Sep 6th, 2012

One of Ubisoft’s many upcoming Wii U games is Ghost Recon Online. It was one of the first Wii U games ever to be showcased, with a rather interesting trailer shown at E3 2011 (you can find that trailer below). We’ve previously known that Ubisoft was working on a PC version of the game as well, which will be free to play, and that the Ghost Recon Online Wii U version took a backseat in terms of development.

Ghost Recon Online Wii UNow it appears that the Wii U version has been put “on hold”, according to producer Theo Sanders, who put it bluntly by saying:

“As of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only. The Wii U version is on hold”.

Sanders added that the Wii U was a “cool platform to develop for”, and that they’ll explore the idea of continuing development of Ghost Recon Online for the new console. But as it is now, they’re 100% focused on the PC version in order to “get it right”, as Sanders put it. The game has been in development for the past two years at Ubisoft Shangai. Right it’s in the open beta stage on the PC.

Check E3 2011 trailer below:


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  • Zero

    I guess its better this way, after all, when they finish the PC version, they can go all out on the Wii U version, thus giving the Wii U a more carefully developed title, possibly using the Wii U’s Game Pad in creative ways.

  • nod786


  • King rat

    Well that’s a bit shit. Hope it doesn’t fall by the wayside and is picked up for development again.

  • mc7791

    Hmm well I guess this happens during development. Thing is why have the WIIU “showcase” if the focus is more toward the PC version? It if has been in development for 2 years it just seems to me that they should know the overall direction. Kind of like false advertising to me. I also really like the part of the quote that says “explore the idea of continuing development”.

  • Ed

    I always figured “backseat” meant they were gonna do pc first, then WiiU, so this does not worry me

  • [GHOST]

    *deep breath and sigh* I been hearing a lot of bad Wii U news lately (except for HD Zelda, of course); I hope this picks up soon because I’m still waiting for Sept. 13th.

  • Garzard

    How do you type the flipping tables thing? I could use that right now…

    • theaquacharger

      why? the game’s not that fun on PC. Wii U would not have fixed it’s poor design.

  • Macarony64

    4 me on hold means cancel i wasnt interested on the title but is still bad news

  • Zero

    Come on, cheer up, people! Ubisoft’s making like 7 titles for the Wii U, 2 being exclusive (correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t think they’ll be cancelling, just thinking Ubisoft wants to bring an experience that deeply involves the controller, and not uses it in a shallow or uncreative way. I just thimk they’re taking their time to make the game better, and a unique experience.

    After all, at first I thought the U in Wii U was because of Ubisoft. I also thought the U could mean unique. Ubisoft will make a Unique game out of this. They just need more time.

  • JoK3R

    It’s better this way, ubisoft has ruined the Ghost recon games, look at the lame future soldier. It’s already in the bargain bins at £9.99.

  • alex

    They did the same.with assasin cread for.3ds andbthe cancel…i dont know but no resident wvil…no gta v …no ghost reaco.? I hope on sept. 13 nintendo blow my mind not with gtaphics but with games and futures tahat make me want the wii u more than a ps3 or this christmas i will buy the ps3 and one year latter if the wii u show some respect from ghird parties then i buy one by that time mario…zelda…and metroid will be out or soon to be eales and those are the game i really want the reat i can play it in the ps3 if i dont buy the wii u in christmas sooo nintendo please blow my mind or for the first time in 28 years i will not buy a nintendo console on day one

  • D2K

    I think cost is an issue in a lot of these cases. It cost massive amounts of money to make current-gen games as it is now. Cam only imagine for the Wii U.

  • Dustin

    Why are they even producing this game for either platform– Future Soldier was a bust.
    Ubi Soft needs to be making a unique shooter that is designed for the Wii U only; to utilize the tablet as Miyamoto has suggested, for camera control. The tablet could offer a totally unique competitive shooter experience giving players not only handheld virtual reality but control advantages over dual analog shooters. The tablet’s gyro allows the player to tilt the device to look around corners.

