Dec 3rd, 2013

Black Forest Games released Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams earlier this year on the Wii U and according to developer Arian Goersch, he believes the Wii U version is the superior version thanks to a revised, cleaner version of the game. The team just recently released their PC DLC for the game called Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Rise of the Owlverlord and they hope to bring it to Wii U in the future. Speaking in an interview, Georsch stated:

“We have just [released] Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Rise Of The Owlverlord, an independent add-on to PC release, and hope perhaps to bring it next year on the Wii U.”

Have you played Giana Sisters on the Wii U? Are you excited about the possibility of new DLC for the game? Let us know in the comments!

  • Josiah Parsons

    Is Giana Sisters any good?

    • Michaล‚ Pasternak

      My wife told me she loved the original Giana Sisters on Amiga, but when we saw the new one, we were both disgusted with the game. First mission? You start in hell or some kind of strange graveyard, with blue devils walking around. Satanism and rotten flesh. Thank you very much. I remember the original game and wanted to show the new one to my kids, good that I launched it before and checked it out. My opinion: avoid it.

  • Ryushi

    Would be awesome if they did – my only concern is: was the game popular enough to make any kind of money on to relase DLC on Wii U? I love my Wii U but have only heard of this games a few times. So, truthfully I have no idea.

  • jjbredesen

    Nice, the Wii U has been missing out on a lot of DLC so it is nice that it will get this. But why are devs so lazy about DLC for the WIi U??

    It is really bad of them, there is simply no excuse, other than that the devs are lazy and don’t want to release DLC because of the low install base.

    Well what do they exspect when they don’t help it? The install base will not grow without content so 3rd parties need to get some more content on it, so that the user base gets bigger and they make more money…

    • TheAquacharger

      The DLC structure for the eshop is a pain in the ass. A few studios have talked about it, Netherrelm being a big one, and Nintendo wasn’t helping devs for a bit with it because they were focus was elsewhere. Now that they are helping devs with the DLC structure we’re getting more. See why Injustice got DLC for the Wii U.

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        Do you mean for the game develepors to put up DLC in eshop or players to download DLC from the eshop?

        • TheAquacharger

          Developers to put it onto the eShop, and to code in the DLC system for games themsleves.

  • Peter Lythaby

    Not downloaded yet but on my list ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s nice that a developer wants to release

  • Ryan Williamson

    I own this game and it is very fun and worth the money. Graphically one of the best on the wii u

  • Wayne Beck

    Been meaning to pick this up, but I have such a long backlog of Wii U games to play I just haven’t been able to justify it yet. =(

  • I love this game, but I already have so many platformers on Wii U…

  • ETeach

    Any DLC on the WiiU is good imo. Proves to other companies that it can be done, and shows the rest of us that ‘because it’s nintendo’ isn’t a valid argument as to why we don’t have so much of it.

  • ENDOT123

    got the game on ps3 and dont really like it ๐Ÿ™ .

  • Holyfire

    Got the game on WiiU. Decent game and probably would get DLC for it. Didn’t check before this post, have they patched the lack of off-screen audio yet??