Sep 19th, 2012

Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and the main creator of the Gears of War franchise, is known for being a huge Nintendo fan, despite never working on a Nintendo game. In regards to the Wii U, Bleszinski says that while Nintendo “may have lost some core fans with the Wii”, he believes that the Wii U will remedy this.

He did a Q&A session with Reddit, where he answered a bunch of questions from gamers and shared his thoughts on the Wii U. He said:

“Being raised on All Things Nintendo I will always I love all things Nintendo. I’ll be watching the Wii U closely”

Bleszinski Wii UBleszinski also added that he believes Nintendo recognizes that we “live in a ‘multi-screen’ culture”, and that’s the reason for designing the Wii U the way they did, with a controller that has a built in tablet.

Gears of War is arguably the most popular franchise of the past console generation, selling tens of millions of copies and a big reason why Microsoft got past Sony in the console race.

While Bleszinski’s company, Epic Games, doesn’t directly support the Wii U with any games, they’re supporting the console with the Unreal Engine 3. And while the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 won’t be available on the Wii U, it will be scalable enough so that UE4 games can be ported to the Wii U, Epic claims.


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  • Ledreppe

    No interest in games that epic make, but this is encouraging news for those that do and for the Wii U in general.

  • ssb4

    awesome like final fantasy comin to wii u, mora and more people are realizing wii u is nintendos super system.

    • JumpMan

      other than the Super Nintendo system… lawlz, punny!

    • Draco Breach

      I would like to remind people that Sqaure Enix has only hinted at bringing the next numbered (or “main”) Final Fantasy game to the Wii U. They haven’t confirmed anything.

      Until Final Fantasy XV is released, we don’t know if it’s in development for the Wii U, PS3, or both. If (a) or (c), I’ll buy it for the Wii U. If (b), my PS3 will receive another title.

  • GirlGamer

    Even famous people recognize Almighty Nintendo’s talent in gaming:)

  • Macarony64

    I hope a unreal hd collection is released on wii u

    • Macarony64

      So getting a thumbs down 4 wanting great games rereleased very mature from those guys

      • rafael

        Do you know what i think it happens? I think some people use the ‘dislike’ when they dont aprove a coment for being trolling, badly writen, inconvenient, or whatever…some other people use the ‘dislike’ just to say that they dont agree! thats why we see so many sensible coments being ‘disliked’…

        Like if i said that i like orange juice and people ‘disliked’ the company not for being out of topic, but simply cause they prefer apple juice…if they disagree with something, it would be better if they comented about it instead of just hitting the dislike button 🙂

        • rafael

          correction: company = comment :/

  • Sorcerer

    Clifford (Cliff) is a really talented man, it’s great to see him praising Nintendo after all;) Go Nintendo Go!

  • GirlGamer

    Even famous people recognize Almighty Nintendo’s talent in gaming:) Welldone Nintendo



    • Dan

      wtf are u talking about???

    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

      Who needs Unreal Engine 4 When you got Id tech 5 or Cry Engine 3 and Blackops 2 Engine. Plus the graphics on Unreal Engine 4 will look fine on the Wii U. Just saying

      • theaquacharger

        BlackOps2 is running on a modified version of IdTech 3.

    • Mac

      dude the wii couldnt even run unreal engine 2………

    • CheckItNow12

      Dude, calm down! Just because a game that’s on other consoles but not on wii u doesn’t make it underpowered, I mean seriously.

      • person

        Uhhh… unreal engine 4 is a game making engine, not a game. I’m sure it’s only being used for PC right now.

    • Gamer

      You must be from Iowa, high or work for microsoft, maybe all three. The Wii U runs Unreal Engine 4, you must be thinking this is a last gen PS3 and xbox360 topic, wrong site and topic bro.

      • nintenfan

        don’t be hatin on Iowans, m brother lives in Iowa and he’s a genius, and he loves nintendo. then again, he was born and raised in MN…

    • Jesus

      Not for being Mean, but Are you blind?

      • JumpMan

        ’cause Jesus can fix that! #lawlz

    • Nko Sekirei

      u must be really stupid dude unreal and nintendo president iwata confirmed that wii u can run unreal engine 4 and the games too ur such an idiot man u make us more smarter then u

      • Draco Breach

        He may have misread the comment. Either way, allow me to remind you what has been confirmed.

        Epic has stated that they will not make a WiiU-ready UE4. The engine is scalable, so any company with rights to UE4 can create a Wii U dedicated UE4 SDK.

        Epic has not stated that the Wii U is incapable of running UE4. They have stated that certain features – motion, multiple screen, et cetera – are not ‘standard’ in UE4.

        UE4 is not released ready for all Wii U features. Any developer with a license can add Wii U features, if desired. This is an example of scaling.

        We do not yet know for absolute confirmed fact what ‘spec’ the Wii U can run UE4 at. We will know when either Nintendo or Epic make an official press release.

        If they have already, please share the information for everybody. Until them, stop the petty squabbles.

