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Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii U
Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to Wii U, according to publisher Rockstar.. According to a new financial report from developer/publisher Rockstar, the company will release Grand Theft Auto 5 in early 2013, and it will be coming to the Wii U in addition to other consoles. GTA V was announced last year, but no release date was given. Considering that Rockstar usually takes their time with games, and rarely announces release date until they’re absolutely certain, it’s easy to see Grand Theft Auto 5 be released about a year from now. But the biggest surprise is that it now appears we’ll be seeing GTA V on the Nintendo Wii U as well, and hopefully with some new and innovative ways of using the new Wii U controller.

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  • angel

    GTA on a Nintendo home console!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!
    Now i REALLY want a Wii U NOW!!!

    • KillerTravis

      I wouldn’t believe this if I were you, they didn’t even cite a source.

      • claudio

        do you even know who rockstar is? if you dont you know nothing about grand theft auto

  • alienfish

    This would be a seriously huge deal for Nintendo since no GTA game has ever been released on one of their consoles (except for Chinatown Wars, but that wasn’t a core game). I really do hope they finish that game by Christmas though. March next year just seems so far away as does E3 and then the launch of the WiiU itself. Here I go, playing the waiting game again. ;_(

    • benravensfan02

      There was also Grand Theft Auto Advance for the GBA and Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 for the GBC (GTA 1 was backwards compatible with the GB Mono).

  • pinky

    I expect GTA V to be on Wii U, but this is hardly concrete confirmation. Is there a link to a source? A link to Rockstar’s financial report? Why are no other websites reporting this? The latest news I heard was an analyst PREDICTED that GTA V would release in 2013 and a Wii U release was likely. However, that is not rock-solid confirmation. I need a source please. 🙂

    • Truth

      I agree… where is the link to the source? This is a news article right? Please cite the sources.

      • SanPharaoh

        There was a rumor about this going around last year during E3 2011. It went something like this: “Rockstar is currently developing GTA V using Nintendo’s new system as it’s main platform that is going be unveiled at this years E3”.

        As a huge fan of the franchise and an even huger fan of Nintendo I gravitated to this rumor naturally and spread it like gospel. Only time will tell, however, but after seeing this years E3, and what the Wii U can do, I’d say you can expect it to be sure shot.

  • Paul

    Well it looks like Nintendo is finally getting it! This type of news has me considering buying one of their products for the first time in over ten years.

  • mkdhdh

    gta on wiiU is a very big deal. but i’m still a bit “scared” that those stupid ass rumors about it being less powerfull and shit are true but then they wouldnt even be developing it so that looks good right? i dont know all i know is that im psyched

    • Embassey

      If you look at the comparison between the Wii U and the PS3 version of the Batman game you can see a positive difference in the graphics. Just how much more powerful the Wii U is, we do not know, but it is at least a little more powerful. The Wii U supposedly have 1,5 times the graphical power of the PS3, but it is only a rumor. The ATi HD GPU the Wii U’s GPU is as powerful as 1gb, that is twice the power found in the PS3’s GPU(512mb). Still the Wii U GPU is only based on the ATi HD GPU, so it might more powerful, or less powerful then the GPU the Wii U GPU is based of. You could take a look at Pikmin 3. The graphics is quite good and all, but the game have probably been in development for 2-3 years. This means that it was mostly developed at the early development-kits of 2009-2010 when the development of the Wii U hardware really started. By it’s release, 3 years later, the Wii U should be a much more powerful machine compared to the first dev-kit = The Wii U have probably not shown it’s full potential, yet 🙂

  • Bill

    Now I can run over fat people on my Wii U!

  • mike

    if its on rockstars financials its confirmed,

    and would be a good move , because remember quantum of solace cod etc were on the wii im actually pretty surprised 3 vice and san andreas werent ported w cc support on the wii already considering the sales it may gotten ,

    in fact a new platform plus gta -a no brainer ,

    if rockstar was smart they would actually release it with exclusive content on the wii u -like more missions and such online is free- this would give me a reason to dump my xbox live membership well sorta cause the only new titles on ps3 360 that havent been confirmed for wii u i s 007 i dont know why activision hasnt announced that version yet but has a few other games on wii u

  • Freak3000

    Does this mean I can do the motion of swinging a bat with wii-mote and hitting people multiple times? YES!!!