    Nintendo and Ubisoft need to use the controller to create a more realistic control experience which they can brag about and display at E3 2013.

  • PachanoP

    I think is good that they’re focused on PC version, but they will be focused on the wii u Version when it release. trust me.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    EA games and ubisoft are both letting me down, along with capcom ot seems to me, like no one wants to get involved until someoneskes it big -.-

    But hey it’s whatever those are 3 of the companies that I don’t really give two shits about.

    Of course the exception being megaman lol

  • NoPUNintendo

    I read on another site, that they claimed Ghost Recon Online will never be on Wii U. It was canceled to work on the PC version… That’s why I always go to this website, much more positive.

    • TheUNation

      Ghost Recon Online WILL be on the Wii U as planned. Just because that game on Nintendo’s new console is on hold, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be canceled. And since you’ve read it on another site, you can’t believe what you read on the internet… especially video game tabloids. Wii U Daily is THE source for all Wii U news, rumors, and speculation.

  • Captain Potato

    Judging by how things have gone in the past…I feel that Nintendo, as much as I love them, still are having problems with their online multi-player features. They can invision Miiverse connectivity and “achievements” and a voicemail from grandma congradulating you on your best score on Super Mario Wii U, but they still can’t get a six man multi-frag fest online…STILL! They have had since Phantasy Star Online on the GameCube to perfect this…yet STILL they have issues! All I have to say is ….WHAT THE F345 NINTENDO ARE YOU F345ING DOING? THIS AIN’T SESAME STREET AND YOU AIN’T DISNEY! PLUS IT’S BEEN LIKE…SO MANY YEARS AGO THAT YOU PROMISED ONLINE…and not pu77y online like in…”Would you like to play a game?” Get with it…or don’t bother!

  • Joesatmoes

    very dissappointed… but a better game which takes more time to make is bettr than no game at all. Plus the fact that this is the only third person shooter confirmed by nintendo. I want some FPS games though (Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 4 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!). and i want GTA V (im a greedy lil mother f*cker). Im glad with the games already confirmed, but i want more. Of what games we know are coming, i am getting:

    – Assassin’s Creed III
    – ZombiU ( i dont see whats so bad sbout this name-i think its pretty badass)
    – New Super Mario Bros. U
    – Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition (maybe)
    – FIFA 13 (i wont get the sequels though; once u’ve got one, u’ve got them all)

  • leo

    there goes our 3rd party support

    • TheUNation

      Patience, Leo… patience. After they’re done developing the PC version, they’ll work on the Wii U version with additional features and some exclusive stuff. I’m sure the anticipation of Ghost Recon Online for the U will be very much worth it.

  • jon

    who needs ghost recon when wii u has cod

    • Joesatmoes

      this is a third-person shooter, cod i firstperson shootr. theres a diference. i like FPS a bit more (so im happy about Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 4) but id like to try a 3PS out for once.

  • sb

    No surprises here – I remember Ubi mentioning at an earlier point that they have no concrete information on when the U version would get released and that ‘they were focussing’ on the PC version for now – That seemed to be code for ‘we’ve quietly put that version on the backburner and essentially killed it and if we have time we might fire it back up, but don’t hold your breath’

    • Joesatmoes

      I am highly certain that, with all the support that Ubisoft has been showing, that they will have tis game 4 the Wii U. Afterall, they showed it at E3 2011, whwn the Wii U was less powerful than a ps3 and the controller had CIRClE Pads! Now that the Wii U is MORE powerful, and the gamepad has analog sticks, AND Ubisoft is showing so much suppoty, it wodnt make sence for them not to make it for the Wii U

  • SteampunkJedi

    It looks like an interesting game. I hope they go all out with the Wii U version after the PC one is finished, instead of ending the project.

  • jedidethfreak

    Sorry – ignore the above comment. Wrong tab.