Dec 24th, 2015

It’s Christmas time, so we’re not going to bother you with some heavy Nintendo news (“RUMOR: Nintendo NX has built in microwave: it was Iwata’s dying wish, says secret Nintendo insider!”).

Instead, we have this awesome little behind the scenes documentary about the making of Perfect Dark for the N64, the successor to GoldenEye, arguably two of the best games on any Nintendo platform.

The video has several of the key developers talk about the game, revealing interesting new insights. For example, they wanted their next game to be Tomorrow Never Dies, the 007 sequel, but another company offered way more money for the rights. That’s according to Ken Lobb, the Rare developer the infamous “Klobb” weapon in GoldenEye was named after.

Also, the main protagonist is called Joanna Dark, who was named after Joan of Arc, the famous French heroine. Other tid bits include the inspiration for Perfect Dark, which included Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, and of course, X-Files. Oh, and the team working on Perfect Dark was thee times the size of the team that worked on GoldenEye.

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