    • loko

      LOL!! 😀

    • Marci

      is gonna be LEGENDARY!

    • mkdhdh

      me wanna do that :p



  • Jose

    The reason why Rockstar Games made GTA games for PS3 and X-Box 360 is that Rockstar Games wanted graphics quality. I know that 360 has better graphics than Wii, but thats not a reason why Nintendo should get GTA series. But now Nintendo made a HD console, now other Third Parties are making their games for Wii U.
    REMEMBER: Third Parties only care about GRAPHICS QUALITY!!! Not on the console.

    • Bass

      “REMEMBER: Third Parties only care about GRAPHICS QUALITY!!! Not the console”

      Unless you’re Ubisoft.

  • Joe

    OOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG i’ll pre-order it 🙂

  • alex

    oh ma god i really want a wii u now thank you rockstar maybe ill get it for my birthday.

  • duy u know that

    thank you rockstar and grand theft auto is my best game

    • Cik

      I stopped at the NES for a while and actlulay got rid of it to buy more PC games. A decision I still regret when I suddenly feel the urge to hunt for ducks.Nintendo rocked my childhood but I fear the worst since I noticed sonic the hedgehog on the playstation network this week with the nintendo logo. It felt strange in a way.

  • Kenny is the cool

    Thank for being grand theft auto 5 to wii u because my cousic love wii u and grand theft auto 5

  • duy u know that

    grand theft auto 5 is cool with wii u

  • IP

    This is going to become a common theme over the next six months. Devs are going to start seeing the true potential and prowess of the Wii U. Nintendo is going to hit a homerun with this system. Next year E3, MS and Sony will be showing off their tablet devices. I am chomping at the bit to get my Wii U.

    • Piva

      I think you are right. Here’s hoping that the Wii U is a huge success.

  • lolo

    boeeeeeeee stupid

  • Richnj

    If I could please get some sort of legendary box set that contains HD remakes of all the GTA’s, and include very unqiue and meaningful Wiipad/Wiimote extras. Like Friends able to co-op in drive by shootings. extra map/screen/driving data on the wiipad screen, then I’d buy it twice just to say thank you.

  • Dave

    Now Ive got a decision to make GTA V on Xbox 360 or Wii U. I can see interesting uses with the in game mini map using the Wii U Gamepad.

  • john richie

    being i work for take 2 interactive, i can tell you that gta v is not coming to wii u. no plans, no signs of it anywhere. everything else is speculation, but i understand that a wii u site has interests in keeping this fake rumour alive. the only title from take 2 will be nba 2k13.


    • Spenser Dettwyler

      Okay… but do you see the excitement? If people want to keep this rumor alive, then that means people want this game on the Wii U! I know this is asking a lot, but could you maybe inform one of your higher-ups or something that GTA V on Wii U is something that people want and that it should be done? You would be a hero to many, many gamers.

      • john richie

        i only wish my voice would be so important..
        sorry but gta 5 is a no no…


        • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

          Why doesn’t Take Two see that most of the people wants Grand Theft Auto V on Wii U. Nobody wants to see Grand Theft Auto V on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. Aren’t you able to speak with Strauss Zelnick and solve his sceptic, trying doesn’t cost, why don’t you try it. You are the most important voice on this side, so what’s the problem.

          • john richie

            – most of the people want gta 5 on wii u.
            – nobody wants gta 5 on ps3 and xbox 360.

            i am sorry to disappoint you, but your assesments are just plain wrong

            also (trust me) game development is decided after careful analisys of business plans. games are not developed just because people moan and wine. at the moment there isn’t a single clue that indicates how the wii u will sell like, so a gta 5 business plan is too risky to enact.

            sorry. but gta 5 is not happening.

        • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

          If Strauss Zelnich doesn’t chage his opinion and release Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS he is a loser and a coward. I only buy Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, if it won’t be released for these two consoles I won’t buy it.

          • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

            I’m working for Rockstar Games and I’m working at the Wii U port for Grand Theft Auto V.

            No, I’m joking, I’m not working for R* Games. With the comment, I want to show that everybody can say: I’m Strauss Zelnick and I’m sceptical, we don’t release Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U”, and anyone knows, that this is a fake news.

          • john richie

            i am sure that strauss zelnick is scared now, so yes gta 5 is coming to the wii u, 3ds and the gameboy color.

          • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

            Ha, ha, ha, only losers speak like this. Are you really working for Take Two or are you a Nintendohater or the janitor of Take Two?
            PS: Why don’t you try it? Are you a coward?

          • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

            Why doesn’t Take Two release Grand Theft Auto V on Wii U and/or Nintendo 3DS

          • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

            Why don’t you answer my questions?

    • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

      Wherefrom we shall know if you really are working for Take Two, because everyone can assert that he is an employee of Take Two and when your voice is so unimportant why are you knowing if Grand Theft Auto V isn’t coming on Wii U, mayby the other emploers don’t say it to you. I think Take Two should reassess their opinion about the Wii U, because Epic says it is possible to port games on the Wii U, which are working on the Unreal Engine 4.
      PS: Where is the proof that you really are working for Take Two? I want to see one, please. Sorry for my rudeness, but I really want to know if Grand Theft Auto V and the other games from Rockstar Games are coming for the Wii U or if they don’t.

      • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

        Why Take Two is so bullheaded. When many people want Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U, many people pay good money to buy Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U. Why isn’t Strauss Zelnick checking that? Is there a plank in front of his head or what?

  • anthony

    Is this mean i can have sex with a whore using the wiimote????
    WOOOOOW, I HAVE TO BUY Wii U!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bass

      OMG We can finally have interactive sex on a video game!

  • CatMan

    So… We Can Finally play a Good Gta game on a HandHeld… Nice :]

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I think Grand Theft Auto V will be the last Grand Theft Auto that we will see.
    Because nobody wants a Grand Theft Auto V for boring old consoles like Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, everybody wants a Grand Theft Auto V on Wii U and if Take Two don’t understand that, this will be their end. That will be very bad, because I like Grand Theft Auto, but I like Nintendo much more. I hope Strauss Zelnick will see this Fail and release Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U and probably on the Nintendo 3DS.
    PS: Sorry, I now my English is bad, but I hope you can read it.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    John Richie your voice maybe not so important, but I think when you say that, so many people want to see Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U and that it maybe a really good investition, then your voice won’t be overheard. I good idea is a good idea, nobody care about how important the voice of the person is that had the idea.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Why does nobody answer my question?

    • Steventelation

      I’ll answer your question. That guy does not actually work for take two, he is just trying to troll you. And if he does then maybe he’ll actually answer your questions and show proof as a response to this comment. GTA should come to the Wiin U, but is their decision.

      • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

        I’ve known it. Maybe john richie is a Nintendohater and has written the rumor, that Strauss Zelnick is skeptical with the Wii U. Not all hope is gone.
        PS: Thanks for answering my question.

      • john richie

        believe what you want to believe. i wrote on the forum, because i wanted to share what i knew, and because i wrote things you didn’t want to hear, i have been called a coward.
        in a few weeks (may be in august, most probably in september) we will be making an announcement on gta 5. we will see then who is right.
        this is my last comment on this forum.

      • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

        Omg!!! With coward I wanted to needel you to ask my questions, but if you are an employee of Take Two prove us that you are an employee.

  • Cryojin

    I think it a foolish move not to release GTA V on the Wii U, especially since Nintendo is making a strong effort to offer titles as digital downloads for the console. I don’t think it too terribly difficult for the development team to, at minimum, port GTA V for Wii U compatibility and then offer it as a digital download. No risk involving disc production, or minimal if you wanted to do a minimal disc-based release. A system that is at the very least on par with the 360/PS3…. and not to take advantage of the added audience? Only a fool would say no.

    • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

      I’m at one with you, Strauss Zelnick miss out on something, if he doesn’t take the chance to develop Grand Theft Auto V for the Wii U.
      PS: Is john richie really an employee of Take Two?

