Mar 28th, 2013



Earlier this year in a Nintendo Direct, we learned that Nintendo had plans to unite the 3DS and the Wii U under the banner of the Miiverse, while bringing the expansive social network to mobile platforms as well. During a presentation at GDC, Kiyoshi Mizuki stated that the mobile and browser app for the Miiverse should be available in May.

This app will allow users to post comments, draw, and interact with all your communities when you’re away from the Wii U. In regards to the Wii U version of the 3DS, Mizuki re-iterated that Nintendo still has plans for a Miiverse app for the device but did not give a specific release date.

Getting the Miiverse onto smartphones could be part of Nintendo’s strategy to broaden marketing and public knowledge about many features of the Wii U, since many people already have smartphones. What do you think?

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  • David

    Give us an actual friends list app, not that useless junk that’s currently wasting bandwidth on my console. Let us send global game invites, let us form parties and make way for VOIP. Give us global VOIP chat via parties. We want a connected experience, where i.e.: I’m playing Lego City Undercover, and my friend sends me an invite to play Battlefield 4 with him, that invite will be displayed as a dialog box on my screen, informing me of my friends game invite. Damn it, its not really that hard to figure this out Nintendo, STEAM has been doing this for over 10 years for crying out loud. How are you letting Microsoft and Sony beat you in the online space….

    • THIZZLER209

      Exactly what I want!

    • Chiwawa

      thats true. it would be way more convenient if a message box would tell you your friends online. or party chat, game invite, or if youve got a message. pressing the home button to check messages and friends, interferes with your game time. and when you see the miiverse icon light up, you cant even tell if its a notification or message. im just saying that it would be better if it notifed you on-screen, instead of stopping what your doing, and launching another app. were trying to help, nintendo!! (by the way, im using my wii u to type this :D)

      • Arthur Jarret

        I hate that from my PS3. I’m enjoying a nice, cinematic game and a box pops up every minute notifying which friends turned their ps3 on and off…

        I like the way the Wii U’s LED lights, then you can choose to view who’s online by pressing a single button instead of having it in your face all the time.

        Only problem with it is the loading time after pressing the button, but that’ll be improved soon.

    • WideAwake

      I mostly agree but I don’t want to see Nintendo do exactly the same as the competition, some things, yes, but not everything. I’m thinking integrating Wii U video into acting as a possible invite

      • they need to do more with Wii U chat. I’ve only used it once. And it was a pretty bad experience, since the other person was a creeper >.>

    • Cerus98

      Come on, don’t exaggerate just to try to support your argument. Steam has been doing this for over ten years eh? They launched Sept, 2003 so not yet 10 years. They have also added features they didn’t initially have over the years like steam community so all the social stuff doesn’t even come close to being done for ten years.

      No ones forcing anyone to buy anything either. I buy multiple consoles for the first party exclusives. If its a third party multi-console game then I buy the version for the console that fits my playstyle and comfort best. I tend to prefer the PS3 in that regard though since it gets major brownie points for not requiring a subscription to access any online features. Sorry Xbox guys and your $60 a year Netflix “tax” via Live.

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo WILL NOT MIMIC THEIR COMPETITORS. We will get a Party Chat in the future but game invites you can boot up the game your friends playing and join him, you dont need to be lazy and have the system do all the work for you.

      • David

        It’s basic principle, when developing an online gaming community, game invites are a must. Are you that much of a fan boy that you stick by all of Nintendo’s short comings? This is how software improves, suggestions and constructive feedback.

    • D.M.T

      I’m sorry but i don’t want Nintendo to be exactly like Microsoft and Sony. And Nintendo isnt allowing Sony and MS to beat them in anything since they dont really compete with them. Nintendo just enjoys being different. And Steam hasn’t been doing these things for 10 years, that’s a lie. What you say does sound very nice so let’s see if Nintendo will do something similar

      • David

        Nobody wants Nintendo to be like Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo is unique unlike the aforementioned. However, you cannot ignore the shortcomings of the Wii U. I believe Nintendo is merely BETA testing its OS and is basing their next additions from that. These are wonderful additions that everyone can benefit from like you stated.

  • wow great, anything good at gdc this year?? cross game chat?? black ops 2 dlc, platinum titles? ….. no didn’t think so, pull your finger out nintendo and make us early adopters of your awesome console smile, ps wonderful 101 will rule and i am looovin monster hunter 3!!!