  • GirlGamer

    Clifford (Cliff) is a really talentend person and it’s great to see him praising Nintendo after all;)

    • Kahhhhyle

      Yeah hearing such a big big name in games say this is very encouraging… If we could get a comment from kev levine supporting wii u that would shut up quite a few fan boys and inspire a lot of confidence in this new console

  • nintendofreak

    bill gates is surely pissed with dis dude….cuz come on d creator of the most famous game on d xbox turns out to be a nintendo lover….is like being married to somebody but loving somebody else…..maybe there is a chance for a gears of war kinda game for the wiiu in the future

    • Joeyperez

      bill gates is not longer in power of microsoft.. he stepped down as ceo….

      • nintendofreak

        shit ……. i didnt know

    • Alex

      Sometimes it happens, he is a Nintendo fan but he still makes games for Xbox 360 and he still does he’s job, unlike the other guy who makes D.S. 2 that he is a Microsoft fan and he won’t do his job on putting this game on WiiU.

    • ceramicsaturn

      That’s it folks. We’ve finally gotten to the point where typing out the word “the” is just too time consuming. Geez…

  • On The Fence

    blah blah blah Nintendo blah blah blah gears of war blah blah blah amazing. The never ending tyraid of drooling Nintendo fan boys will eat this up and S**t out the usual garbage bet a million their will be at least one comment saying “Gears of war trilogy on Wii U with all the dlc would be a dream come true.” uh getting really sick of this:(

    • NoPUNintendo

      Gears of war trilogy on Wii U with all the dlc would be a dream come true.

    • person

      Aren’t you people supposed to be moderating these comments?

      • SteampunkJedi

        I was about to say that.
        No offense at all Wii U Daily, but the restrictions seem to very lax for moderating. Maybe you want these senseless blabbers to learn something from their ignorant ramblings.

        • Jetty

          Deja Vu.

    • ceramicsaturn

      You must not have anything of any importance going on in your life atm, do you?

    • Draco Breach

      For the time being, Microsoft has purchased exclusive publishing rights or platforming license – I can’t remember which – for the Gears of War franchise. Otherwise, we would have already seen Gears of War on a Sony system.

      The developer is still free to do business with anybody they please, but they can only push Gears of Wards to a Microsoft console for as long as they are willing to pay the exclusivity rights.

      I for one could not care less for the Gears of War franchise. I am not a fan of most shooters. I shall admit. Perhaps I don’t care for Gears of War because I prefer motion control to dual sticks for all things shooter. I may find that I like Gears of War if it ever receives motion control, and I don’t mean the augmented reality control of Kinect.

      Instead, I hear comments like these and am pleased to see a dedicated developer with recognize talent and creativity speaking pleasantly. He has happily stated that he is a Nintendo fan and has always had a special place in his heart for the company.

      There will be people who jump up and froth in manic joy. There will be people who chomp at the bit to troll and be generally unpleasant.

      I feel sorry for both.

      I take the comments as a reasonable understanding that Nintendo has made something to make the quoted developer happy. He may even pitch an idea for a game and work to publish it. If it is a well crafted game, then why in the world would we think anything less of the man?

  • WreckitRalph

    “While Bleszinski’s company, Epic Games, doesn’t directly support the Wii U with any games, they’re supporting the console with the Unreal Engine 3”

    In future time, hopefully I will able to play some of Epic Games. It doesn’t hurt, right?

    • u mad bro

      ”Are you a hobo?”

      • JumpMan

        bahaha i love it!

  • just nintendo

    61 days later we will buy wii U and we will playing a lot games thats alot of fans (micro and sony) cant and wii U will change world.
    And wii U is best and the best creators of nintendo compares like it

    • frank

      The real question is what will come after the wii u? Its like when ocarina of time was released, and they needed to live up to those expectations. I know its 5-6 years away, but it still makes you wonder…

      • theaquacharger

        Whatever it is they can’t drop Wii Support without dropping Wii U support so they’re stuck with supporting both the Wii/U due to that. Whatever they come up with next will also have to intergrate Wii/U tech into it like how the Wii U intergrates the Wii tech.

  • Neonridr

    glad to see that he’s interested. Now let’s see what he does with that interest.

  • Britton

    That is great and all… but why doesnt Epic Games “directly support” the WiiU? If the design director of Epic Games is such a huge Nintendo fan then I would assume he might have some influence over them supporting the WiiU. I loved Gears of War and would like to see it on the WiiU.


      Well GOW is an exclusive for Microsoft, so it won’t go any where. Like I said in my comment, maybe just make some new franchise game for Nintendo, then the fan from a far can be a real fan…

    • theaquacharger

      It’s simple. The guy in charge of Epic hates Nintendo. Rumor behind that is because he applied to work at Nintendo and was rejected for “not being talented enough”. Then to prove his talents he made a PC version of SMB3 that Nintendo rejected for various reasons.

  • 7upland

    very interesting… not

    • Jetty


  • Jetty

    Good, as long as they just keep watching. Let those xbox franchises stay with xbox(Bill Gates charging for online when he can literally purchase God). When Nintendo starts shunning Mario, Zelda and Metroid to make halo and gears of war, don’t say you weren’t warned. That’s when every console will be the same, just like how PS3 and xbox360 are now.