    • Diana

      the game is very good but a bit too short,their are 7 chapters in it ..great to play as laazbreek, and shockwave are great i like this game it took 6 hours to complete, that was with a few breaks lol i cant wait for the film now its guna b awsome

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    No risks no profit. No Nintendo support no big succes. Why is Strauss Zelnick so an idiot? I think the Wii U will have the same succes like the Wii, the biggest risk would be, not to release Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I hope Strauss Zelnick reads this, because maybe then he see his failure and solve it. I now this is very naive but, maybe Strauss Zelnick announces tomorrow Grand Theft Auto V for the Wii U (maybe also for the Nintendo 3DS). Who knows?
    PS: Sorry for the many uses of the word “maybe”, my english is a little bad.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Where’s john richie? I’m waiting here for his answer or isn’t he working for Take Two and is this article on Gamasutra about Strauss Zelnick’s sceptic compared to the Wii U a fake news from john richie?
    PS: Sorry, john richie, but I want an answer, please.

  • Nicky

    i keep on wondering where is zombie u but grand theft auto looks awesome yay
    i cant believe my mum is getting me one this is so amazing

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I think at least Grand Theft Auto V will be released on the Wii U.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Mayby now Strauss Zelnick changes his opinion to the Wii U, because Unreal Engine 4 Games will work with the Wii U.
    PS: I really hop of a Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U and mayby on the Nintendo 3DS.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Where are your posts, I specially wait on an answer from john richie, please can someone of you say that to him he has access to Take Two and maybe he can change Strauss Zelnick’s opinion of the Wii U and he realeases Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I beliefe that Strauss Zelnick isn’t that stupid and miss this great chance to release Grand Theft Auto V ob the Wii U launch. I realy realy hope so.

  • Noahman007

    THIS IS GOING TO BE a EPIC game and for the wii U YES 🙂

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Thats the right stance. I agree with you.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I think all good games will be released on the Wii U.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    John Richie I think with your statement that you are an employee of Take Two, you Grinfuck us all we are in this forum. Are you really an Nintendofan?

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I now that comes a few weeks too late but a Grand Theft Auto V on the Gameboy Color would be epic, I would buy a Gameboy Color.

    • Anoop

      Got my megadrive, sautrn and dreamcast still hooked on to my television also. Jups I was a Sega boy Must admit though that it has been a while since I last played used to always enjoy it though and still look on the internet sometimes to complete my collection with the best games available for these oldies. Times were so much easier back then ^_^

    • Alijaskaa

      Man I hate news like this I know the site only started but in Zelda Dungeon I get cahugt up reading a single article for a couple of minutes to understand every part of it. But here -_- BTW sorry I’m not signed in

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    There wouldn’t be a risiko by porting Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U, Ubisoft says a port costs under one million, so what’s the problem?
    PS: I hope Strauss Zelnick nows this and change his opinion.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Am I the last one who writes here?

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    I think it was a lie that Strauss Zelnick is skeptical with the Wii U I think he likes the Wii U and Grand Theft Auto V will be released as a launch title

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Hallo ist da noch jemand?

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Hello is there someone or am I alone here?

  • Anon

    If true, we can finally use the numchucks to get them titties bouncing.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Okey. I think this is your way to say, a release of Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U would be epic. Isn’t it so Anon? I think the only reason that Grand Theft Auto V isn’t announced is that Nintendo say to the publishers that they have to hold back their informations about the coming games of the Wii U.
    PS: Maybe Nintendo will bought back Rare from Microsoft. If they make this deal that would be epic, i think everyone want to see a new Banjo Kazooie or Conker on the Wii U.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Bioshock is released for the Wii U and I thought Strauss Zlenick is sceptical opposite the Wii U. Maybe Nintendo buys the rights on Halo that will be epic.

  • \,,/ Nintendo \,,/

    Hello is there anyone?

  • the best gamer

    hello did Wii u come out yet?gta v must be better on ps3 and psvita.rock star is company name only.

  • Andreas

    Can I play it on my original Wii? I don’t have Wii U 🙁