Ghost Recon Online for the Wii U is a third person tactical multiplayer shooter. The game focuses on multiplayer and will support up to 16 players online in a variety of game modes. Ghost Recon Online will be released on the PC as a free to play title supported by micro-transactions, and as a regular retail game on the Wii U. Developer Ubisoft Singapore has stated that they will first develop and test the PC version of the game, before work commences on the Ghost Recon Online Wii U edition. The game is expected to be released in the first half of 2013 on PC and Wii U.

Ghost Recon Online Wii U features

Ghost Recon Online Wii U
Ghost Recon Online on the Wii U will make use of the Wii U GamePad controller in various ways. In a trailer, Ubisoft showcased the game using the tablet screen to show an overview of the map, to manage squads and teammates, and more. Additionally, the tablet screen can be used to control a UAV drone where the secondary screen displays the POV of the drone. Ubisoft has stated that once development on the PC version is complete, the work will shift over to complete the Ghost Recon Online Wii U edition. This means that the the game will likely launch on the PC first.

Ghost Recon Online Wii U screenshots

Ghost Recon Online Wii U trailer

The following is the Wii U reveal trailer for the game, first aired at E3 2011.

Interview with developer
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  • wieg9797

    WTF! If it’s gonna be Free-to-Play on PC, it should be the same for the WiiU as well! Still gonna get it, just a little P.O’ed!

    • Seth

      Not free to play on the Wii U, but we won’t have to pay for DLC or extra levels or maps like teh PC version.

  • power of life

    oh seth your right wii u verison is not free but you dont have to pay for the maps and all the extra stuffs now for me thats good because games like call of duty or la noire on the xbox360 or ps3 they always have updates and extra levels and you always have to pay for them and its not right its alot sometimes

  • Lonestar

    I was reading nintendo power and it says ghost recon not on wii u eney more

  • 2K RichKid

    I Really Hope metriod come out on the wii u. (D)

    • Ben

      Metroid is to difficult for me. But it is fun!

  • Mick Oxbig

    Got this game for 360 back in June, fuck yeah!(when hell yeah ain’t enough)

    • cloud Windfoot Omega

      wrong game

    • Ben2

      Don’t curse!

  • Ben

    They need to come out with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 for WiiU.

  • Ben2

    Everybody go to and order stuff this is my parents company.

  • Noteak

    is this still coming to the wii U