    Nintendo is always trying to adapt and stay unique, like having remakes to utilize the Gamepad. They have to “sellout” in order to stay current, but Nintendo always stayed true to it’s core. This message will be thumbed up, and thumbed down but I have to close with this.

    This is why I’m a Nintendo fan. If and when Nintendo completely converts to neglecting it’s core, I’ll quit playing games.

    • Gamer

      God turned water to wine with no grapes, so no! gates can’t even touch Jesus.

      • Jetty

        I was talking more like the ideal and churches, but fair enough.

  • Shankovich

    Excellent…*pets cat*

  • Dan

    Yes!! Hopefully we will see a new franchise exclusively for the wii u. Please bring back Unreal Championship!!


    Well GOW is a great game series and I like those games for sure, and I am glad he is a fan of Nintendo and liking what Nintendo has done and the WiiU…

    BUT that being said my papa told me a long time ago, talking is just talk…ya got to do the walk and get in the ring to prove yourself. So I won’t be happy until he and Epic Games brings some new Franchise to Nintendo. Then I will say he is a real Nintendo fan…

    • Mac

      well does that mean we aren’t real nintendo fans if we havent made a game for a nintendo console? we all say we are real nintendo fans but what your pops said that you just quoted just makes every real nintendo fan not a real fan. just something i thought of

      • SH*TBLOCK

        Your point is drowned in the muck of logic my friend, for the simple reason that 1) we don’t all make games or work in studios that do and 2) and for the WIN by us playing, buying, and loving everything Nintendo IT MAKES US FANS AND WE SUPPORT NINTENDO THE BEST WE CAN!

        Trust me, if I made games for a living, you bet I would make at least a game just for Nintendo. Just like I love football and if I could be a pro player I would love to play for my favorite team, the Vikings 1st, but if I was drafted to another team, I would do the best for them as well because I want to make money and stay on that team, right?

  • hedges

    My question for him is…

    When will he port Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 to the virtual console? (2 really, really really good 2D platformers and his earliest games. Look them up.) 😉

    • Macarony64

      Im so old that i actualy play them

    • weegeeFTW

      He made jazz the jackrabbit? Wow. Ive only played on the first one on the gba and beat it. Remember that final boss? That turtle with a UZI and a weakness in a form of a red button?

      • BloopbopBeepbop

        thanks for ruining the game…jerk.

    • Donnaclus

      Jazz Jackrabit. My childhood in a nutshell.

  • NeptunePirate

    There are a few games that are developed by Epic that I enjoy. This is good news and I hope they see potential in the system and eventually develop for it.

    Fortnite? *fingers crossed*

  • LolWatTurtles

    I would just like to point out that when they say that UE4 won’t be available on the Wii U, it means the other PS4 and Nextbox as well. They’ve even said their main focus is on PC this generation. All games will only be scalable to work on all 3 of the next gen consoles.

  • Melk

    “Gears of War is arguably the most popular franchise of the past console generation”

    Assassin’s Creed?

  • Johny

    WOAH WOAH !… epic games interested in wii u … oh god yes

  • Joesatmoes

    meh while id like a third persin shooter on the wii u, i would rather have ghost recon: online than Gears of War, but i might get it if ghost recon comes for free…

  • DVE

    Lol history does repeat itself its then nes and snes all over again xD now with Wii and Wiiu Nintendo is the SHIT!

  • Nano

    He got something special coming

  • SteampunkJedi

    I sure hope he backs up the Wii U with some awesome games after he watches and finds out the Wii U is totally awesome. (Hopefully and likely.)

  • tanto

    “Gears of War is arguably the most popular franchise of the past console generation”

    you can argue that falsely

  • Gamedevistator

    Wii U is the new new NES

  • BluChuChu

    “Being raised on All Things Nintendo I will always I love all things Nintendo. I’ll be watching the Wii U closely”

    For some reason I get the feeling that this is misquoted, as not very many people who choose to do Q & A speak so poorly. Read the quote, it is atrocious grammatically, and while I believe people can type poorly, they usually speak well.

  • haha

    Microtheft n all there puppets do is set watch n copy off Nintendo. It is so sad when u can’t come up with an original idea. My proof fable = zelda with gta choices.

    now 4 my agreement stopper.

    What game am I describing?

    The protagonist is a armored clad warrior in a desperate struggle with an
    lizard like alien. The struggle can go either way when a third party enters the fray. This entity so dangerous they lay waste to a galaxy over night.

    Your answer:

  • ninjabake

    The less he talks, the better.

  • DamonKatumaru

    Since the Wii U reserves are selling out, I think every developer is getting interested by now.

  • wake up the guys insulting u

    here we go again with the insult dressed as a complement from cough cough GANSTER CLIFFY-B ,no one calls themselves cliffy-b because they would get beat up and epic are overrated idiots

    and cliffy-b has always got to say CHILDHOOD when refering to nintendo the guys as big a dick as mark rein