    • Chiwawa

      YEAH!!! >:D

    • Zuxs13

      wonderful 101 was at GDC and many others were but this conference is mostly about game development not announcements, Check out wiiU web development frame work and what Nintendo was showing off with that at GDC, pretty awesome stuff.

  • TheImaj

    Good idea. Nintendo is still doing things unlike any other.

  • Javy G

    Yes please, my iPhone is begging for a AUTHINIC Nintendo App!!!

    • Chiwawa

      it would seem more gamey if it was on 3ds. guess we gotta wait later on this year.

      • val berger

        yeah, but mobile phone support will reach a far bigger audience. I can’t wait for it. Actually, I don’t use miiverse that much, just because I can’t access it on the phone.

        • Chiwawa

          yeah. but it would be more convenient for 3ds. it would sound wierd if you went to someone and said, ‘im gonna get on miiverse on my phone.’

      • Javy G

        No doubt we need it for the 3DS but WiFi connection to it is a necessity, using this feature would give us access anywhere! (Coffee breaks, Lunch breaks, In a car (while someone else is driving of course), Visits to the store, At a relative’s house who thinks WiFi is sport and etc.)

        • Chiwawa

          crap, I tototally forgot about the wifi necessity with the 3ds. the phone app will have a slighter advantage because of the built in wifi.

  • Michael

    I wish Nintendo would have stepped up and made this available by now, if not from launch. They have more than enough money to have gathered the resources to make these builds for mobile and 3DS miiverse.

    • D.M.T

      They have the money but did they have the time? I think Nintendo is working on a lot of things at the same time and they must be so stressed out because it’s hard to satisfy gamers these days. No offense but gamers are spoiled brats nowadays, they want absolutely everything as soon as possible.

      • Michael

        Money can hire more people to work on projects. It would have been in THEIR own interest to make a more fully fleshed out Wii U release in term of games and features

        • while they have a lot of money, it takes time to hire new people too. you have to sift through applications and conduct interviews and follow ups and lah dee dah.

  • WideAwake

    Hope this comes to my Windows phone…

  • val berger

    Once in a blue moon, there’s an actual release date for something heading onto the WiiU … I like!

  • A MiiVerse app and a Youtube app on the 3DS would be fantastic. And many exclusives would boost the sells of the Wii U console.

    • X3Charlie

      Definitely a better internet application.

    • ejownz6

      3DS hardware can’t handle Youtube.

      • yet it can handle monster hunter?

        • ejownz6

          It’s designed to handle games. Not designed for Flash.

          Ok, let Nintendo prove me wrong then. They won’t.

          • Chris Kattner

            If you have a youTube app you don’t need flash. The WiiU doesn’t support flash either. nor do IPads or new android devices, yet they all work with youtube apps. So there is no reason they couldn’t make a you tube app for 3ds if they wanted.

          • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

            Is not flash but, I think also that the 3DS cant handle very good smartphones apps, because is optimizad to games, as a example we can compare the 3DS browser with a smartphones browser

          • It can be done with an APP… iPhone and iOS devices do not run flash yet they can play youtube in an app or in the browser.

            I don’t think the Wii U has flash on it either.

      • 3DS Can handle Nintendo VIdeo so why not Youtube?

      • Newness

        It handles Netflix well..why can’t it handle YouTube?

  • Arvind Kannan

    Is this all the Nintendo news at GDC?? Please temme they’r gonna some game footage for Bayonetta 2 or sumting!!!

  • thedeciderU

    i think they need some system sellers and to advertise there new console.

    what are they waiting for? E3? they’ll have a year lead on PS4 and i hope they start to do something about it. they should have released some AAA Nintendo titles on day one. NSMBU is awesome, and the system has sold pretty well, especially with little advertising, but i think they need to push the ads hard up to E3 so people will already know about the system and be excited for what they have to show.

    this system has so much potential, but i don’t care about these social features. i want a better game library.

    • D.M.T

      It’s not smart to release AAA Nintendo titles before E3. I think Nintendo wants to release these games by the time PS4 and next Xbox launch. They want to make sure Wii U sells more than the other new systems.

      • thedeciderU

        yes, i totally agree, but a day one system seller with advertising was a huge missed opportunity, imo. i feel like anyone that has been dying for a new console passed up the wii u because it didn’t have a large presence in ads. maybe i’m wrong.

        also, my previous post = *their
        I know grammar i swear! i do hate caps, though, unfortunately.

        • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Sidney Majurie

    Yes, I believe Nintendo is waiting for E3 to relaunch the console.
    Current Wii U owners are the beta testers. Miiverse has proven a great
    resource for users to talk directly with Nintendo about bugs and issues
    that they have been addressing. By the time E3 hits, Wii U will have a
    Virtual Console service, bigger library of indie eShop ganmes, a nice
    library of games including exclusive recent releases like Lego City
    along with games that will be launching just before or near E3 like
    Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and Bayonetta 2. Most all of the Wii U
    stability issues will be gone by then, Nintendo Tvii will be full
    featured with Tivo and DVR support etc.,

    E3 will
    prove reinvigorating for Wii U with playable versions of the New Mario
    3D game, New Mario Kart Wii U, New Retro Studio game, Wii Fit U, Wii
    Sports U(speculating), Wind Waker HD, Super Smash Brothers, surprises
    from 3rd parties be they ports or exclusives. And I’m sure Nintendo has a
    few surprises like peripherals and other games in the works.

    guys, even with all the issues that fans and hater fanboys have been
    crying about with Wii U, it currently has a 3.5 million userbase and
    head start on Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles. That is more consoles
    sold than Xbox 360 or PS3 had after their first four months and they had
    amazing launches right? What will happen when those issues with Wii U
    are gone?

    Perspective. Do you guys really think
    Nintendo doesn’t know they are not really marketing Wii U? Do you really
    think a company with $11 Billion doesn’t know what they should do? I
    think some of you guys should be seeing the Wii U glass as half full,
    not half empty 🙂

    • paddle008

      They could fix issues with Wii U. Based off the slow and slightly unstable system menu, you are probably right, this is some sort of beta! Good post. 🙂

      • NkoSekirei

        were getting a big patch coming in april fixing the loading issues and other things as well

    • iPedro1000

      I’ve been saying the same thing. Nintendo launched 1 year ahead of its upcoming competitors. By the time the PS4 and n’XBOX launch, the WiiU will be perfectly polished from a year of refinements and will have Nintendo 1st party IP must have titles, a decent library of classics ported to the Virtual Console and both exclusive and non-exclusive third party games demonstrating that it can compete on performance in the next generation.
      Meanwhile, the other two will be launching with the inevitable bugs that all new systems have, a small library (again inevitable) and won’t be able to make use of all that additional power for 2 or more years. Also, not only will the WiiU already be the cheapest system on the shelf, but with a year of even modest sales, development costs will be paid off and the supply chain will have become more efficient, allowing for a price drop. A basic system at $199 would destroy anything Sony or Microsoft could throw at it. This *is* possible because the upfront costs of developing a console are generally paid off early in its life, with only hardware and manufacturing costs remaining.
      Nintendo’s strategy might just prove to be a winner. Nintendo isn’t stupid, the reason we’re not seeing a big advertising push on their new ***flagship*** product is intentional: don’t advertise an unfinished system and don’t saturate the market with the WiiU brand too early because it needs to be fresh and new in September/October when the other systems launch.

      • sonicfan1373

        I agree with you. One of the most important parts of launching a new product (for almost any company) is just getting it into the marketplace. Once it does that it will keep a low profile on it to test it out a bit and polish it. Then it will make adjustments to the pricing and marketing strategy to have it taken in by the mainstream public (by that point because the system is polished and has content, people who buy it will not complain).

        As an early adopter, I knew I took a risk with the Wii U (usually when I take a risk with Nintendo though it turns out fine), but I just love observing the ride that a product goes through from its moments of infancy to its maturity.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Exactly 🙂

    • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

      I really agree

  • Yes Go Nintendo!!! 🙂

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Can’t wait. I love the Miiverse. Will be great to be able to check notifications and browse on my iPhone while my boyfriend is using the Wii U.

    • Sidney Majurie

      This. Except for thee boyfriend thing. I’ll replace that part with my wife 🙂

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Well, aren’t you fancy! 😛

    • Arthur Jarret

      This. Except for the boyfriend thing. I’ll replace that part with my cat.

      I feel sad…

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Wait, your cat plays Wii U?! Which games is kitteh into right meow?

        • Arthur Jarret

          She mainly plays Lego Kitty Undercover

  • ejownz6

    Miiverse should me on 3DS first!

  • I wonder if will be availble on BlackBerry and Windows Phone. I know it will most likely be on the Android Market and on the iPhone App Store.


    Sweet! I can’t wait!

  • Squid

    Cool, now I can watch all the Yeahs I get!