaning those who want these games) are losing out because of this show of lack of support. These are the “hardcore” titiles that we want! This, Battlefield 4, Black Ops 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, Crysis 3- all games that we will probably never get because of ppl like u who rant on only about first party games like Zelda and fricking Mario!!! Yes, I love those series, but I also love these types of “hardcore” games.

  • Pahlred

    You practically do the same thing in almost all gta games, If you know all the games pretty well, you don’t need a console to play, just imagine

    • icanseeu

      You could say the same thing about Zelda………

      • SanPharaoh

        You could say that, and you wouldn’t be wrong…and then again the same could also be said about pretty much all videos games in general.

        The point I took from this messily written article is that Take Two CEO wants to see how the Wii U performs on the market and if the numbers are there with other 3rd Party Developers, then he will give his teams the green light (and budget) to begin working on a Wii U version…

        Mainly because he apparently, personally doesn’t have faith in the new console.

        On another note…I did purchase Bully for the Wii and it was actually better on the Wii than it was on PS2 and XBOX360…and so I was naturally curious to see why China Town Wars wasn’t a Wii game, or why a revamp of San Andreas didn’t get ported over along with the rest the series in say a sort of collectors bundle or whatever. And now I know why. That dude is a penis.

  • The Kid

    They are saying that the boss of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two is not convinced that the Wii U can attract a viable audience for its core-orientated games. Dumb! This is what I put on another site, and more….
    Call of Duty Black Ops & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition both sold over a million on the Wii. Call of Duty 3 sold over 2 million. Not as much as the other consoles, but its still a profit. 3rd party games Monster Hunter Tri, RE4, Umbrella Chronicles, Redsteel all sold over a million on Wii. The gamers will be there if Rockstar delivers. Plus, if Nintendo puts out more & more hardcore games on a console, their is potential for the hardcore games to sell a lot more then those did, because it lures more hardcore gamers. Either way it’s going to be a profit looking at those numbers. If he wants to be skeptical then he will be losing potential $$. GTA is almost as big as COD & your skeptical of people not buying it on Wii U really!?

    People need to go on Twitter and #WiiU #Rockstar, I want GTA V on Wii U haha. Seriously though because they aren’t getting the message somehow, which is dumb on their part. Nintendo gamers want all good games, hardcore or casual. Look at the numbers.

    • swic11

      I only disagree on one part. GTA is just as popular, because it only comes out every so often.

      • The Kid

        Yeah, that’s why I said almost haha. But it’s not too far from COD. It’s a huge game & a big system saler. Does Rockstar want more money? Guess not…

  • Truth

    I hope Watchdog is still coming to Wii U…

  • JC

    No gta??? It doesn’t bother me at all. Oh well they lost one more customer.

  • Dustin

    Rockstar needs to bring Red Dead 3 to the system. Zelda gamers would totally dig it.

  • random WII U LOVER

    i doent get why peaple love to kill in video games im 10 and i prefer super mario bros NES over COD or BF3 or GTA and im aloud to play those

    • Alienfish

      GTA is about freedom, not necessarily killing. GTA IV felt almost like a living breathing world at least as far as the streets go. It’s the polish that Rockstar puts into the game that attracts people, not the killing. Hell, there’s killing in Mario games so I don’t really get your point.

      • Hafid

        There no kill in Mario ! Wrong !!!
        The ennemis dont Die in this game …

        • Alienfish

          There is killing in almost all Nintendo games. It’s one of the easiest concepts to implement since it’s like an on/off switch. I’m sorry, but when I step on a goomba, it appears to die. Where do you think all the Boos come from?

    • Chupa-chup

      It’s isn’t just about the killing…you can also deal drugs and bang hookers. 😀

      I kid of course.

    • Bass

      but don’t you kill turtles in super Mario Bros.?

