Aug 14th, 2015


You may remember last week a member of the Nintendo Treehouse appeared on a podcast to talk about some of the interesting aspects of his job, including localization and why some games like Dark Souls are received better than niche titles like The Wonderful 101. The localization comments seem to have upset Nintendo, as they fired Chris Pranger for the podcast appearance. His post announcing the firing on Facebook has since been deleted, but Pranger admits he had no idea he would be fired over the appearance.

Now, Cliff Bleszinksi has taken to Twitter to mock Nintendo for their decision to fire Pranger, stating he can’t believe that’s the decision that was made. Here are the relevant tweets from Bleszinksi.

Of course, many Nintendo fans responded to these tweets in defense of Nintendo’s actions, claiming that Pranger must have violated his NDA if Nintendo felt like he deserved to be fired for his remarks. Either way, Bleszinksi finished up the Twitter rant by stating that he’s sad to see a company he has such fond memories of become a company he would never work for. Ouch.

What do you think? Was Nintendo too harsh in dealing with Pranger’s comments? Perhaps his sarcastic “why do you hate money, Nintendo?” rant was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it’s not like Pranger was dishonest about how the process works.

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