  • Paul

    games like call of duty, battlefield 3 etc are for hardcore gamers aged 18 and over not for children

    i can see a gta game coming to the wii u soon but it wont be gta 5 due to rockstar wanting to see how many people buy it at launch or over the xmas period

    • Frankensavior

      People who play CoD or BF aren’t “Core” at all, and even if that’s the demographic. It seems that it attracts more mindless 12 year olds than 18+.

      • Madara

        Yes, when did core begin equating with Sony and Microsoft?

        I consider “core” games to contain substantial amounts of complexity and challenges. True “core” games take MUCH effort to truly master, and few become pros overnight without prior experience.

        Nintendo’s Mario Kart and SSB series have produced a few “core” games.
        Naruto Clash of Ninja series is another.

        I don’t feel like trying, but it doesn’t seem hard to challenge a friend at COD, even if you’ve never played the game and don’t own the system. The controls are harder than the gameplay.

  • Alienfish

    Who cares about the friggin’ tablet controller, just use the pro controller. Ok, the map would be awesome to have at my fingertips, but if it’s too much to ask then they should just do an easy port. I like the new pro controller and I like the idea of developers porting more games even if they ignore the tablet.

    • Madara

      I wouldn’t speak so harshly about the tablet controller on a Wii U forum. No one interested in the system wants to hear negative speculation, critiques, etc.

      Besides, the Wii U GamePad has all the same buttons and sticks as the Pro controller. So, I’m not sure if they would program for a specific controller so much as specific controls.

  • mkdhdh

    thats stupid 🙁

  • Portus

    i havent bought a gta since san andreas and i probably wont buy this but wii u needs a game like this to show people it is not a kids console which it isnt. People say wii was a kids console but it had some very older games such as scarface, resident evils. What ruined the wii was the amount of minigame shovelware.

  • Hafid

    Nintendo for me is not affiliate with That kind of shitty game !!!

    Enough for me on PS3 …

    Love Mario and others, dont Need So much violence and sex in a vidéo game …

  • venomjamaica

    I do think that this game is gonna come on the WII U. I have faith that it will. Am sure they gonna seethe sales numbers ont he WII U and change their minds. I know over 200 thousand people here in my country who are gonna buy a wii u and they all like “hardcore” games.

    Just be smart Rockstar and just release the game on the wii u…. i promise you will not regret it. If not then you gonna lose alot of potential sales. We will just download it for the xbox360 that is hackable. Remember the WII U is not hackable so all players on that system are legitimate buyers.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

    • Joe

      I guarantee you don’t even know 200,000 people, let alone have interacted with that many people.

  • 343 H4K0R

    Wii u devkit 5 GM 😀

  • Captain snugglebottom

    CoD if a boring fps and it does not attract 18yo core gamers but it attracts dumb 12yo who despertly need violence also I think rocstar games are making a bad move by not wanting to develop GTA V on the Wii U

  • SOAstockton209

    🙁 be a team player rockstar*

  • Pwait5026

    “Will GTA 5 be on the Wii U”
    24 hours agoReply

    Shigeru_Miyamoto “Most probably YES. Rockstar said to us they will give full support to the new console”

    • TheBoldman67

      WOO HOO yes baby!

  • loko

    LEGO GTA-U hahahahaha 🙂

  • Teslar

    I don’t really care about GTA franchise. Would be too bad anyway.

  • Matt

    Nintendo’s myamoto went to see Watchdogs and when asked if he liked it he said yes and stuck his thumb up so i’m thinking that game will be maybe exclusive to wiiu for a 6 month period who knows but Ubi love Nintendo and i’m buying most of ubis gams on wiiu so i’m sure Watchdogs which wasnt announced for any system is a WiiU game hopefully and let me say this it look alot better than GTA5 thats for sure more interesting by a country mile.

  • TheBoldman67

    This is beginning to make me laugh. All the idiotic 12-13 year olds are beginning to move to PS and Xbox for the graphics, and all the mature gamers will start to move to Wii U. Maybe noob tubes will be a thing of the past.

  • drunkengamepersonmajig

    fucking trolls that love violence they need to get the stick out of their asses

  • LogJoils

    buy justfordress for gift